Indian Sex Stories Random Building Maid – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Random Building Maid – Part 1

Hello guys, I’m back here after 2 long years for another story. These past 2 years have been really eventful and have had various sexual encounters with different women. I’ll try sharing them with you guys. Well, so this story has a really long backlog.

The star of this story was spotted by me nearly 6 years back in my society. First time I saw her I did not get a good glimpse of her. But the next time I saw her I fell flat for her. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The only way I realized that she was a helper in the society was due to her shabby clothes and torn blouse.

She was really pretty. So about this beautiful lady. Her name was Apsara (name changed). She would have been around 37-40 years when I first saw her. Slim female with nice curves and small boobs and a nice ass. She would always be in a saree with a bag in her hand and that saree would show her figure perfectly.

She was a sight to behold. Now to the story. So I would just see her and probably go with her in the lift at times. She would just smile and I was unable to start a conversation. As it was a 16-floor tower, the lifts went up quick. So wouldn’t get much time to talk.

Later I wouldn’t get to see much of her due to my college timings. I would just see her walk by or from afar. But it all changed around 8 months back. She would be working during the daytime. I would be coming back from college at that time. So I kept seeing more of her. I started figuring out her work timings and other things.

One of the things I realized was that she would always sit on the stairs for a few minutes after her work is done before going to another house or back to her place. And at times she would sit near the passageway from the garage to the lobby as well. So one day I got home a little early from college and hadn’t seen her.

So I was unhappy and I did want a glimpse of her as it had been a few days that had seen her. So I went home and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and just got down in my building. Luckily for me, I saw her sitting next to the passageway. So I quickly move towards the garage.

Now I quickly act like I’m talking to a friend and waiting for him to come. This is so that I can wait near there and look at her. I’m pacing up and down to show that I’m waiting for someone. Apsara looks at me and just generally starts a conversation.

Apsara- Are you fine?
Me- Yes I’m good and waiting for a friend.
Apsara- Theek hai.
Me- Aap yaha kyun baithe ho?

(I nicely lean against a car by this time and I’m facing her sideways)
Apsara- Bas thak gayi hu toh baith gayi.
(I kept staring at her and smiling at her and showing interest in her talk while my dick kept standing up slowly to respect her.)

This conversation went for a few minutes. She also managed to see my bulge and kept talking. I acted like I was on the phone to let her concentration divert on my dick and it worked. I saw her looking at my dick. When I looked at her she hurriedly looked away and smiled at me.

She then just asked me where is my friend and said that she had to go to other houses and left. That day onwards things changed between us. We greeted each other with a smile. We also spoke on numerous occasions, though the conversations were small and formal.

I got a better idea about the houses she would work at and when would she be free. She also asked about my college timings and I would try clashing my time of getting home in order to bump into her. I started taking the stairs now hoping to find her seated there.

I did find her resting on the stairs and would start talking to her. We would talk for 10-15 minutes daily and then would go our way. We did not people to see us talking and get the wrong idea. During these conversations, she started sharing stuff with me and I felt good about it. Even I shared stuff with her.

She knew I didn’t have a girlfriend but did have a sexually active lifestyle. She said that she was married with no kids. Her husband was into illegal activities so wouldn’t be home most times or would come home with bruises. This gave me the green light that she was sex starved. If I played the right cards then I could finally have her.

I kept thinking of various ideas to get her to have sex with me. But then I just finalized on one idea. I used to have condom packs in my college bag. I thought of dropping one on the stairs somewhere near to where she would sit. I would just run back to collect it hoping nobody would have seen it.

So the following day I got back from college and changed and decided to execute my plan. So I took a single condom and went downstairs. Luckily she wasn’t on the stairs so I had my chance to work out my plan. So then I went up to just see where she is working. I knew her sandals so was looking out for them.

I found them and kept waiting for her to get done and come out. She took about 15 minutes. Finally, she got done and was coming out of the house. I got excited and just threw the condom on the stairs near the place where she would sit. But then I see that she is coming out with the owner of the house and I curse my luck.

I quickly run and collect the condom before anyone sees it and go home. I kept waiting for the following day to execute my plan. The continuation of this story will be available in the second part.

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