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19 مايو 2016
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One Night With A Lady In Mumbai

Hello ISS readers, I know you all are ready and pumped up for your next story. I am sure I will not disappoint you. Be ready with your hands and your private parts, close the door. Let’s start. I am a 25-year-old guy, living in Mumbai. I am from a small city, but I always dreamed about big cities like Mumbai.

I moved here in 2017. I am exposed to sexy part of the city, the beautiful girls roaming around. All are well dressed and groomed. I am also impressed with the ladies in 30s and 40s. they are well maintained and carrying themselves in a hot way. One night, I was traveling through the metro at around 11 pm.

The entire compartment was empty, only an old couple and some teenagers were there. Soon a lady, aged 34 (I came to know this later) boarded the same compartment I was sitting. She was in a satin saree and was having a great figure. Her navel was visible through the transparent saree.

Also, her blouse was a little tight and her small cleavage was visible. She was dusky and having kajal in her eyes. First I ignored her thinking she may be a prostitute or likewise. I was listening to songs and ignoring her. But she noticed me looking at her figure. After 5 minutes, she came and sat beside me.

She-Hi, I am Mamta (name changed). Can you help me? I have lost my phone and I need to call my family to inform about me being late?
Me- (was thinking should I say no or not) Umm okay sure. Take my phone.

She took my phone and dialed the number. She was talking in Marwadi language. Soon she cut the call and give me my phone back. While giving me my phone, she touched my fingers. I was thrilled with the touch. She noticed that and was looking into my eyes, and gave me a naughty wink.

I got the green signal but didn’t do anything. After 5 minutes of waiting, I decided to approach her.
Me- Hi, Hardik here. Mamta ji, so you lost your phone or something?
She- Hi Hardik, no no, I have my phone, the battery drained out and I didn’t have any other option to contact my family. Thank you for your kind help.

Me- Arey its ok, I am happy to help you.
She- You have a really nice name, Hard-dick. Haha
Me- Haha yes, my friends tease me the same way.
She- Is it hard? Really?

Me- (being shy) Not now, if you wish to it can be.

On this line, she laughed so hard, all others were looking at her. She controlled herself and sat close to me, her shoulder was touching mine. She put her hand on my leg and we started talking.

She- Where do you stay Mr. hard-dick?
Me- Near Andheri station.
She- Do you live alone? Who are there with you?
Me- I live with others, but all others are out for a picnic. I am alone for a week.

She- Won’t you invite me to your place?
Me-Sure, how can I say no to a beautiful lady like you?
She-Haha sure. Mr. Naughty.

Soon we reached my place. I closed the door behind and she was sitting in our living room. I went to the kitchen to bring water for us. When I came back she was lying on the sofa, saree pallu was on the floor and her eyes were closed. I could see her deep cleavage and her breasts going up and down as she was breathing heavily.

I was just enjoying the show and my dick was getting harder and harder.
Me- Ahem, hey, take this, chilled water for you. You will feel better.
She- (drinking water) Thank you, but you know I am already hot here.

I took the opportunity here and there. I grabbed her from the waist and pulled her towards me. Her breasts were crushed on my chest. I started moving my hand on her back, the sexy smooth back. I was scratching her back wildly. I started kissing her face here and there. We started kissing each other lip to lip.

Her juicy lips were eager to be crushed from long. We started doing French kiss and I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. She was doing the same. Meanwhile, she removed my t-shirt and started kissing my neck. She scratched my back with her long nails as well.

She was kissing my nipples, using her tongue to make me hard. She was circling her tongue to lick my nipples. She was doing so well I got erected too hard. My dick was trying to come out of my pant. She put her right hand in my trouser and started pressing my hard dick.

I loosened her blouse and removed her bra, what a sight! She was having big dusky breasts size around 34 and having erected black nipples. I just took both the breasts in my hand and started kissing them. She started moaning and that made me wild. I started kissing and biting her nipples and made breasts red.

I removed my pants and got naked. She sat on the floor and started stroking my dick and looking into my eyes. She put the entire 7 inch dick in her mouth in one go. She was stroking my dick and kissing her wildly. She was giving me a great experience of a blowjob. I ejaculated soon in her mouth.

She spat out all my sperms on her breasts and rubbed it on her nipples. I removed her saree and underwear. I started licking her wet pussy. She had some hairs around her pussy but I was not in sense to look at them. I just started licking her pussy. I inserted my two fingers in it and started kissing it simultaneously.

She was almost shouting my name loudly. I was licking her for almost 20 minutes. We both enjoyed the session. I found a condom in my flat mate’s room. I put a condom on and started inserting it in her wet pussy. I entered slowly and started moving in and out slowly. She was pushing my ass towards her pussy.

She was shouting, “Yes Hardik, fuck me hard, I really want this, fuck me hard.” I was pumping her really hard. She was also moaning very loud. We got orgasm soon at the same time. I fell in her arms and started kissing her slowly. We really were exhausted and enjoying the moment.

She left my place at 6 am in the morning. We had 3 sessions in that night. She left me with no details to contact her. Let’s hope she read my story and contact me on that email. Hope you guys enjoyed my real experience. Please share your views on [email protected]

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