Indian Sex Stories A Photographer’s Unpredictable Job – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
A Photographer’s Unpredictable Job – Part 1

In my previous story, ‘What a Fantastic Photograph’, I wrote a joyful incident with my profession. If you don’t know what I do please read my previous story. I changed all names in this story and added one scene intentionally to express my feelings better. The overall story is true.

So in this story, I wrote about some bad experience which happened with me in the earlier part of my career. This happened in 2012. That time I didn’t have many customers so I was looking for some work. So I contacted some wedding photographers and one person hired me.

This was mid-April and I was hired for 3 weddings photoshoots. Well, the man who hired me was an established wedding photographer in the capital. So I was instructed to keep all photos safe and must be directly handed over to him. He called me in the evening around 7 and told me to get ready.

In 15 minutes he was in front of my apartment in his car. I rushed downstairs and reached the road. He pointed out me to get on the back seat. I opened the door and sat inside. There was a girl with him in the front seat. She didn’t look at me as though I was invisible for her.

I took a look of her face in rear viewing mirror. Because of my shy nature, I couldn’t ask anything about where were we going or anything else. After about 45 minutes of the drive, we reached a bungalow. I came out of the car and followed the man (for now he was my boss). We entered the compound.

That was a huge bungalow and it was decorated. In the compound, lots of people gathered and were enjoying a party. The lady who was with us in the car went straight inside and the boss called me aside. As I was new for him, he sent me over the food section to take pictures. I went there and started my work.

Everything was normal. I was taking photos but suddenly saw a beautiful girl. She was beautiful enough for stopping my camera over her. I started taking some shots of her but she became uncomfortable with that. I felt that strange because normally girls like giving poses in wedding photos.

But its ok. I didn’t pay attention to her and started taking photos of other guests. But in a few moments, she appeared again and was in some hurry. That time my 6th sense was alarmed that something is wrong with that girl. Now the point is that I am not the ignoring type of person.

So I kept my eye on her till she became invisible at the side of a food stall. That was weird. Now I was focused at that place where she became invisible but she didn’t enter from there. I became busy again with taking photos. After sometime I saw one more girl going out from the same place.

Now I was out of control and reached out that place. I made exit through there. It was dark outside and a big building at another side of the road. I looked that carefully. It was weird that all lights were switched off in that building. I waited there for about 5 minutes and turned back to enter the party.

But I heard a whisper and hid. In a few seconds whisper got louder with the sound of ladies’ jewelry. Two girls were coming from another side of the road, probably from the same building and entered the party from that secret way. It took me less than 5 nanoseconds to figure out that this building is a girl’s hostel.

These girls are stealing food from the wedding party. I entered the party and started noticing and got shocked when I saw they are everywhere. I could recognize them easily by their body language. Oh man! That’s crap.

I put my zoom lens out and start taking photos of them. You wouldn’t believe but those girls were working like masterminds. They were supplying food to outside also. I was busy taking pictures of them. Suddenly my boss reached me asking me what I am doing with this zoom lens.

Usually, the zoom lens is not good in wedding photography, especially in the night. Before I could explain, he pointed out me to go with him. He took me through staircases and we entered in a room full of ladies. I thought this is the bride’s room. That room was filled with beautiful ladies.

Most of them were wearing Indian traditional dresses like saree and lehenga. Some were in western dress and the most exciting thing they were changing there too. As we entered there, I noticed those girls had no problem. They gave us the way. I was in a bit shock as I went further in the room.

I saw a few of them were topless too. I mean not fully exposed but they were in bra and some were changing, so I saw their nipples and deep skin. At that moment and in that room I got a feeling that is not a wedding party. Something is wrong at this point but I couldn’t go back.

It was a condition of a biker stuck in heavy traffic. He can’t go back only way is to be with traffic flow. All this was happening so slowly but I was observing it so fast. I observed all this in a few second because as we reached the end of the room my boss shouted to one of bride’s friend – “Sapna madam, ye raha aapka photographer” (This is your photographer).

Just after saying this he turned to me – winked and went out of the room. Now I looked back. Sapna madam (She was the same lady came with me in the car) was calling me – “Come here, Come here.” The boys who complete their 12th in boys’ school can understand my situation at this point.

There were more than 30 or maybe 50 girls. Everyone cheerful and busy in herself. As I reached near to Sapna madam, the bride was there on a sofa. A table was there where lots of cigarette, whiskey bottles and tablets were spread out. The bride was holding a cigarette herself and 3 naked men were sitting around her.

They were the totally naked well-built models. How this could be a wedding party? This is the only question was killing me. The bride was in saree but she was naked. She was just like wrapped in saree not wearing it properly. Her friend Sapna was in lehenga but on the upper body was an open blouse and not wearing a bra.

So when she moved I could see her nipples. As I reached there Sapna took the camera from my hand and also took my camera bag from my shoulder. She threw my camera bag over the corner on a couch. I became a little worried about her glimpse of eyes and body language.

She checked photos in my camera and took out the memory card. When she tried to open the card panel of the camera, she pressed the camera against her breast. And due to this act, her breasts were fully visible. The camera got deep due to the softness of her breast and it was an erotic glimpse.

As soon she removed the memory card from the camera, she put it on the table and poured some alcohol on it and fired. I was scared now. I understand if something goes wrong this could be my last night. Now she turned back and went to a cupboard. She put my camera in and brought another camera from there.

She gave it to me and said –“Photo tab lena jab mai bolu aur apna phone aur shirt utar ke mujhe de.” (Take photos only when I say and give me your phone and remove your shirt). I did what she said without any questions. It was not a good idea to question that time.

I took the camera she gave me. Now Sapna reached the bride and whispered something in her ear. The bride was looking at me smiling. When Sapna finished with whispering, both looked at me and winked. She offered me whiskey but I denied and this was my mistake.

This hurt the ego of the bride and she walked towards me with a bottle of whiskey. As she reached me, she opened it and poured into my pant till the last drop. Now I started feeling humiliated. I got a feeling of crying because everyone was laughing at me. I looked in eyes of Sapna and she stopped laughing.

She understood what I was feeling at that moment. She came to me, held my hand tightly and took me in the bathroom. Two girls were there too, she told them to go out. Now she was on me – “Look don’t deny any order here. Do exactly what you are ordered. Understood?”

I wanted to ask many things but I hardly got the courage to ask –“What was this? Who is she? This is not a wedding party.”
She laughed and said- “Yes it is. This is the engagement party of Komal. Komal, who did this to you and she is a supermodel.”

She pulled a pajama over the shelf and threw it towards me by saying- “Now change and get back to work.”
I asked – “Who are those 3 men?”
She answered –“ One is her boyfriend Rohit and other two his friends.”

“Now change your pant fast.”- She said with anger. I was so shocked that I couldn’t tell her to go out. I just removed my pant and wore pajamas. But she stopped me and said to remove my underwear too. I looked her with a questioning eye. She understood and said- “It’s wet too and alcohol can cause the problem to your penis.”

I turned around and removed my underwear. She could see my naked ass. She said again wipe your crotch before wearing it and threw a towel to me. I did the same as she said and came out with her. Well, I was not feeling good there. This place was not for me.

Many people would enjoy there and can spend a lot of time there without any complaint. But I couldn’t. Sapna told me to take photos of her. I was not totally out of shock till now. I managed to take photos. I took that camera now which she gave me. That was from Sony and can take better photos in low light.

But there was enough light to take pictures. Now she started posing and I took some photos. She posed like fashion TV models and I was becoming normal as I started taking photos. She posed topless for photos. After a few photos, she removed her blouse totally and started posing.

I stopped for a moment but started to take photos. In a few minutes, I stopped by her order and she took the camera from my hand and went to the bathroom. Now I looked around the room. Some girls went out and now there are less. Some were sitting in sofas and drinking wine or whiskey.

Two were on the ground only in panties and touching each other’s breasts. Komal, the bride was still in the same place as Rohit (maybe) because the other two were not there. She was kissing him and drinking. In this time Sapna came out from the bathroom. Those two men were also with her.

When they went to the bathroom I don’t remember. Maybe when I was taking photos of Sapna then. Sapna went to Komal and said something. Komal nodded her head in agreement and get up. Her saree was almost fallen off from her body. She walked a few steps towards the cupboard.

Till then her saree was totally fall off. She pulled out a nightgown from the cupboard and wore it. Sapna called me and lead us out of the room. She pointed me towards another room and said go there and wait. I entered the room and that was a full setup studio.

All arrangements for a photo shoot was there. Sapna came there behind me and rushed to the lockers at the side of the wall. She opened one and pulled out a t-shirt. She removed her lehenga there. I could see her back naked as she saw me in the bathroom a few minutes ago. And wore that t-shirt and a panty.

That was a long t-shirt and cover her till knees. Now she came to me and said –“Listen we have to do a photo shoot in a few minutes. My assistant is on leave so I told Ibrahim (Boss-who brought me here) to find someone. I saw the photos you took of me and you can do it.”

I asked – “Your assistant? What does it mean?”
She said- “I am the photographer of Komal Ma’am and she is one of the best supermodels of this city and today is her photoshoot for a foreign magazine. We will shoot some nude portraits of her.”

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