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19 مايو 2016
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Top 10 Indian Sex Stories Of December 2018

Check out the best sex stories in the month of December 2018. These quality erotic tales are surely going to give you the best reading experience and make you horny!

1. Fucked My Payal Aunty During Pooja – Incest Story

By deegeevee

My Payal aunt was a very horny lady and we enjoyed fucking each other while there was a Pooja going on in my house. We escaped and went had great sex.

“I lowered her pant and kissed on her panty. She was wearing a light pink color panty. I kissed on her thighs and then lowered her panty. There it was my door to heaven. She had trimmed her pubic hairs and her skin had no hairs on the surrounding areas. I kissed on her pubic hair and then kissed on her vagina.

I licked the outer lips and it was slightly wet. I licked her pussy with my tongue faster. I grabbed her thighs and sucked her pussy faster. I rubbed her pussy with my left forefinger and stiffened my tongue to taste her pussy. Payal was moaning loudly and moved her body up and down.” Read the entire story here.

2. My Traditional, Shy Mom Part 2 (Getting Sexual)

By Rohithunterrr

This real story explains how I opened the sexual door with my conservative shy mom. It looked impossible in the beginning but somehow I managed to succeed.

“That was the moment. I lowered my boxer and removed it. My 7 inch cock was rock hard at that time. I was naked completely. I again hugged her from behind and plugged in the headphone pin. With some courage, I hugged her tightly. She didn’t say anything.

Then I lightly touched her bare ass with my naked penis. I was quite afraid while doing that. Again she didn’t say anything which boosted my confidence. I thought she wasn’t thinking about what I was thinking. After all, I was her son and she will never think of me like that.“ Read the complete story here.

3. Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 1

By addicted

After not masturbating for 3 months, a son finds his mom so attractive and sexually desirable. To his surprise, his mom then calls him to give an oil bath!

“Mom then pulled down my underwear and started massaging my butt. I was on cloud nine. My cock started getting hard. Then she put her fingers into my tight ass crack and massaged there. I loved that move from her! Slowly, my mom fingered my asshole!

I started to moan in ecstasy. I closed my eyes enjoying every bit of it. Soon mom increased her pace and my cock became damn hard. She then started biting my ass. That was really very sexy and hot! Then she started fingering me whilst biting my ass. This went for 15 minutes.” Read the full story here.

4. Life Of A Hot South Indian Mom

By Incestveriyan

The story of a hot south Indian mom who was not cared by her husband. Her teen son and his friends took advantage of her slutty nature to seduce her.

“I quickly informed my friends to come home the next day. And the day came. Mom was wearing a dress which had zip in the front. It covered her body but only till her thighs. Also, she didn’t fully zip the dress. Her cleavage was visible. By the way, mom is 5’6″ tall and she is white. It is quite rare to find a woman like her in South India.

My friends came to my house. I introduced everyone to my mom. Nothing happened on day 1 until dinner. While having dinner, we took the first step.” Read the complete story here.

5. Seducing My Shy Indian Aunty Sajitha – Part 1

By alapraju

My shy Indian aunty comes to my city for her job and decides to stay with me. When she accidentally sees me naked, I decide to seduce her and make it even!

“Then I went near her and took a selfie with both of us. I was holding my phone with my left hand and I held her waist with my right hand.

I pulled her towards me for taking a photo of us together. She wiggled a little and tried to move out of my clutch. I didn’t leave her. I took so many selfies like that. After some time, she was getting okay with my touch.

I then tried being a little bold and moved my hands towards her front stomach and pressed it on top of the dress, while taking pictures, simultaneously.” Read the complete story here.

6. Nephew Scores And Makes His Horny Aunty Pregnant

By HornyBoi

Living alone and leading a silent sexual life forced a horny Indian aunty to be bold and daring enough to seduce her own nephew to make her pregnant.

“Things were only starting to heat up as she got out the shower and came to the room. She laid down on the bed covered only in her towel and called me beside and asked me to massage her back as it was feeling quite painful.

I felt that she had ‘some’ intentions in her mind. She turned over and I moved the towel off her back. Her melon-shaped ass was fully visible and I tried not to stare at them.

I took some oil, applied it on her back and started massaging. Then I went all over the hip and then toward the breast area. I even got glances of her boobs here and there but kept an ‘incognito mode’ as I was afraid I would get caught in the act.” Read the story in full here.

7. Feeding My Devar And His Friend – Pt 4 (Fucking Them)

By Johnty2233

My devar fucked me while my husband and baby were asleep. He also tricked me into fucking his friend. I had also breastfed them as he begged me for it.

“He then entered his left hand through the free end of my saree and gently massaged my belly. I was liking it. He moved his hands further up and have a gentle squeeze over my left breast. I felt a wave of shock through me and I told him to leave me. But he kept pressing my breast and also was kissing my neck.

Now milk started to leak and a wet spot occurred on my blouse. He was so excited about it. He then brought his right hand and placed over my pussy area above my saree. All this while I was standing motionless. But then he squeezed over my crotch. I wiggled and moved out of his hold and gave him a tight slap.” Read complete story here.

8. Horny Girlfriend Gang Banged By Boyfriend And His Friends

By kevinstaton

Slutty girlfriend gets too horny after getting fucked by boyfriend’s friends. Her bf and his friends take her to a farmhouse and gang bang her like a whore.

“I lifted Diya and took her to my bed. I started to mouth fuck her while fingering her at the same time. She was pleading me to bang her. So I made her stand in doggy position and started to fuck her ass. She was moaning like anything.

When I was about to cum, I took out my cock from her ass and made her drink all my sperms. And like a good whore, she drank it whole without wasting a single drop.

After that, I told her today I was going to gang bang her with my friends. I thought she will refuse but she was so excited. So it was agreed that she will sleep with others only in my presence. I was happy with her terms. I told her to go home and wear a sexy outfit for the day. And also, I asked her to bring a sexy saree.” Read the full story here.

9. Fucking My Cousin And Her Mom

By Likith.n

I was surprised to see my cousin masturbating. Instead of being upset, she asked me to satisfy her and her mom as they were very horny. It was great sex!

“She hugged me tightly and started smooching. As she is a little shorter she jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist and continued smooching. I took her to her room on the first floor. She removed my jeans and my shirt. I removed her long top and she was fully naked.

Looking at her body my dick got bigger and a tent was formed inside my undies. She removed my underwear and started licking it she gave me a bj for 3-5 minutes. I licked her pussy. It looked just like Dani Daniel’s pussy with that bush above the cunt.” Read the entire story here.

10. My Naive Indian Mom Seduced By Cunning Uncle – Part 1

By dry.humper

Read the story of a son who had to watch his cunning uncle making a move on his naive Indian mom and manages to put his cock inside her pussy in the kitchen.

“Uncle continued, “Sister, please help me this one time. How about you just standing still and I will rub myself against you.”

Mom with a puzzled look replied, “What do you mean?”

Uncle moved closer to mom and touch her both shoulders and said, “You stand, facing the cooking area.”

He turned mom in that way.

“I will dry hump you from behind.”

He moved behind my mom and caught her by the waist and pulled his groin area closer to mom’s buttocks. He continued dry humping. Mom did not stop him or protested.” Read this complete story here.

So, guys, that was it. Let us know which was your Indian top sex story out of these free well-crafted literature through comments below.

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