Indian Sex Stories Impregnating My Friend’s Hot Wife – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Impregnating My Friend’s Hot Wife – Part 1

This is Sagar with another hot story. It happened when I visited B City. It was an evening flight. Sun had already set when I reached there. I had to spend the night in the city. And I was supposed to go to the industrial area the next morning to meet a manufacturer. I had already talked to my friend the previous day over the phone. I informed him that I was visiting the city.

My friend’s name was Rajesh (name changed). He was working in an MNC in the city. We used to be roommates during the college days. His wife was from our college too. So, I was friends with his wife too. I just wanted to casually inform him that I was visiting the city. But my friend insisted that I stayed at his place.

Something inside me really wanted to stay at his place. So, I promised him to spend the night at their apartment. When I reached the place, I had to call down his wife to lead me inside. There were lots of floors and rooms. There was no way I could find their apartment. She came down wearing a white baggy shirt and a black pant. She was about 5.5 feet tall. Her complexion was fair. She had auburn hair. She looked like a model in the fashion magazine.

“Wow! You look wonderful”, That’s all I could say.

“Oh, thank you.” She smiled sweetly.

Her smile was so alluring. If she was not my friend’s wife, I’d have already hit on her.

“You have become more beautiful!” I sincerely praised her.

“Are you saying that I was not beautiful before?” She pouted and mocked anger.

She looked so sweet. I really wanted to kiss her right there.

‘No, no. She is your friend’s wife’, I scolded myself and calmed down.

“I mean you have gained more charms”, I corrected myself.
“I didn’t know that you have a sweet mouth.” She smiled again.
“You will know it if you taste it.” I did not know where I got the guts to say that.

Those words just came out of my mouth. It was natural. My friend’s wife was indeed beautiful enough to make me flustered. I was afraid if she would take offense.

“Let me get you inside”, she said.
“What! Really?”

Did I just win a lottery? She wanted me inside her.

“Of course, do you want to spend the night outside?”, she bent her brows.

Shit! I was overthinking. What a dirty mind I had! My friend’s wife was just inviting me inside the apartment. And I was thinking of something else.

“Oh, Okay. Lead the way.” I replied.

I was a little disappointed. And I was not good at acting. My friend’s wife caught the disappointment from my face.

Their apartment was on the third floor. It was a 2BHK apartment. They used the spare room as a guest room. She led me inside the apartment and showed me around. I put down my luggage in the guest room and got changed. She was kind enough to give me a towel and closed the door when she went out.

“Do you want to get a shower?”, she asked me from outside the door.
“I’d like that”, I answered.

Yeah, I could use a shower to wash off the weariness of travelling. I wrapped the towel at my waist and went out. There was a twinkle in her eyes as I came out from the guest room.

“Well, you are in good shape”, she complimented me.
“I do some exercise from time to time”, I answered.

It felt good to be complimented by a beautiful woman. It was a boost to a man’s ego.

“What kind of exercise is that you don’t need to do every day?”, she asked. (Yes, that’s the kind of question I needed).

“The kind you do with Rajesh every day,” I teased her.
“Oh! You have become naughty.” She giggled.

I thought that her face got red a little. Maybe I was overthinking or not.

“Only a beauty like you can bring out the inner demon.”

How could I miss out an opportunity to flirt? There was a line I could not cross but it was okay to flirt a little, right?

“Go get your shower, you naughty boy.” She waved me inside the bathroom. I laughed and went inside to get my shower. My cock was already hard and making a tent on the towel.

Did she see this tent? Did she like what she saw? This kind of thoughts ran in my mind as I got the shower.

I did not have a large cock. But I was satisfied with what I had. It was 6.5 inch at full erection. I was 5.8 feet tall with fair complexion. Well, I didn’t have big muscles but I was neither thin nor fat.

I wanted to finish the shower quickly and spent the time with the beauty. But what was hanging inside the bathroom changed my plan. It was a white lace pantie. Did she leave it behind when she took bath? I didn’t have a fetish for panties but I just could not help. I took it and checked out. It was unwashed. Good, I could smell her pussy. I put it on my nose and smelled. God! Her pussy smelled good.

Wait! There was a wet spot. It had not dried yet. Did she just put it inside while I was changing?

If she did, what she was implying? Was she seducing me? I thought I was okay. But I did not think that it was enough for a woman to cheat on her husband. I wanted to ask her a lot of questions. But how could I ask her directly? If it was not intentional, it would be embarrassing. Worst case, I might even lose my friends.

I smelled the pantie and stroked my cock. I fantasized about it pumping in and out of her wet pussy. How pleasurable would that be?

I shot down a load of cum on the bathroom floor. The shower washed it off. That was not the first time I masturbated on her fantasy. I did it before when we were in college. Have anyone of you not masturbated on the fantasy of your friend’s girlfriend or wife or fingered yourself in the fantasy of your friend’s boyfriend or husband?

I got my release with the help of her pantie. The tension calmed down a little. I finished the shower and came out of the bathroom. She was waiting for me right there with some expectations in her eyes.

“You took time in the shower. Did you get my gift?”, she asked.
“What gift?”, I asked back.

Was she really talking about the pantie? Was I mistaken?

“Oh” She looked disappointed when I did not know what her gift was. I gathered all my courage and guts. God bless me.

“Are you talking about your wet pantie?”, I was nervous.

My friend’s wife’s face was brightened up. She really left the pantie intentionally.

“Yes, do you like it.” She seemed to be nervous too.
“Of course, I love it. But I want the real thing”, I said.

I got more courage when she confirmed that she left the pantie was intentional. She bit her lower lip and said, “You can taste the real thing too.”

I indeed won the lottery. That beautiful woman in front of me just said that I could taste her pussy. I was excited as well as concern.

“I am really excited. But why will you do this?”, I asked.

(I loved pussy and liked fucking. But I did not want to lose my friend).

“You should sit down”, she sighed.

(Oh? I guessed there was more to the story). I obediently sat down on the sofa.

My friend’s wife also sat beside me and told me their story. The had been married right after college. It had been more than three years. They tried to have a child but it was not working.

After Rajesh started working in the MNC, he got diabetes. The night shifts did do well for diabetes. The more concerning factor was that he had erection issues because of diabetes. It had been about a year that they had no proper sex. He tried to get her off by eating her pussy or using dildos and vibrators. But it was not good enough to replace a throbbing cock.

My friend’s wife’s missed the sex and they wanted a child too. But there was not much hope. They were consulting doctors.

When I called him the day before to inform that I was coming, they talked and considered me as a good candidate to relieve her sexual needs and gave them a child.

(What? They wanted me to impregnate her. It warmed my heart though).

“We know that you used to check me out. We hoped that you help us out.” She had a pleading look.

I could not bear her pleading look. Such a beautiful woman was pleading me to fuck her and impregnate her. What a lucky man I was, right? I thought so too.

I extended my hand and hugged her. She came to my embrace willingly.

“It’d be my pleasure to fulfill your needs.”

I kissed her lips. Her luscious lips were so sweet. It melted on my lips. She hooked at my neck and responded to the kiss. Her lips were parted as she kissed me back. My tongue found inside her struggling against her tongue.

“Oh”, she moaned into my mouth and her boobs pressed against my chest. I could not help but reached out my hand and felt up her boobs. They were so soft and big. My hand could not cup it fully. She told me later that her boob size was 32D. Her bra could hardly wrap them. I felt so lucky to get the chance to play with them.

We parted our lips and gasped for air. She was now leaning against me fully.

“Ah” She enjoyed my touches as I fondled her boobs.
“They are so comfortable. I want to see them.” I whispered into her ear.

She sat up and removed her baggy shirt over her head.

“Let me.” I took the chance to unhooked her bra.
“Wow!” That’s what came from my mouth.

“Do you like what you see?” She looked at me with lust and expectation.
“They are beautiful. I love them.” That’s my sincere compliment.

She bit her lower lip and said, “Then, suck them. They are all yours.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I took one in my mouth and played with the other. She arched her back and moaned as I swirled my tongue around her nipple.

“Ah!” my buddy’s wife cried out when I sucked her nipple. She was sensitive there. She must have a small orgasm.

Then she placed her hands at my cheeks and kissed me with gusto.

“It felt good”, she said between kisses.
“So, you like me playing with your boobs?”, I asked her as I rubbed her sides.

“Oh yes”, she replied without hesitation.
“Want me to suck them more?” I wanted to hear her wishes.
“Yes, suck them. Play with them all night. I am all yours”, she replied as she pushed my head against her bosom.

Let me continue the story on the next part. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of my story.

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