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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Erotic Sex Session With My Sexy Cousin

Hello everyone, this is Kanna back with my experience with my cute little cousin sister, Sana. This encounter happened just recently in the month of May when she came to visit Vijayawada with her parents as her exams were over. This story is about how I and Sana shared a very romantic and erotic session while our family visited the temple.

For people who are reading my sex story, let me introduce you to Sana and myself. I am Kanna living in Vijayawada, currently, in Vijayawada. I am 5’10″tall, decent looking, a very well built guy, and a 22-year-old guy. I am a gentleman kinda person with a sarcastic sense of humor.

And now coming to Sana– she is an extremely cute, innocent looking 20-year-old girl. She is quite tall around 5 ft 7 inches, flat stomach, and has the perfect breasts for a 20-year-old (not so big, not too small). She has a body with 34-28-30. She looks insanely hot when she wears tight clothes as they reveal her small curves very beautifully.

And she looks like an angel in traditional. She lives in the village with her parents. In April, I had a talk with Sana over the phone and I suggested her to come to Vijayawada as her exams were over. She said that she too was planning to come to Vijayawada with her parents in the first week of May.

I was very happy hearing this and was excited to see her. So she arrived at Vijayawada from the village with her parents. I went to pick them up at the station. She was looking very cute in her blue top and jeans although she was a bit tired due to the journey. I greeted her and her parents and we headed to my home.

We reached my home and everyone was very happy seeing each other after a long time. We all got freshened up and started chatting about the past stories and stuff. Sana and I were very happy seeing each other and we were also chatting about general stuff.

While chatting, we were looking into each other eyes we are missing each other very badly. Our parents decided to go to the famous temple in Vijayawada. So they had slept early as Sana’s family came to the city after a long time. I was getting excited and waiting to get an opportunity to seduce Sana.

Due to the journey, they were very tired. Our parents have left to the respective rooms at 12:00 midnight. Sana and I were left in the hall due to our parent’s occupied 2 bedrooms. We were still watching a movie. So they asked us to switch off the TV as soon as possible so that we can go to the temple in the morning.

We chatted for a while and then she said that she was feeling a little tired. I told her to rest her head on my shoulders and relax. She laughed and got relaxed. I had my hands folded and her left boob was very close to my elbow. I was getting a little horny seeing this. So I slowly brushed her left boob with my elbow.

I continued brushing her left boob for around 3-4 minutes. I was very happy with the fact that she was enjoying it and her nipples were starting to get a little hard. Then she adjusted herself so as to give more space for my hands to work around her boobs. Now I used my left hand to play with her left nipple.

I was circling around them, flicking and lightly pinching them in between. Her nipples had gotten very hard by then and my dick was hard too. She too was getting very horny as I could tell that from her body language. She was wearing a tight red color top and slim fit jeans.

I could see the bulge of her erect nipples which was making me very horny. As the sofa was not comfortable I went to my room to bring pillows and bed sheets. I then switch off the TV without speaking to her. As the time was passing we didn’t speak a word. I arranged the pillows and a mat for us.

As I slept, she did not sleep away, she came near me. I was very happy. I knew this was a signal to what was going to happen next. So we both were sleeping in a position where she was facing me and I was facing her. Our faces were quite close to each other. After some time, I kept my hand on her stomach.

I was slowly moving my hands towards her boobs and started pressing them softly. To my surprise, her nipples were already hard and this made me horny. I kept playing with her boobs twisting, flicking and pinching her nipples for about 10-15 minutes. As her face was very close to mine, I could feel her breath.

As I was playing with her boobs, I gently kissed her on her forehead. I stopped for a second and we both made eye contact for the first time while having fun. She looked at me for a second and gave me a light kiss on my lips. We both kissed for a minute with our eyes closed.

Then I went to kiss her neck while I was fondling her boobs. I very lightly bit her right ear and pinched her nipples. The moment was extremely erotic. Her breathing was getting a little heavy. She was moaning slowly. I moved down kissing her boobs over her top.

I then slowly lifted her top and kissed her bare boobs. I started licking her nipples and pressing her boobs with my hands. I kept playing with her boobs for another 15 minutes. Her nipples had gotten rock hard and her boobs were also tight. I then moved my fingers below and was slowly circling her navel with my fingers.

She was sleeping facing the ceiling. I was kissing her neck and playing with her navel. After around 10 minutes, I slowly kept my hand on her thighs moving them very slowly. I teased for 15-20 minutes by playing with her boobs and rubbing her thighs gently and close to her pussy lips.

I inserted my hands in her pants taking it down her bare pussy and then started feeling her clitoris. She was getting extremely horny. I could tell that she was getting restless and wanted to have an orgasm badly. As she is a virgin she was moaning like hell. I was scared because anyone can hear easily.

So I placed a hard kiss on her lips to stop her sounds continued fingering. I then removed her pants completely. She responded by moving up her hips helping me to remove her pants and her panty completely. Now I was kissing her navel for 5 minutes of building more and more pressure.

Imagine this, a slim 20-year-old girl with her top raised to unveil her bare tight boobs and completely naked below her stomach. I could smell the aroma of her pussy. She was very wet around her pussy due to her pre-cum fluids. I slowly reached her pussy lips.

It was the first time ever I kissed a girl’s pussy. It tasted like nectar. And it was the first time ever Sana had someone kissing her pussy. She was getting very excited about my act. By my experience of watching porn, I started slowly circling my tongue in her pussy. She was also moving her hips in the same rhythm.

As I learned from porn that a girl orgasms if she is sexually active for about 1 hour and can have multiple orgasms. She spread her legs as far as she could and was clenching the bedsheet with her fists as she was about to orgasm. Soon I increased my pace and started licking her pussy vigorously.

She had put a face on her pillow as she wasn’t able to control her moans. I kept licking her pussy for 3-4 minutes straight. Soon her body shook violently and she had her first orgasm. I sucked all her juices and stopped for a minute to let her come back to her consciousness. Then again I started licking her pussy.

This time I was rubbing her clit simultaneously while licking her pussy. She was moving her hips like crazy and soon she orgasmed again. But this time I did not stop. I locked her legs with my hands and was licking her pussy even after she orgasmed. Her legs were now shaking.

She tried to get away but I held on and kept licking her pussy for about 10 minutes straight. She orgasmed many times in that duration. Then I immediately put two fingers in her pussy as I wanted to make her squirt. She hesitated for a second but then she was so horny that she allowed me to do so.

Then I fingered her hard with pace. After 30 seconds I suddenly removed my fingers and she let out a huge squirt. Her body was shaking violently. I then stopped and kissed her on her forehead trying to comfort her. She leaned her head on my chest and regained composure after a while.

After about 10 minutes, I started playing with her boobs again. And to my surprise, she held my dick over my pants. This was the first time ever a girl had touched my dick. She did not waste much time and inserted her hands inside my pants and started giving me a handjob. I was playing with her nipples.

As I was extremely hard and a girl had touched me for the first time, I was about cum in like less than 2 minutes. Even though she was stroking my penis at a slow pace, I jerked hard and came on her hands. She then rubbed my cum all over my dick and then removed her hand from my pants.

It was the best feeling ever and I will never forget it. After I came, she looked at me and we both kissed for a few seconds. Then Sana dressed and we both cleaned ourselves in the washroom. Sana’s side of the bed was very wet because she had squirted. Therefore we both slept on my side cuddling with each other.

We got up in the morning, freshened ourselves and we both sat close to each other in the bed for a few minutes. We both said that the night was amazing and it meant a lot to us. After this incident, we were quite frank with each other and now often talk about our sexual experiences.

She even told me one time she had a lesbian experience with her friend and invited me to her village to for sex with her. It is another story. If you liked this experience of mine, don’t forget to give it a like and feel free to share your reviews on [email protected] Until then hasta la vista, baby!

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