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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Sex Chat With Girlfriend Leads To Incest!

Hi, this is creativeboy. I am a long time reader of ISS stories and was determined to write only true events. So this is the truth that happened a couple of weeks ago. I am bringing it to your plates for relishing it with warmth. I am just a normal guy working in Chennai age 28. I am 5’10 in height, lean body and dick size is decent of 5’5.

Every year my grandparents along with their siblings plan to take a trip to some temple and shrines. Most of the time myself and my stepbrother would accompany them for help as all of them are in their 70’s. This year too, the same thing happened. Except that my stupid stepbrother bailed out in last second and left me all alone.

Our group comprises of 8 people. We traveled to Ramanathapuram this time. It is a 12-hour journey from Chennai by train. After finishing darshan we boarded the train to Chennai in 2nd AC which has 4 berths. I chose the lower and above me is my Chithi (youngest sister of my grandma) and opposite to us are my grandparents.

Let me tell about my Chithi. She is in her mid 50’s as she’s youngest of siblings. Her hubby died almost 4 years back. There were no regrets as he wasn’t the best kind. She used to live near to my grandma’s house. She is 5’4 in height and maintains a normal housewife body, not too fat but some in the stomach areas and butt.

Boobs are not too saggy, with long hair and obviously hairy pussy and dressed in normal saree attire. The train started and all oldies comfortably started sleeping accompanied by their sleeping pills. I checked on them one last time and returned to my seat. I started chatting with my girlfriend on my tablet.

Things get hot and we had a lot of sex chat. After finishing it I slept off without switching the tab off. My Chithi above goes for peeing. Whilst returning sees me sleeping with my leg on dining space inside the coupe and a raging hard-on through my loose shorts. I don’t know what made her take the tab to her seat and read the whole chat.

After a few minutes, I woke up due to train movements. Finding my tab missing, I immediately peeked below the seat but it wasn’t there. Then to my surprise when I stood up to search it, I saw the light coming from upper berth inside the blanket of my Chithi. Now I know I fucked up.

No one in my family is supposed to know about the girlfriend. And worst, the sex chat and there are naked pics of her with her dildo. Now I know I am finished. But what I saw was shocking. Her one leg is raised and I think she is masturbating to my chat. Afterward, when I see her legs go to the normal position I stood up and slowly called her name to get tab back.

M: Chithi! Chithi! Tab, please.
C: Wait there are many things I need to talk to you about. You sit I’ll come down.
I sat in my berth and waited for her. After 2 minutes she came down sat with me and looked angrily in my face.

C: Does anyone in our family know about this girl?
M: Nope! And I like to keep it that way.
C: Ohhh! So you don’t want me to tell anyone, right?
M: No don’t. I am waiting for the right moment to open up. please don’t ruin it.

C: So it’s not wrong that you are doing this kind of things with that girl even before you get the assurance of marriage?
M: Marriage is only a function. We like each other and want to be happy. I am not compelling her to do this. We both are comfortable with each other so we enjoy a little like this when time permits.

Now she comes near and sits with me. Our thighs are touching.
C: So you two have only been enjoying over digital or crossed the limits in physical too?
I was hesitant and kept mum for some time.

C: Come on! I read all your chats! Don’t be shy. I wont tell anyone. Be like a friend and share. This is the most interesting thing I had seen in these past 4 years.
M: Ok! Yeah, we had sex for sometimes. About 10 or 12 times. In some weekend we would book a room far away from the city and enjoy.

C: Oh wow! I can’t say I am proud. But I am happy that you are happy too. The thing is I miss this for so many things. It was not at all nice even when I had a hubby.

Now she came closer and rests her head on my shoulder. I can’t object since she knew my secret. But inside I know now that she is desperate and probably eager for some action. I prepare myself for what I may need to do. I know she’s not the most attractive milf. But, hey, to guard my secret I should do it.

C: You know what I mean? I know you understand. See I too know this is bad and kind of incest. But I too have needs right? Its better be you than some outside idiot right?
M: Yes Chithi I understand! I think I know how to help you. I don’t worry about incest and all.

Saying this I slowly turned to her. I kept my hand above her saree in her thighs and look into her eye. I must say she winked and kind of blushed seeing me looking at her this way.

C: Look we have to do this here but keep the sounds at a minimum. I don’t want my sister to wake up and have a heart attack by seeing us.

M: Don’t worry! nobody will wake up even if you scream. And your sister takes sleeping pills. I wouldn’t worry about her if I was you.

She kept her hand above my crotch and started to feel my cock and rubbed over it. We started kissing. At first, it was normal. Then we used tongue slowly and after some time it was furious with the deep exchange of saliva.

I hugged her and then opened her blouse and her bra. But she told not to take it off completely. So I left it open and then started kissing her boobs.
C: Ahhhh! Nice! Nalla sappu da! kadi antha kaamb eh! (Suck them nicely and bite the nipples.)

I started to suck them nice and hard and squeezed them. She was moaning slowly and in intervals, we kissed. I kissed her neck, ears too. We were sitting straight and while sucking her boobs and I inserted my right hand inside the saree into her navel and find her hairy pussy.

M: Wow you are so hairy! I like it. I tell my girlfriend not to trim but she never listens.
C: Let’s say I didn’t have the need of that area for anything other than peeing so it was left undisturbed. But I am glad you like it that way.

I started inserting my forefinger into her cervix and rubbing it. I licked my finger to taste it. It was musky smell and she tasted delicious.
M: Lie down!

She lay on her back and I began to unroll her saree and threw it. Now she is in a petticoat which she told not to remove. So I rolled it up to her stomach. Now there is a problem of space. So I got down on the floor, sat and turned her. Whilst she is lying I could reach her pussy. I then stood and took my briefs from my bag and went near her mouth and stuffed it in.

M: I don’t want you to make any sound but you can shout like hell if you want.

Then I sat down comfortably, parted her both legs, lodged my head right into her hairy and wet pussy and began sucking her clitoris. With right forefinger, I began to insert into her pussy and fingerfuck it while constantly licking and rolling with my tongue. The hairs were certainly coming onto my way but I liked it too.

I began slurping fast and I felt her body trembling and I know she’s gonna cum. So I stood up, straightened her on the seat. With my left hand closed her mouth tightly and with right hand started fucking her faster inside pussy.

Within a few moments with her eyes closed, she started cumming wildly. Her orgasm lasted for 3 or 4 secs and I licked her pussy off cleanly and tasted her juices.
M: Wow! That’s a wild one! I didn’t know you tasted this delicious!
C: Ya you know milfs are always better than the young ones! Now come here.

Saying this she kissed me I took her right boob in hand and she tasted her cum from my mouth
C: I know you like your blowjob from your girl while she is lying and you fucking her mouth standing?
M: Yeah! Can I try that?

C: What? You just gave me a wonderful one after many years. Don’t ask order your bitch!
M: (with a smile) Ok, tevidia munda lie on your back! Let your throat taste my cock’s flavor.

I made her lay on back. I went above her head and directly inserted my cock in her inviting mouth. First I started fucking her mouth slowly and then I would remain in that position with a cock in her mouth and my balls in her face. Wow, it feels heavenly!

Then started pacing up and teeth pricked my cock. Slapped her in face.
M: Mind the teeth! Are you trying to bite my cock off bitch?
C: Sorry master it won’t happen.

Saying this she opened her mouth wider. I began thrusting more and more. The train’s movements were making it harder. So I made her sit and told her to continue blow job.

M: That it! Use your hands, and look me in the eye while you suck.
C: Slurp, slurp.
M: Use more saliva and caress my balls too. no wonder your hubby never fucked you, if you are doing like this.

C: No, master. His cock isn’t as large as yours and he would have cum minutes ago.

I laughed. She licked my ass too while stroking my cock. She began inserting her tongue into her asshole. I was feeling as if I took a handful amount of cocaine and high. I began thinking how much amount of time I wasted by not seeing this bitch right near my home itself.

M: I am gonna cum soon! Bring your mouth to cock and swallow it! Stroke it harder!
C: Yes! Give it fully to me.

Saying this she took cock in mouth while stroking it. I began cumming. I came so hard that I couldn’t stand. I had to balance by holding the above berth seat. She licked off nicely of all cum in my cock. I was waiting for my cock to regain its hardness.

I put a blanket over our seat and arranged two pillows ready for next session. She tied her petticoat on her tummy as to give access to pussy and lay down in the seat. She sat facing me in the seat and started stroking my cock. I was collecting her hair and neatly tying it in a bun behind her head.

C: What! You don’t like open hair?
M: Not like that! I like to see your face without any disruptions while fucking you.
C: Ohhh! come on then! show me heaven.

Saying this she lay down and stretched her legs open inviting me to her mound. I took the briefs and it stuffed into her mouth and said, “Don’t scream.” I lay down on her and adjusted my cock near her pussy and damn it was wet!

M: Just now you came! Now ready for more bitch!

Saying this, I lightly slapped her thigh and inserted my cock. She began moaning and rolling her eyes in pleasure. Her pussy was tight, not virgin tight but somewhat tight as it was unexplored all these years.

When I inserted my cock almost fully I laid completely on top of her. I surrounded her body with my both hands. Now slowly started fucking her, with each stroke she was moaning.

M: Yes! Do you like it bitch? You want faster and deeper?

She nodded her head in approval. I bent forward and thrust my hips into her, fucking her aster. This time I went on like that for 15 or 20 times. She was moaning hard and I was moaning too. Then slowed down to deep slow strokes and then continued faster for some time. My dick was covered with her juices. Then I took my dick out stood.

M: Come on bitch suck me some for the final climax.

She happily started sucking. I held my both hand by sides of her head and mouth fucked deeper.

M: Come down and sit in doggy.

She comes down and kneels facing the seat. I inserted cock into her pussy and licked her neck and ears while fucking. We fucked for like another 15 minutes and I know I am gonna cum soon. So I made her lie on the seat like before and lay on top of her. I began fucking intensely.

M: I am gonna cum inside! Soon!
C: Please fill my pussy master. I am dying without it.

We both were sweating profusely even inside AC coach. My hips began moving faster and buried my face to her boobs and grunted while I came heavily and deeply inside her womb. I just lost all the energy and laid on top of her. She adjusted by sleeping sideways as her boobs are touching my bare chest.

I covered us in a blanket while both of us lay lifeless and spent in each other’s arms in that cramped up space. Her legs were inside my thigh and mine was over her ass and my hands began caressing her breasts.

C: Thanks for that! I owe you big time!
Saying this we kissed once again
M: well I am not stopping this now or in near future anywhere. You ok with that?
C: As per your wish master.

She winked as she said I am invited to her home always as she lived alone. After a while, we changed into clothes and slept in respective berths and acted as nothing happened till the end of the journey. We continued fucking whenever time permits and I had fucked her in almost all places in her home.

I hope you like my experience friends and your comments are invited to mail: [email protected] Stay tuned.

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