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19 مايو 2016
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First Fuck With My Girlfriend

Hello everyone. I am a regular reader of this site. Now I decided to pen down my experience with the permission of my girlfriend. A quick intro, my name is Kiran 24 from Bangalore working in MNC now. My girlfriend’s name is Shree. (Let’s call her sweet and short).

She is 23 with curvy figure 34-28-36. We both know each other for 8 years. We both studied PUC together and we both joined different colleges. But we were still in touch and a good friend until I proposed her on February 14th. She was not surprised because we both knew we had some feeling on each other.

She accepted my proposal without thinking twice. From day 1 since I proposed her we started to behave typical lovers. Roaming, caring, talking over the phone throughout night etc. We were kissing and cuddling each other whenever we got a chance but never did anything beyond that until a few months back.

One day her parents went to her sister’s home. So, we planned to have some private time together. We both drink and she told me to get some drinks. Since I read many stories I had a feeling that I could fuck her today. But I thought it wasn’t going to happen because we never did that.

She lied to her parents that her friend Pooja will come to sleep with her. Since her parents know Pooja very well they didn’t bother much and said ok. As we planned I reached her home at 8 pm. Since it is an apartment, no one will bother who will come. As soon as I reached her home, we locked the door from inside.

Then immediately I hugged her and we were smooching for 10 minutes. Later we decided to drink, she already ordered some food for us. I insisted her to watch some porn which is already downloaded in my pen drive, but she denied. I was not I am a mood to force her.

We downed 3 rounds of drink already and started to talk about future life blah blah. She was in a spaghetti top, can clearly see her deep cleavage. She caught me while staring at her cleavage and gave me a naughty smile. I understood the condition and sat very close to her. She started to blush.

I kissed on her cheeks, she started to shiver and hugged me. We were cuddling for a few minutes and she noticed my boner and she looked into my eyes with a wild expression. Without delay, we locked our lips and enjoying the taste of alcohol from each other’s mouth.

My hands were on her boobs pressing like there is no tomorrow. She felt the pain and moaned. I left her and removed my shirt and telling her to remove her top from my eyes. She got to know what I am trying to tell and said, “No Kiran, we shouldn’t do this.”

But I was not in a mood to listen to her. I continued to remove my remaining clothes. She started to breathe heavy. I was in my boxer and my boner was like never before. I leaned on her again and she could feel my boner clearly now. She lost the game. Started to moan. I removed her spaghetti top.

She was still saying no but didn’t try to stop me. I took out her right nipple from her bra and started to eat. What a feeling it was. We touched our private parts on top of the cloths before, but we never did this. We both are in full excitement and alcohol is working on us.

She straight away caught my dick and started to stroke on top of my boxer. Within 5 minutes I cum out because of the excitement. She felt my cum in her hand and my dick was still inside. So we both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Once we are done, both settle down on the sofa.

I was in my boxer and she was in her bra and shorts. We stared at each other and laugh. I suggested her to continue drinking and she was ok. After a few minutes, she said you want to see something. (She reminds me about the porn, but that time it didn’t remember what she was telling.)

I said “What?” She winked and told me that, “You said you want to see porn.” I smiled and plugged my pendrive into the TV and started to browse for the best ones. I played my favorite one which is in the story mode of length around 40 minutes. We both started to sip our drinks sitting very close to each other.

After some time on the screen couple were fully naked. Obviously, my dick was in full form. On the screen, the man was eating pussy like anything. We both were very horny that time and no more interested in porn. We were making out. My dick was about to tear my boxer.

She was pressing her boobs onto my body and kissing madly. I unhooked her bra while kissing and we started to walk towards the bedroom. We got separate and I pulled her bra off. Her 34 size well-shaped boobs jumped out of her bra. I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her and started to suck those lovely boobs.

She started to moan. I came down and unbutton her shorts she got jerked. And looking at me. I tried to pull her shorts off but she was resisting in a very low intensity. I forcefully pulled off her shorts and panty and her pussy was wet. I threw the shorts and thrust my face in between her legs and started to eat her pussy.

She started to moan loudly with pleasure and held my hairs and pushing my face into her pussy. She was literally having a great time and she pulled me up and started to smooch. Meanwhile, I removed my boxer and told her to give me a blow job. Since it was 1st time she hesitated a little.

But she was horny enough not to think anything. She bent and started to give me a blow job. I was in cloud 9. It’s my turn to moan loudly now. I couldn’t control and turned her upside down. We were in 69 position now. After a few minutes, I was about to cum. I told her that I was cumming.

She was not in a mood to listen to me. I exploded my cum into her mouth she drank without wasting a single drop and still sucking my dick. I came out for the 2nd time in a short period of time. We both laid on the bed for some time but the excitement made us ready for the action in few minutes.

We both looked into our eyes and started to blush. And in no time we both locked our lips. I made her sleep properly on the bed and I was on top of her. We continued making out. I was positioning my dick on top of her pussy. She was getting tensed and lowered the intensity of smooching.

I sensed it and asked her was she got scared? She said yes but her eyes were telling its ok fuck me. I consoled her for a few minutes and made her understand how much I love her. She got convinced and smiled. I spread her legs and kissing her inner thighs almost near her pussy. She was shivering with pleasure.

I started to suck her pussy by now. She was in heaven. I licked her pussy like anything. I could not control. It’s time for the main action. I slowly went on top of her and started to kiss all over her face. And I asked her, “Can I?” She said nothing but just smiled. I started to rub my dick over her pussy.

She started breathing heavy. I tried to insert but with tension, she held her pussy very tight. I tried to talk with her nicely and made her comfortable and I entered her with full thrust. My dick went half and she started to shout with pain. I was consoling her and meanwhile stroking slowly to make her comfortable.

After a few minutes, we both were comfortable and started to fuck with full speed. She started to enjoy. I didn’t want to cum soon. So whenever I feel like cumming I stop fucking and romance for few minutes and again started to fuck her. It made me fuck her for almost 30 minutes.

I couldn’t control and told her I will cum. By that time she already had cum 2 times. She hugged me tightly and told me to cum inside. I made my shots heavier and cum inside her. We both were exhausted and we both lay for some time. Then I got ready and went to my home.

This is just a beginning which took place a few years before. But later we did many times with new places new positions. I will share the further parts later based upon the response. And do comment on my story on [email protected] or ping me on the hangout.

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