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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
With My Huge, Strong Maid – The Seduction

Hi ISS readers, this is Rishi Arora. I have written a few stories before but lately have been really occupied with things so I didn’t contribute. However, there were few instances happened during the past year that I couldn’t help but share with you all and help you guys up with some erotica.

I am 29 years old, from Delhi. I’m a typical Punjabi guy, fair, tall (5’11”) and muscular. I had a fair share of women in my life. However, I always get excited whenever there is some adventure involved with women. Be it my aunt, one of my teacher and especially the maids.

I had sexual relationships with these all and this adventures excitement attracts me.
Today I’m going to share with you one of such incidents which happened this year. This is related to my maid. Since I live with my parents, my mother interacts with the maids/servants more than me.

I just usually interact with them if I have to give away any special instructions for the work I need to get done. We had a maid who was working for us for 5 years, but due to her failing health and old age, she decided to give up the work. We helped her with some money for her medication and asked her to find us a replacement of her.

I wasn’t perturbed much. I have taken few massages from her at times when I was alone at home so I would miss that. She has made out with me 2-3 times as well. But lately, we didn’t as I stopped liking her. However, she never leaked out our secret.

She thought that I did her a favor by having sex with her as she was old and her husband died a few years back. So she remained thankful to me. Since she wasn’t well enough to have sex, she gave me a goodbye massage and blowjob. And she took a promise that if she would need fuck she can always contact me.

Though I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to upset her. So I just smiled and said ‘ok’.
She found a new maid for us, Aarti. She started working for us starting February’18. She was young, 25 but strongly built, dusky but smooth skin and big breasts. She has a big frame at 5’7”. She has broad shoulders.

She looked like if she wrestles with me, I probably will get defeated. Hence I was like, dude no messing around with her for anything. We didn’t interact much and she kept on doing her stuff. She mostly came to work when I was at work. I just saw her on weekends.

She used to say ‘Namaste, bhaiya’ and I used to respond. It was summer already, around May. I was in my room watching Youtube on my phone when she came to my room for cleaning. I told her bed is fine just clean and mop the floor and I stayed on my bed. She started with her work.

She switched off the fan and I noticed her body for the first time. She was wearing salwar-kameez and it was almost drenched with sweat. It was pale yellow color and made patches under her arms, back and around her neck. Her skin looked creamy and I thought it’s worth being licked.

She noticed me noticing her and smiled at me and asked if I need anything. I said nothing and went back to my phone. She started brooming. I was drooling over her cleavage which was visible more and more as she bends. I got a little stiff in my shorts. Her boobs looked firm and making a very delicious cleavage.

She took her time in cleaning, and it seemed more than usual. She finally started a conversation.
Aarti: Garmi bahot hai na bhaiya? (It’s very hot these days.)
Me: Haan bilkul, bahot. Tumne fan band kara aur mujhe paseene shuru ho gaye. (Yes indeed, as you stopped the fan I started sweating.)

Aarti: Arre bhaiya aap to 2 boond paseene par ro rahe ho aur meri haalat dekho. (You are cribbing about these 2 drops of sweat, just look at me.)
Me: Haan Aarti, tumhaari kameez to poori bheeg gayi hai paseene se. (Yes Aarti, I can see you are drenched in sweat.) Thanda paani peelo. (Have some cold water.)

Aarti: Aap kitne ache ho bhaiya. (You are so sweet.)
She smiled saying this and switched on the fan.
Aarti: Oh thand padd gayi. (Such a relief.)

I was drooling on her now. I was sure she is trying to seduce me now as she kept smiling at me and wiping her sweat. Now she started with mopping and kept talking to me.

Aarti (while bending): Aaah, meri kamar to toot hi jaaegi (Aah, my back will break soon.)
Me: Kyu kya hua? (What happened?)
Aarti: Bas bhaiya kaam jyada rehta hai to dard hota hai kabhi kabhi. (Because of more work it hurts at times.)

Me: Araam kara karo aur maalish karva liya karo. (Take rest and get your back massaged whenever you can.)
Aarti: Kaun karega massage bhaiya? Mujhse hi kitne log karvaate hai. (Who’ll massage me? I have to give massage to so many people.)

Me: Tumhari maa kar degi, ya behen. (Your mother or your sister can do it.)
Aarti: Maa ko mare to 5 saal ho gaye aur badi behen ki shaadi. Main aur mera chota bhai hi rehte hai mere ghar mein. (My mother died 5 years back and my sister is married now. It’s just me and my brother live here.)

Me: Oh ye to mushkil ho gayi. (Oh it’s difficult then.)
She smiled and tried getting up with another anguish. I was sure she is feeling some pain in her back. I got up and asked her if she needs any help, should I call my mother.

Aarti: Nahi bhaiya, aunty ji ko kuch mat bolna, kahi woh mujhe nikaal na de. Ye theek ho jaaega. (No I’m ok, don’t tell this to your mother, she may kick me out.)
Me: Are esa kuch nahi hoga, ruko. (No such thing will happen.)

She held my hand and stopped me. She had a strong grip and I almost fell as the floor was wet. I was standing close to her and could feel the heat from her body. She tried to balance me and my one hand touched her breasts. They were firm as a sponge ball, but just much bigger than those. She let out a gentle moan.

Me: Oh so sorry.
Aarti: (smiling) Koi baat nahi bhaiya. (It’s ok.)
I was turned on with all this and offered something after 2 minutes of awkward silence.

Me: Tum chaho to main tumhari kamar ki maalish kar sakta hun. (If you want I can massage your back.)
Aarti: Oh bhaiya, mujhe aapki karni chahiye, aapko meri nahi. (I should be massaging you not the other way around.)

Me: Tum bhi kar dena kabhi, par abhi tumhe zaroorat hai. (You can do it to me, but right now you need it more.)
Aarti: Aap bahot ache ho bhaiya, aap apni patni ko bahot khush rakhoge. (you are so sweet, you’ll keep your wife very happy.)

Me: Are sirf maalish se thodi khush ho jaati hai aurate, aur bhi bahot cheeze hoti hai. (It’s not just massage that makes a woman happy.)
Aarti: Aap har cheez me khush rakhoge, main dekh sakti hun. (I can see you’ll be great in all of those things.)

Saying this she came closer and brushed her hand on my already hard dick. She passed by me and looked back and grinned. She was about to leave my room. I held her back and asked:

Me: Baitho zara, bataao aur kis cheez me khush rakhunga main? (Sit here and tell me how can I make her happy?)
Aarti: (Blushing) Aap bahot chikne ho bhaiya, aapki biwi to aapko kha hi jaaegi. (You are so handsome, your wife will eat you up.)

Aarti: (came closer and touched my dick) Aur ye bahot sakht lagta hai mujhe, mann karta hai kha jaau isse. (And this seems so stiff to me, feel like eating it.)

I felt electricity running in my body. I didn’t know how to react. Rest in next part. Share your feedback at [email protected]

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