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19 مايو 2016
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Pramila Bhabhi 9 – Workplace Or A Fuckplace

Pramila was appointed as a receptionist in a branch of a small company called ‘Girija Traders’. At the table where she worked, two women sat doing the same job. As a receptionist main duty of Pramila was to attend whoever entered through the door.

It was regular working day and a man in a suit arrived at the reception. “Good Morning,” he said smiling at the woman at reception.“Good Morning, Sir,” said the woman at the counter while punching some letters on the computer. For a moment there she looked at him and smiled while wishing and then went back to her work.

The man in the suit was one of the top bosses of the local office. He seemed dissatisfied by her response and so he repeated while standing in front of her, “Aakansha. Good Morning!”

“Good Morning, Mr. Shikla…” said she, “…sir!” and then went back to work. Early in the morning, Aakansha was given some work which she was totally focused on. Still dissatisfied he cleared his throat with a grunt and repeated, “Good Morning. Aaka…” he said staring at her.

Soon she realized her mistake and so she stood up, she bowed a bit, greeting him again. At that moment Aakansha was wearing a maroon sleeveless V-neck top and a gray long skirt. Seeing her in that pose, he awkwardly held her chin with his left- hand fingers while brushing her lips with the thumb.

Then making her look up he slid his another finger from her neck lower down to her chest area until he was able to feel her cleavage. Clearly, a squeeze of her breasts was causing a shadow in between. But the top she was wearing wasn’t revealing much, to show a proper cleavage.

This was a fault that needed to be rectified. So grabbing one edge of her dress with one hand and other with the other hand, he pulled her top down. He continued to pull until her black lace bra underneath was visible, which satisfies him. The man was completely silent while doing the adjustment and the receptionist too was steady and unresponsive to his actions. After done, he spoke,

“Don’t make this mistake again,” he said.

“Yes sir!” she replied.

“I think you should read the office instructions again,” he added.

“Yes, sir. I will do that,” she replied. Followed by that there was a big pause. Both were standing looking at each other until she got his hint, “Oh! sir you mean now?” she asked.

“Yes! In front of me,” he replied.

Then taking out a paper from the drawer she read,

“At Girija traders, we are a close family. When in office, this family comes first and then whoever of ours at home. In our family of 30, there are 26 men and 4 women. Here we don’t believe in gender equality, here we always consider women to be superior. This is the reason why the men of the office are tasked with the extra responsibility of providing physical pleasure to the women of the office.”

“On the other hand, women here are privileged with uninterrupted physical pleasure, higher wages and are the face and representative ‘body’ of the office. The only thing expected from the women is to look appealing all the time. This kind of closeness in the office ensures that us colleagues stay united not just mentally but physically as well.”

Aakansha read this as written without putting any extra effort into it and then looked up at Mr. Shikla. Seeing her expressions,

“Come on Aakansha! you have worked here for over 4 months and now you are the senior receptionist here. By now you should be well versed and follow the official rules.” He said while looking at her with a perverted smile.

“Sorry, sir. Yes, Sir!” said she while looking at him. He then further continued, “Look at Pramila, she has started a month ago and by now she is doing her duties properly. By the way, where is Pramila?” asked the boss.

“Sir, she is in Mr. Dhingal’s cabin,” said Aakansha pointing at his cabin.

“Oh! Started already has she,” he said looking at the cabin with a smile.

While Mr. Shikla was busy going behind the receptionist desk and refreshing Aakansha with the rules of the office, something else was going on in Mr. Dhingal’s cabin, another superior of the office.

“Sir, my wife is pregnant and in the hospital and she is due today. I was just checking on her if she is alright,” said an employee standing in front of Mr. Dhingal who at that moment was sitting in his chair.

“Why? Don’t you know the rules of this office? You are supposed to give your 100% attention when in the office.”

“Yes, sir! But…”

“We are taking extra efforts to ensure that our employees stay focused,” said Dhingal.

“But she is…”

“Mr. Khalo! Did you forget, who was satisfying you all these months while your wife at home with her big belly,” he said raising his voice. Then looking down under the desk, “I think he needs a reminder.” he said pulling his chair behind.

From underneath the desk, Pramila came up. She was wearing a yellow-green sari with a dark green blouse. There was no visible outline of the bra underneath. At that moment her blouse was unbuttoned flashing her bare breasts. Pramila understood the hint.

She crawled like a naughty cat, staring seductively, towards the employee standing. The boss naughtily spanked her behind as she moved ahead and she wiggled her butt in response. Then getting close to him she knelt and unzipped Khalo’s pants.

“Sir. May I…” asked Pramila as she naughtily pulled his dick out of his pants. Then she started stroking it slowly in an attempt to get it hard. Suddenly there was a ring in his pants pocket. Undisturbed by the ring, Pramila started sucking his shaft while he took out the phone in his hand.

“Sir, I need to take this,” said Khalo looking at his boss.

“Mr. Khalo… I don’t know what to say.” said the boss disappointed by his response. At the moment Pramila was on her knees to satisfy him, he still wanted to talk to his wife. This was what disturbed him, “Do whatever you want.” continued Dhingal after which he turned her chair to look elsewhere.

Acknowledging it Khalo picked up the phone, “Haloo…” at the very moment Pramila started blowing him really hard after which he was unable to control himself. While he was listening to his wife’s voice over the phone’s speaker. He dropped the phone on the floor and focus on the action in hand.

From the other side, his wife’s voice was audible, “Honey! ah! where are you? are you coming? When will you be here? ” Ignoring all that completely, he grabbed Pramila head and start fucking her throat really hard.

While the wife continued to get in touch with him he shouted, “Yes! I am, I am cumming!” He climaxed, filling Pramila’s mouth with a thick energy drink, which she swallowed it entirely. Mr. Shikla witnessed all this action from the receptionist counter. Seeing Pramila in action he spoke,

“See how obedient Pramila has become in such a short time. Why can’t you be like her, Aakansha?” He made this remark while he made her bend over and was pleasuring her from behind.

As weird and odd it might seem, this is a normal day at this branch office of Girija traders. Call this method immoral or unethical but it works. Jobs in this office go smoothly and quickly without delay, the result of which the salaries of the employees increased at a rate much higher than anywhere else.

Further, all the office employees are on board with this method, even the female employees, none are forced in doing these things. The rest of the day went by as usual until the evening time, Pramila was doing some paperwork at her receptionist desk when Mr. Dhingal approached her,

“Are you done with today’s work, Pramila?” he asked politely.

“Almost sir.” she replied smiling at him, “I have to feed in just one page and then I will be done.”

“Ahem, Pramila.” the boss hesitated, “I need a favor from you,” said he.

“Yes, sir. What is it?” She asked as she stopped her work and then stood up to listen to what he had to say. She looked at him with naughty expressions as if she knew what his favor would be.

“You know Mr. Briman didn’t come to the office today, don’t you?” She nodded to let him continue, “Actually at the very moment he is in the Hotel across the street preparing for a very important meeting. If the meeting goes good, then our company will get a big contract which will be profitable for every employee of this office.”

Pramila was unable to understand as to why he was giving a long explanation for something. Still, she kept her mouth shut and simply nodded as Dhingal continued. “The reason for me to say all this is that the plan Briman took to the hotel to prepare for the meeting is incomplete. The last part of it is here, with me,” he said showing a folder in his hand.

“I know working hours are over but is it okay with you to take those plans to him, now?” he asked politely.

The reason he was being this kind was that the office had a strict rule, ‘Give your 100% while working, but not to work even for one minute after the working hours are over.’ So this time he was requesting Pramila to break that rule, which is why he was doing all this unnecessary convincing.

“Yes, sir!” were the only words she spoke after which she started wrapping up her work so as to do the newly acquired task. Hearing her get on board with it, boss smiled and handed her a key card which will permit her to go to the hotel room where Briman is staying currently.

‘Pramila in a 5-star hotel’ This was a fact very difficult for her to digest. She had never been in a royal place like this. That is why she was being extra careful with her actions. She was, in turn, making more mistakes like when at the hotel reception she introduces herself with a wrong name.

When in an elevator she simply stood there without pressing a button until someone else came in. On the way to the room she wished everybody “Good Evening, Sir!” even to the cleaners and waiters of the hotel. After making few such blunders here and there, she finally reached the room.

Using the keycard she opened the door and she walked right in. Her eyes widen further to see a big, well furnished, well illuminated, big hotel room. The hotel room was more like a flat with multiple rooms which included a conference room. So she didn’t see her boss Mr. Briman instantly.

But she had to follow his voice to the conference room where he was preparing by saying things out loud. Navigating through the area she reached the conference room. The conference room as the name suggested was a big room with a long table surrounded by systematically arranged chairs and a big flat screen display in front.

On one end of the table, there were a lot of documents kept in a mess. Briman was standing away from them, looking outside a big glass window of the room while speaking out loud.

“Good Morning! Gentlemen. Today I am going to give you an offer you cannot refuse…”

Pramila entered from the other end of the room walked close to Briman, who at that moment was wearing a purple velvet robe and looking away from her.

“Good Evening, Sir! I have brought the papers you requested,” said Pramila extending her arm with the papers. Meanwhile, Briman continued to mumble until at one point he paused, “Fine, keep them on the table,” he said rudely without looking at her.

Pramila did the same and then walked closer to him. “Done. Can I leave, sir?” she asked politely. “Go!” he shouted without looking at her. Pramila realized that he seemed disturbed because he never spoke rudely with her ever before. But acknowledging what he said, she turned and started walking to the door.

At that moment Briman didn’t realize that the woman was Pramila, an employee of his company. But when he saw her, he grabbed Pramila by her arm, made her spin and then kissed her hard on her lips without giving her any prior hint. As much as Pramila didn’t mind this approach, with a quick reflex, she pushed him away until he hit the wall behind him and fell.

A sudden fear grew on her realizing what she just did. She saw that Briman was naked underneath the robe and had a big erect dick already.

“Sorry, Mrs. Pramila.” Briman apologized to Pramila, despite being very superior to her, “I am an old man. So as to keep me calm in the stressful situations, I take performance enhancing pills and then masturbate whenever I feel overloaded. And as much as important this meeting is, I am really very stressed out.”

“The international party is going to arrive early in the morning and so they have scheduled the meeting at 2 am tomorrow. It’s 7 in the evening and still, I don’t know what to do.”

As much as apologetic and kind Briman was, Pramila was really scared for her action and feared to lose her job. So as to prove her obedience, she said, “Sir. I am sorry for my earlier response. What I want to say is I will help you in any way possible.”

Further, to show him that she meant it, she bent to the floor where Briman was still laid down and then kissed his dick-head. Happy to see her on board with his proposal, Briman pulled her up and kissed her again while ripping her blouse apart. Assisting him Pramila took off her sari properly until she was completely naked.

He then turned her around laying her on the floor and then fucked her till climax. Even after cumming on the floor, Briman was ready for more. Taking the action to the conference table. He made Pramila bend on the table. She read the papers out loud while he fucked her from behind in the doggy style.

“The offer is one you cannot resist.” Her words were mixed with moans of pleasure and yet somehow Briman was able to understand every word she was saying. Getting tired after fucking her like a doggy, he gave her extra responsibility to get fucked and read.

He made her sit on his erection. She moved while he heard what she spoke while playing with her boobs from behind. For the final verse, he made her turn to face him while still in the chair. Getting in full-blown action he fucked until both came at the same time.

Exhausted with all this action, both of them fell asleep in each other’s arms in the same position in the same comfy chair. Like a couple of newborns, definitely not innocent, babies they slept until ‘tring-tring’ Pramila had a phone call from her husband.

They woke up to see the time displayed on the wall clock as 1 am. In response, the only thing they could and did say was, “Shit! I’m screwed!”


Thank you for reading my story. This story is a part of Pramila bhabhi series, so please do read the others on ISS. Also, you can give me any feedback at [email protected]

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