Indian Sex Stories My Girlfriend Gangbang With Friends – Part 2

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Girlfriend Gangbang With Friends – Part 2

Let me come to the story. After the gangbang, my girlfriend Jahnavi was very happy with slut experience they gave to her. She liked it a lot and she asked for another. My friends asked me her number after the gangbang, but she strictly warned me not give because she wanted to have the relationship in private.

One day she messaged me that there is an industrial visit being conducted by their college. She told me she is going to tell in her house that she is going to industrial visit and come to me. I thought this was the best chance of my life. This time I didn’t message any of my friends who fucked her last time.

She wanted me to get rid of them as they all live in the same area where Jahnavi is living. She is going to come in 2 days and I am very very excited because I didn’t have sex for many months. When there is a day left she messaged me whether everything is going good, I told her its all fine.

She asked me whether I am gonna come alone or with some friends. I replied I am coming alone. She messaged me like this, “We can have a good time if there are more than two.” I laughed and told her she is a complete bitch. She then replied that she is going to get her friend who is also interested in a hookup.

First I thought to have a threesome. But as Jahnavi is wishing for group sex I started to think. I decided to take two friends with me. Their names are Preetam and Ankur. Preetam is from AP and Ankur is from Delhi. The reason I take these guys is they fuck call girls together.

Then they send me the videos every time. Also, I believe in these guys because they can keep this as secret. I told the thing first they were confused and later accepted to have group sex. The day has come. We guys are ready with our arrangements.

We booked a 7-star hotel near the bus stand where Jahnavi and her friend will be dropped. I went to pick her up, soon after she saw me she hugged as we didn’t meet from months. Then I saw her friend. My goodness her boobs were big enough we three guys can play with. Her ass, that’s the best part, she had enough fat in them.

Actually she is better than my girlfriend in looks. We introduced each other. Her name is Rupa. We went to the hotel and after they got fresh, we went to eat. I introduced my friends to them, they had a good shy chat together. We had enough food and we got some parcels too.

Soon after Jahnavi and Rekha came to the room they had a nap because they did not have enough sleep in the bus. We left to get safety condoms and some beers too. We were back in the room and they were still sleeping. Ankur was like, “Bro did they come here to sleep or to enjoy.”

In this way we cracked jokes on them and started to narrate their body assets. We played PUBG for a while. It’s about 2:00 pm and we had lunch together with chicks. Soon after we had lunch Jahnavi started to stare at me. I know she is waiting for our move. She waited for some time.

Then she told me that Rekha wants to talk to me and asked me and Rekha to have a chat in person. I know about this bitch, she knowingly sent us in a room. I and Rekha went into the room and Rekha started to blush. We sat on the bed and talked for a while. I asked her whether she is virgin or not.

She replied she is a virgin and also this is her first time to talk with boys. Then I replied, “Seems like I should teach you lessons.” She replied, “Yes you have to, but I am very good in fast learning.” We talked these erotic words for some time. Then I went to get a water bottle and then found that Jahnavi, Ankur and Preetam were not in the hall.

I checked the rooms and found them to be locked in a room. I know what’s happening and Jahnavi is having the best time with them. They came out after an hour and laughed at us. Jahnavi was like, “Your friends are damm good.” That made them crazy and the three started exchanging kisses.

Rekha was looking at me. I asked her, Shall we start?” She in return, “That’s what I came for.” We sat in the hall and started to drink. After a while, we are ready to fuck wild. All the doors are closed, Air conditioners on and then Jahnavi came and sat in my lap. She told me she was missing my dick for a long time.

Everyone heard the words and started to smile. We asked them what type of sex they need. Without thinking for a while they replied: “We need slut experience with extreme bondage.” They also told that girls are mad about bondage and slut sex. First, Ankur commanded Rekha to stand and undress and start masturbating in front of us.

Rekha started to do so. Then I asked Jahnavi to go and help Rekha in fingering. Rekha is turning horny, her boobs are big and her pussy was the best. Its clean shaved and waiting for dicks. When Jahnavi started to finger her pussy, Rekha was moaning very loud and finally, she cummed after 10 minutes.

Next, Preetam asked Jahnavi to come and suck his dick without touching it with hand. She started to lick Preetam’s dick. She first kissed it and later started to take deep inside. Preetam was also pushing it into her throat. Meanwhile, we put Rekha in doggy position. Ankur is getting a blowjob from her and I started to kiss her butt.

As I told you it’s the best part. I started to put my finger in her asshole and move in and out. Rekha is very good at blowjob. As this is her first time she is wild at handling a dick. She is squeezing the balls of Ankur. He was like, “Bitch careful with them, don’t bite them,” and he is slow slapping her.

Then we exchanged our positions. Ankur is licking her pussy and I am kissing her boobs. I started to pinch them and bite them. Rekha is moaning loud and getting more hornier. Jahnavi’s mouth was full of cum. Then I asked Jahnavi to come and vomit the cum on Rekha’s boobs.

She did so and she started to massage Rekha boobs. Then Preetam pulled Jahnavi and made her sit on his dick. As the dick is big Jahnavi is slowly sitting on Preetam’s dick. Then Preetam immediately slapped her and made her sit on his dick and started to fuck in her pussy.

In the meanwhile, Ankur started to fuck Rekha in the ass. As it’s her first time, she started to shout. I started to hit her boobs and forcibly put my dick in her mouth and started to oral fuck her. She started to shout, “Oh my God, fuck me hard, hard and harder, come on Ankur tear my ass.”

Ankur started to fuck her wildly and cummed after 10 minutes. Ankur was exhausted and sat on the sofa and started to have more beer until his cock gets harder again. Now Preetam is about to cum. He immediately stopped fucking and controlled himself from cumming.

Now we exchanged chicks, I made Jahnavi sleep on the sofa and spread her legs wide. It’s been many days I tasted her pussy. I started to kiss the pussy and she started to moan. Then Preetam made Rekha sit on Jahnavi’s face and Jahnavi started to lick her pussy. The Preetam started to mouth fuck her badly.

Then after some time I inserted my dick inside and started to fuck her. Jahnavi put her legs on to my back and started to kiss me. She is pushing my back with her legs so that my dick gets fully inside. Then Preetam made Rekha to pose doggy style and started to slap her butts and made them deep red.

We can literally see the handprints on them. Rekha is in heaven and enjoying the pain. Then Preetam pulled her hands backwards and started to punish fuck her. After 10 minutes of wild punish fucking he is about to come. He has taken out the condom and released all the cum in Rekha’s mouth.

He told not to swallow or spit them out. He brought Rekha to Jahnavi and told to exchange a kiss with her. Rekha started to kiss and Jahnavi started to push her away. Then I started to slap Jahnavi’s boobs and squeezed them. Then they started to exchange cum from their mouths.

It’s slowly coming out of their mouths and Rekha the bitch started to lick them and sending all into Jahnavi mouth. After a while, due to thick cum, Jahnavi started to cough and Preetam pulled Rekha out. Then Jahnavi asked for water and we stopped fucking. Ankur got water and Jahnavi and Rekha had water.

We guys are breathing heavily and started to smile seeing each other’s face. Then Rekha asked for a break. Then Ankur came in and took Rekha and faced her to a wall in the hall and started to fuck from the back. Oh my god we three of us staring at the way he is fucking and Rekha is enjoying it.

Then I made Jahnavi ride my dick. We started to exchange kisses with saliva in our mouth. Preetam is tired and having beers. Then after 20 minutes of fucking in different positions, we went to the bathroom to get sex in the tub. I and Jahnavi were about to go and meanwhile Rekha, Preetam and Ankur went in.

I and Jahnavi laughed loud and asked them to keep the door open and fuck her. They are having their best and then I got an idea of fucking Jahnavi in the kitchen. I lifted her, took her and fucked her in the kitchen. I cummed two times in the meanwhile and cummed the third time in the kitchen.

My dick was totally red and it’s paining if I touch it. Then we came back to the hall and took rested for 20 minutes. Then they came out and asked Jahnavi to come in. She laughed and looked at me. I told her to go and get your ass drilled. She pinched my balls and went into the bathroom.

Now Rekha sat beside me and put her head on my shoulder and took rest. We exchanged kisses. She gave me another blowjob and later I fucked her in all her holes. We all were exhausted and it’s about 7 pm. We booked movie tickets for the night show. Later we went out had dinner and went to a movie.

This is all done on the first day itself. I will narrate the next three days day by day in the coming parts. Hope you liked my story. You can chat with me through Hangouts. This is Hemanth signing off. Thank you.

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