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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Cute Trainee Girl Creampied In Delhi

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Rohit writing here for the first time. I have been a reader of Indian sex stories for quite some months now. So, now I have decided to take up the pen and be an author of a real sex story that happened with me almost a year back.

Before I start, let me give you a quick intro. I am Rohit as you have read, and aged 26 years and staying in Bangalore since 2016. Currently, I am working in Bangalore itself and is well-paid off I would say. I am a fun loving and cheerful guy who is very much interested to make new friends and make memories together. I love travelling and sports.

Anyways, I won’t make you feel bored talking about myself. So let’s come to the point for which I am writing. The story that I am going to say is a real one which happened with me somewhere at the end of 2016 when I had gone to Delhi for my first training for the job I was about to join.

The girl in this story is Nisha (name changed for obvious reasons). She was of my age only, cheerful with a wonderful smile which had actually made me fall head over heels. She was very friendly and it was really easy for me to get along with her. We kind of had the same educational background and also shared some same tastes in different topics.

The first day of training just started and ended and was as usual boring. I had just noticed this girl sitting in front of me in a blue and golden salwar chatting merrily with some other girls. I was shy and did not have enough chance to talk to her but inside, I was waiting for a chance. Little did I knew that I was just about to get one.

So, some of us came up with a plan of going out for sightseeing the day after which was a Saturday. I decided to take the responsibility of collecting money from everyone. As you can understand, this gave me a chance to finally talk to Nisha and explain to her about the plan in a way that she won’t say ‘no’.

We started for our trip early in the morning and I literally grabbed the seat beside her. She understood everything, I guess, as she simply smiled at me when this happened and we started chatting. Our talks went on from one topic to another as we had the same background. I got to know that she was from Nagpur and is the only daughter of her parents.

Nisha was very fond of music and sang pretty well as well. From my lustful eyes, I made out she must be having 34 size boobs and some 32 waistline.

She was wearing a tight shirt with two of the top buttons opened. I badly wanted a small glimpse of the cleavage or my hands to make way inside them. But obviously, the second thought wasn’t going to happen that easily. She must not have seen me ogling at her boobs whenever I got a chance to because she remained a bit carefree with her dress.

The day came to an end and I haven’t made any moves to even get a peck on my cheeks. I was disheartened to come back to my room and started thinking for some plans. I only had 2 more weeks before we go for our respective postings.

We all finished our dinner around 8:30 p.m and at the dinner table, we planned that we will watch a horror movie at the common hall as it had a TV where we can plug in USB.

As was planned, some of us sat and watched the horror movie. I had invariably sat beside her and kept on looking at her in the dark. The movie was over and we were back in our rooms. I saw her online in WhatsApp and texted her to meet me in the verandah without myself knowing why I said that because it was pretty cold outside in the month of December. Nisha was a little reluctant at first giving excuses but I finally made her say ‘yes’.

Five minutes later, we were on the verandah which overlooked the badminton court. Out in the cold all by ourselves, we simply looked at each other waiting for someone to start. Nisha looked damn pretty in the moonlight and I badly wanted to kiss her lips. This time, she was wearing a top which made it very much easier to make out that this sexy Indian girl had perfectly round boobs, maybe a little bigger than what I had guessed in the morning.

“Why are you looking at my boobs? You were doing the same in the morning also, I saw.”

I was stunned. What did this girl just say? I was caught red-handed and was out of words to give a suitable reply. My situation must have been evident from my face because she started laughing looking at me. I smiled back shamelessly.

This made us get along. We discussed many things starting from our lives to the training that was going on and many other things. In the meantime, I got to know that she was single and had had a breakup just some months back. I, on the other hand, haven’t got my dick sucked for months now. And given the situation, I wanted to give a try to take things forward.

We talked and talked and we stopped to think of a topic to continue. But I didn’t want any other topic to come up. I have had enough of her sweet smiles and thoughts of sucking her nipples dry. It was time I really got my hands on those beautiful things. And maybe my patience also had enough because the next line that I said was enough to make my training the best I would ever have.

“Can I kiss you?”

Now it was her time to look astonished. But there was something in her eyes which said that I am not going to be slapped hard and left to eat up what I just said.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Well I would like to take that as a ‘yes’ as I like being optimistic”, I whispered in her ears.

And before she could give me a reply, our lips met. We smooched for around five minutes. I played with her tongue and she returned the favour as well.

I pushed her against a wall and started to kiss harder and also bit her lips. She let out a small moan. I was totally into the act now and forgot the place and time. Then I got my hands on her boobs and was about to squeeze when she stopped me and broke the kiss. I honestly didn’t like that but I didn’t want to show that I was desperate.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you like it?”, I asked.

“She looked at me and replied, “Rohit, honestly you are a wonderful kisser. I enjoyed every part of it but maybe this is not right. We shouldn’t be doing this”.

I knew I had to come up with something or else I won’t be having another chance to start this over again with this hot trainee girl.

“We are two young adults enjoying each other’s company. What’s wrong in this? We both are single so there is no third person between us. And I believe sometimes you should not think what is wrong or right and instead, just enjoy the moment and make memories to cherish later. Honestly Nisha, I always had eyes for you from the beginning and haven’t looked at any other girl since then”.

I knew this would surely do the trick as what we had done two minutes back was enough to make both of us long for more. We both were unsatisfied. I just had to get the party started.

Nisha looked at me, smiled and whispered, “Baatein tum bane lete ho kitne achche se na..”

I didn’t allow her to finish and landed a peck on her neck and started stroking her neck, kissing and smooching. She had lost control of her body by now. I did not want to undress her in the cold but raised the top enough for me to do my job. I unhooked her bra and her melons pooped out. Her pink nipples were hard and erect already. I started to play with them and squeezing her boobs. She let out moans.

Then I started to suck and lick her nipples and biting them slowly and fondling with the other one with my hand at the same time. She was enjoying every bit of it and pressed my head against her boobs more and more. I kept on sucking both of them till she could no longer bear the pain of my biting and sucking.

I quickly started smooching her again and my hand made its way inside her trousers. She did not say anything but instead, her hand made it down to my dick which was hard as a rock by now. I don’t own a very big one, it would be somewhere around 5.5″ and enough to satisfy a woman to the fullest.

I started rubbing this hot trainee girl’s wet pussy and was playing with her pussy lips. It was not possible for me to lick those juices dry then.

So, without wasting time, I started finger fucking her. Nisha started stroking my dick and started moaning with every stroke of my fingers inside her wet pussy. We both knew we needed a room but it was not available then. But we both did not want to waste time.

With my finger strokes increasing the pace, she held my hairs and started scratching my back with her nails and moaning loudly. I knew she was enjoying like never before. Her juices filled my hand.

“Ohh don’t stop, please. Please.. faster don’t stop” and she came on my hand with a loud moan.

“Now it’s your turn”, I said

She straightaway obliged and bent down and took my tool in her mouth.

Ohhh god! After a long time, I was experiencing that heavenly feeling. Nisha surely was an expert in this. I held her head and fucked her mouth.

It was getting late and we had classes early the next day. I pulled her up, turned her toward the wall and asked her to bent down a bit. She obliged without wasting time.

The next moment, my hard-on was drilling inside her wet pussy like it had not drilled a hole in months. Nisha was moaning wildly, I had to cover her mouth or else people might wake up. I increased my pace and she increased her moans. After maybe about 10 minutes, I came inside her and both of us were gasping for breath.

“This is the best sex I have experienced since a long time. You are wonderful”, Nisha said while panting for breath.

“Hmm. So I will make love to you again”.

She smiled and kissed me, “We will definitely find a way to make that happen”.

I helped her get dressed, asked her to wash before going to the bed and promised to give her an I-pill the day after. I came back to the bed happy and satisfied.

From the next day onward, we didn’t wait for the night to come. I was sleeping with her every day almost in between classes and after classes in her room or my room when our roommates were not present. This continued till we drifted apart as our postings came. We decided to keep those things as a secret and moved on with our lives.

So, guys, please let me know how I have written this. This is my first time so apologies for making it long. Hope you will enjoy as much I enjoyed writing it with the memories becoming fresh. I would love to hear from you and if any girls and couples (lesbian as well) are up for some fun then do mail me at [email protected]

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