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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucking The Sexy Reader In Mumbai

Hello, I hope you all are doing well. This is Vikram again (name changed) athletic, tall 6’1 with 8 inches hard thick cock. Thanks for all the beautiful responses to my last story. In this story, I will tell you how I fucked one of my story readers.

So the story starts when I got so many responses to my previous story, many hot ladies contacted me on my hangout id. One day I got a text from a mature aunty Nisha (Name changed) living in Mumbai. So our conversation started.

Nisha: Hi, I liked your story.
Me: Thanks! Tell me more about you and what you like in my story.
Nisha: I like the way you described and your fetish about lace bras.
Me: Oooo tell me what color bra you are wearing right now.

Nisha: Red lace.
Me: Are you married?
Nisha: Yes, I am married.

So our conversation started like that. She really wanted to hook up with me in real. But she was very concerned about her privacy. I told her that I respect your privacy and will keep everything between you and me only. I know you are married and I respect that.

We started talking regularly over the hangout. She was living with husband in one of the reputed suburbs in Mumbai. She told me that her husband is used to traveling a lot. So one day her husband was out of town and in the late night, I got a message from her.

Nisha: Hi Vikram, How are you?
Me: I am doing good and you?
Nisha: I am fine and what are you doing?
Me: Nothing, just thinking about.

So our conversation ended up in sexting. I asked about her figure she replied 38DD – 32 – 38. We exchange the pics, I showed her hard thick cock having a pink head. She went mad after seeing my cock with the shiny pink head. But still, I failed to convince her for a hook up as she is having some privacy concerns

She said that she will take some time to get comfortable with me. I said I’m ok and not in hurry take your time. I told her, “You have to believe me. I will keep everything a secret between you and me. No one is going to know about our secret hook up.”

Finally, she got convinced and told me that her husband is going out of town for 2 days. But it was Monday and Tuesday and I was having a hectic schedule in the office. But somehow I managed and took leave on Monday. We planned everything for our hookup.

I said I will come to Mumbai from Pune on Monday morning and will leave on Tuesday morning as I will have to join office on Tuesday. She agreed on that and I was very excited to fuck her the whole night. I told her that I want to have you in saree and sleeveless blouse. She agreed and I was waiting for that day.

Finally, the day has arrived and I reached to Mumbai on a Monday morning. On the same day, she sent me her exact location on the hangout. I followed the location and reached her flat. She was wearing a pink saree and a golden color sleeveless backless blouse. I went mad by seeing her beauty.

Also, she wore a pink bindi on her forehead. She was looking like a sex goddess. I desperately wanted to fuck her like mad. She greeted me and welcomed me. She told me to sit on a sofa in the living room. She brought some water for me and we both were talking to each other. I started flirting and asked her bra color inside.

She said that she is wearing a pink lace bra inside. As I’m having a bra fetish I went mad and desperately wanted to see that pink lace bra. I asked her to let’s get inside in your bedroom. She guided me to her bedroom and I locked the bedroom door. She was sitting on the bed. I locked the door and sat beside her on the bed.

I held her hand and started kissing gently on her hand. Later I started kissing on her lovely soft lips. I was smooching her lips and started kissing her everywhere. I made her lay on the bed and I came on top of her. I started unhooking her blouse and finally, I got to see her pink lace bra.

I started groping her boobs like mad and pressing them so hard. Her boobs were huge and milky and damn she got pink nipples as she is very fair. I took out my cock and started fucking in between her boobs. Her cleavage was so deep. I was giving nice strokes in between her boobs.

About 10 – 15 minutes I tit fucked her boobs and later I cum all over on her boobs. She cleaned my cum with tissue and after some time we started kissing each other. I was kissing her like mad. I made her so mad, removed her saree her bra and panty and made her completely naked.

Then I removed my clothes too and we both were naked now. I started sucking her nipples like mad. Her nipples became hard and she started moaning. Her moans were making me so crazy. My tongue was so wet to suck her pussy. I went downside and started kissing her inner thighs.

After some time my wet tongue reached out to her juicy pussy and started sucking her pussy like wild. She was moaning heaving. She was like craving for my hard rock cock deep inside in her pussy. So I dressed up my hard cock with a strawberry flavored condom.

I was touching the tip of my hard cock on the top of her juicy pussy. Later I started stroking inside in her pussy. I was fucking and stroking like mad. She was screaming my name. You know my cock is become so hard while writing this story. I stroked her 40-45 minutes and later we cum both together.

Till late evening about 8 pm, I fucked her 5 times. She sucked my cock too. In between, we took lunch together and later we had a nice dinner. After dinner, we went to bed slept cuddling each other. We did some kissing and smooching and after some time we both slept.

In the early morning at about 5 am I got up. My cock was hard but she was sleeping. I woke up her and again fucked her like mad in the early morning. I gave her nice deep strokes and cum after 30-35 minutes. So from 5 am to – 10 am I fucked her 4 times. I mad her mad for me.

She loved the fuck and that night spent with me. We both are still in touch and I fuck her whenever her husband is out of town. At about 11 am, I left her house and started for Pune. And yes I respect her married life her privacy and I will make sure that will keep everything between you and me only. Love you baby!

Any aunty or bhabhi can email me on [email protected] if you want to hook up with me.

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