Indian Sex Stories Dream Cums True With Hot Maid Raani!

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Dream Cums True With Hot Maid Raani!

It was a hot summer morning and I had just finished my workout. My house was a mess. That’s normal for a bachelor’s life, right? So, as I was trying to figure out from where to start the cleaning work, I heard a *ding dong*. My doorbell rang.

I went and opened the door and boom! There she was. A young 25-year-old hot looking girl right at my door. She was wearing a tight red tank top and tight black yoga pants. I was taken aback thinking who the hell was this hot dame at my doorstep. She introduced herself as Raani and she was offering a house-cleaning service. The rate was reasonable for the hours and the size of my house. I said, yes. And she came in and started her work.

While she did her cleaning, I was on the sofa. She bent down and right in front of me was her boobs! Those amazing round melons were huge and it looked like they wanted to get free. I had a boner and I was pretty sure she saw it too. So I was thinking to make this more interesting. I went to this hot young maid and showed her a 1000 rupee note.

Raani: Sir, I only charge 500 rupees and I will take it after I am done.
Me: Oh no, this not your fee. This is a tip.

Raani: But it too much sir, I…
Me: There is a catch.

Raani: What is it, sir?
Me: I want you to take off your top and bra. And then continue your work here.
Raani: What?!

The young maid Raani started scolding me with bad words and was about to leave.

Me: How about 2000 rupees? Here.

Raani was silent for a while.

Raani: Only my top, ok?
Me: And your bra.
Raani: Ok.

My sexy housemaid took the money from me, kept it in her purse and started to remove her top and bra. Damn! Those melons were beautiful, tight and really irresistible.

I continued watching her do the cleaning, topless! And I had a hard-on within seconds. Then she came near me to mop the floor and I straight away handed her another 2000 rupees.

Raani: Now, what is this?
Me: To remove your yoga pants and pantie and continue working naked.

This time, she didn’t hesitate. She took the money and went on to remove her yoga pants. But I stopped her.

Me: Not like how you remove usually. But like this.

And I showed the video of how a pornstar was removing her pants and pantie. My housemaid was shy now but said ok.

I sat on the sofa and she came in front of me and turned her back. Her ass was something to die for. Raani started to slowly remove her pants and pantie right in front of my face. I couldn’t help it and I whipped my cock out. My 9-incher was saluting her body.

The desi maid Raani then turned around. She was surprised to see my cock out and felt shy. I took out another 1000 rupee and told my new maid to give me a blowjob!

She came to the side of the sofa, flipped her back and dived onto my cock, making it go right into her mouth. Apparently, this was not her first rodeo! I knew because she was sucking my cock till my balls and like she gonna blow me dry.

Now I fingered my servant’s soft hairless pussy. I couldn’t wait anymore to fuck her wet sloppy pussy. I flipped her over and came into the piledriver position. Without saying a word to her, I started to piledrive the hot maid’s pussy with my cock. Raani was screaming and moaning really loud.

Raani was small in size. So, I lifted her, carried her and fucked her while standing. She had never experienced something like that before, I guess. Her facial expressions changed and she was surprised to see my strength.

Then I took my housemaid to my bedroom. I made her stand on her knees and entered her from behind. I was at full lust and so was my maid. We were sweating, moaning and the sound of sex was filling the whole house. She was nearing her orgasm but I was still a long way to go.

After she came, I told her to suck me off. She went down and sucked me until I came. To my surprise, she drank my cum even though she spilled some at the side of her lips.

Raani: Sir, that was the best sex I ever had in my life. I need more of this, sir.
Me: Good, that’s what I had in mind. I want you to come and work here full time. That means you have to stay here and wear only what I tell you to wear.
Raani: Or not wear anything at all.

We both laughed.

Me: I will pay you 10,000 rupees per month. And I will buy your clothes tomorrow.
Raani: That’s so generous of you, sir.

Me: You will be my maid, cook, and whore. Got it?
Raani: Yes, sir. Anything as you wish.

Me: Good. Now, continue with your work, naked.
Raani (giggling): Ok, sir.

The next day I went out to buy her some clothes. I got for her see-through nighties, sexy see-through lingeries from Victoria and CK and some really thin sarees and booty shorts. I went back home and my new maid was there cooking while wearing nothing but an apron. It got me hard. I went behind her, put my hands around her neck from behind and shoved my cock into her pussy from behind!

Raani gasped and held onto the counter for balance. She was short and she was almost floating as I was banging her pussy. I fucked the hell out of my maid’s pussy and flooded it my cum. As I let her go slowly, I told her that I had got her some clothes and asked her to have a shower and try it on.

Raani tried on everything but the one that blew my mind was the booty shorts that made me go crazy as hell. I pulled down the shorts but this time I fucked her asshole. I spat in her asshole before loosening it with my finger. She was screaming while I drilled her doggy style. My hot maid was an anal virgin! That was the best part. I came inside her ass hole and she said:

Raani: I want you to fuck my ass once a day, sir.
Me: Anytime you want, baby!

More story later guys! There was a threesome, a devil threesome, and a gang bang!

Drop your comments below for those parts.

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