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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Brother Watches Live Sex Of His Virgin Sister!

I have a cousin brother who was working abroad. He used to come back every year and stay for 2-3 months. When he was home, we used to go and spend time with him. He was 29 years old.

One day my cousin brother messaged me that he would come back to his home for a few days. We planned accordingly and I asked my dad permission to go there. He agreed and me, my mom, and my sister went to his home after a few days of his arrival. Dad had to stay at my home to take care of his business.

My cousin brother was staying in my mom’s ancestral home. The home was very big as many families could stay there. It had four rooms on the ground floor and more than four on the first floor. My mom’s brothers were staying there as a joint family and my cousin brother was a son of one of mom’s brothers.

We went there. It was like a family reunion as my mom’s sisters were also invited there. There were 8 families all together. We even had family programs like singing, dancing etc.

My sister was spending time with my cousin brother. She was very close with him and she used to chat and voice call him often. I thought it was just a brother-sister relation. But that day, it was different.

It was already 9:30 as we all finished our dinner together. I and my cousin brother decided to sleep in one bed in his room. It was a big bed where three people could sleep. I was sleeping on the side were there was a wall and he was sleeping on the right side. The door to the room was on his side on the right.

I used to sleep at night around 12 am and so I couldn’t sleep at 9.30 pm. I lied there for some time with my eyes closed. After some time, my sister came in.

She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Her body measurements were 34D-24-36. She was 20 years old. As she came in, my brother made space for her in the bed. I heard whispers and felt movements on the bed. When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw my sister standing there, about to lie down. It was dark but I could still see everything in the slight moonlight. I pretended to be asleep.

My sister lied down and my cousin brother covered them with a blanket. They talked for some time. His hands were on my sister’s waist. After some time, they checked on me to know if I was asleep. I could hear their whispers, “He is asleep”.

After some time, my cousin hugged my sister and she hugged him back. He ran his hands all over her body. Then they were french kissing. My cock, within a second, got really hard. The sound of kissing could be heard and I was surprised to hear that. I could see only his back but I could know everything. I was frozen and didn’t know how to react.

Then my horny cousin grabbed my sister’s waist and boobs. He slowly removed her t-shirt and threw it on the floor. She sat on the bed and I saw her big boobs inside her bra. She unlocked the hook of her bra and removed it. That’s when I saw her boobs. It was big and beautiful. My cock was as hard as never before. I was a few years younger than her. My sister then lied down again and my cousin played with her boobs.

My sister was lying on her back and my cousin brother hugged her and started to suck her boobs. He was now above her. They were concerned of me waking up. So they were very slow. He removed her shorts and covered him with a blanket. The blanket was till her boobs. Then he went down and got covered by the blanket.

Suddenly, she took a breath and moved her chest up. That’s when I knew that my cousin was kissing my own sister’s pussy while I was lying right next to them! He played with her pussy and my sister was reacting to it very vigorously. I could sense her body vibrating. He brought her hands to her boobs and pressed them while playing with her pussy.

After some time, my cousin came back and lied on the middle. He was facing her back. I could see his backside. Then they were doing nothing for a few seconds. But after that, I heard a small cry of my sister. After a few seconds, my cousin was moving his waist back and forth. That’s when I knew that my horny cousin had probably taken my sister’s virginity. He was now fucking my sis slowly.

My cock was very hard and had released a load of precum by then. My cousin continued fucking her for the next many minutes but he was very slow. After some fucking, he said something in her ears. Then they got down the bed. My sister wore the t-shirt and shorts and left her bra and pantie in the room itself. They went through the door, closing the door partially behind them.

I wanted to follow them. So I went to the door, waited for a few seconds and then opened the door. I saw both cousins heading to the front door. I wondered what they were up to. They got out and closed the door slowly. They didn’t lock it.

I slowly moved towards the front door. There was a window near the door. I looked through it and saw them leaving towards the garage which was a little far away from the house. (My grandpa was rich, so he had a big land and the house was in the middle).

Just when they got into the garage, I opened the door and got out. I closed the door and slowly went to the back of the garage which had a big open window. It was almost a full moon that night and I could see what they were doing.

When I looked through the window, my sister and cousin brother were both kissing. My cousin was vigorously kissing my sister, pushing her to the wall. There was a tractor in that garage but there was enough space for one more car.

They were busy kissing. Then he removed my sister’s t-shirt. I saw my sister’s big boobs. He kissed her and then her boobs. They were so romantic. Then he removed his t-shirt and his pants. He made my sister remove her shorts. It was the first time I was seeing my sister naked.

There was a table with tools and other stuff inside the garage. My cousin cleaned the table and made my sister sit on the table. Then he slowly inserted his cock into her pussy. My sister moaned. She was feeling secure now and hence her moan wasn’t silenced this time. My cousin started to fuck my sister fast. He was very fast this time that my sister started to vibrate in no time.

When my cousin brother was about to cum, he pushed it deep into my hot sister’s vagina and cummed inside her. He stopped fucking but my sister was still vibrating. I realized they had the most amazing orgasm together. They french kissed each other for a few minutes after that.

Meanwhile, I slowly unzipped my pant and took my cock in my hand. It was full of precum. Immediately, I started to masturbate. Well, it didn’t take much time for me to cum. I cummed shooting a huge load.

The time was around 1 am. I thought they will get ready to go back to the bed. But I was wrong, they were going for another round!

My cousin took his cock out. I noticed cum flowing out of my sexy sister’s pussy. She got down and kissed his cock for a few minutes. Then they took the rubber mat on the side and spread it on the floor. I knew what they were gonna do.

My cousin made my sister lie down on her back. He grabbed her legs and pushed them to her chest. Then he slowly pushed his cock into my sister’s wet pussy again and started to fuck her. Within no time, her brother here was hard again! I started to masturbate once again.

My cousin fucked my sister faster and she started to moan again. He fucked her for more than ten minutes. Her body vibrated many times. Then he made her go to the kneeling doggy style and started fucking her faster and faster from behind. My sister was vibrating again and again.

After a few more minutes, he cummed again inside her. They kissed again and did 69 and went on. I think my cousin and sister cummed more than four times that times.

Then they started wearing their clothes. So I ran to the front door and got inside the house. I ran to my room and lied on my bed.

After a few minutes, they came to the room. My sister took her bra and pantie. They kissed and she went back to her room. My cousin was exhausted, he slept there. I couldn’t sleep for the next few minutes thinking about what I saw. That was the first time I was watching live sex other than in porn videos and that too, my own sister’s!

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