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يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Hot Indian Chick In A Restaurant

Hello everyone, this is Aakash back again with a sexy story which happens to be one of the best experiences of my life of how I had sex with a hot Indian chick in a restaurant. For those who don’t know me, I am Aakash age 20 from Mumbai (Vasai) with an athletic physique and a decent cock size of 7 inches.

Without wasting your time, coming back to the story. It was a Thursday, 8th of November when my father turned 52. We all wished him on his day, all the family members arrived to wish him and we planned a party at a famous restaurant in Vasai that night.

At night, all the family members gathered and we went to the party in a famous restaurant which was already pre-booked. We reached there by 8 pm and took our place. We were around 12 people having dinner.

As it was one of the famous restaurants of Vasai Virar, the tables were reserved. The table next to ours, which had 5-6 chairs, was also reserved. After half an hour, a family arrived right next to us. They were 5 people, a couple in their mid-fifties, two girls (their daughters) aged 22-25 and a school-going boy.

One of the girls caught my eye. She was beautiful but also had something in her which caught my attention.

About her, let’s call her Anu (I don’t know her real name). She was around 23-24, she was very healthy almost in the BBW category with a round chubby face and huge boobs. Her figure must be around 38-34-40 or something close to that (I am very bad at guessing). Anu was wearing a dark green top with black leggings which flaunt her curvy ass cheeks. I was staring at her through the corner of my eyes.

5-10 minutes passed like that and suddenly, she caught me staring at her. I turned to the other side but I knew I was caught! The next time when I turned to see her, this sexy girl was already looking at me with questions in her eyes. We had a sharp eye-contact and I smiled, to which she reacted in a negative way by turning her face.

I genuinely felt bad and decided not to stare at Anu again. After that, there was a cake-cutting of my father and all the family members were enjoying. I too was busy in that and there was a birthday song in the background. So, all the people were also clapping, including the family sitting near us.

Suddenly, the thought of looking at her came into my mind. I just had a look at her and was surprised to see her staring at me. This time, all the questions in her eyes were looking answered. Again, we had eye contact but with a seductive smile this time. After that, the devil inside me woke up and ordered me to fuck her there itself!

It was not that easy, but the lust for her was not allowing me to let her go. So, I started thinking of ways to fuck her. Suddenly, an idea came in my mind.

The washroom in that restaurant was the best. Let me explain you the system. The washroom there had a single entrance for both men and women, which takes you to the washbasin. From there, it divides into two, like left for men and right for women. There were three for men in the left and three for women in the right.

Both the washrooms had a common basin which was located in the centre. So I decided to take the risk as I wanted to fuck this girl at any cost. What I forgot to tell you is that there was also a buffet system there. So I waited for her to go there. But, unfortunately, her sister or her brother was bringing the plates.

Meanwhile, I continued with my eye-game and sharing smiles. I was waiting for her to go there. Finally, my wait was over when she went to the desserts counter. I immediately followed her and when she was busy in her desserts, I went from her back and close to her ears. Her body odour mesmerizing.

I whispered in her ears, “I am waiting for you in the washroom, come there after 5 minutes. Let’s make this night memorable”. And I left the place and went straight towards the washroom. She was shocked by my bold behaviour. I went into the men’s washroom and closed the door, not completely but partially so that I can see her coming.

I started thinking about what I have done. Millions of negative thoughts were crossing my mind. What if she told her parents? What if she didn’t come? Or what if she complained about me? These thoughts were making me weak in my knees. The only thought of fucking her hard made me wait there.

Four minutes had already passed and now the last one minute was left. I knew if she didn’t come in that one minute, she will never come.

I left the door slightly open to see outside. And suddenly, she came and was looking like she was searching for someone and stood near the basin. I opened the door and grabbed her arm and pulled her inside and closed the door. I keep my palm on her sexy red lips as she almost shouted! Luckily, no one saw me pulling her inside.

The washroom was very small and hardly two people were able to stand. We were looking deep into each other’s eyes and her boobs were touching my chest. This hot girl knew what was coming. I kept my one hand on her cheeks and other on her curvy waist and pulled her closer and kept my lips on hers. God!! What a feeling that was.

I kissed her for 5 minutes and then she opened her mouth which gave me excess of her tongue. I started sucking her tongue like a wild animal. By now, she was also getting horny and she took my hand and placed on her boobs. I started squeezing her boobs over her top itself.

I started to squeeze her boobs harder this time with my other hand on her pussy over her leggings. She was behaving restlessly as I was stimulating her clit over her leggings. I pulled her top until her neck, she was wearing a black padded bra. I started sucking her boobs over her bra itself. After some time, I removed her bra and her huge firm boobs popped out. I started sucking her boobs like a small kid and she was shivering with my every action.

After about sucking for 5 minutes, I went back to her strawberry flavoured lips and started smooching her again. This time, she bent down on her knees and removed my belt and pulled my denim along with my undies. I was having the best erection of my life, my thick cock came out like a spring and touched her nose. Anu had a surprised look at my hard cock and looked at me biting her lips.

Without wasting a second, she pulled my foreskin back and exposed my pink cock head, and took her in the mouth. I had a shiver in my spine and my body jerked. My already oozed precum was giving lubrication for her sucking. That small washroom was filled with sucking sounds like we hear in porn videos.

After only 5 minutes of her sucking, I cummed in her mouth itself without warning her. I was about to apologize, when I saw this horny girl drinking all my cum without wasting a single drop! She came up and we again had a small smooch, this time I tasted my own cum through her lips.

I immediately copied her actions and went on my knees and kept my upper lips on her vertical lips over her leggings itself. The smell her love juices were amazing. I knew she was already dripping wet. I pulled her leggings till her knees just to see her black pantie.

Then I pulled her pantie as well and saw her pinkish, well-trimmed pussy. Then I kept my both hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her closer and buried my face in her pussy. I was rolling my tongue all over her pussy, I penetrated my tongue as deep as possible in her pussy and started stimulating her clit as well.

Anu was standing straight with her hands caressing my hairs. I sucked her pussy for almost 7-8 minutes and suddenly, she started shivering and her thighs contracted and her hands were pulling my face closer. I sensed her orgasm and increased my pace. Within minutes, she jerked and released her love juices on my face.

I had sucked many women before but I drank and I was tasting a woman’s juices for the first time and that was an unforgettable experience. I got back to her lips and we had another smooch. Anu looked tired due to her orgasm. She looked in my eyes, bit her lips and ordered me to fuck her. I obliged.

The Indian hottie turned around to the other side and bend a little. I spanked her and placed my cock on her clit and started rubbing it. I tried inserting my cock but was unable to do so. My cock was very thick for her tight pussy. I applied my saliva on my cock as well as her pussy and her pussy was also wet enough.

I gave a jerk and my half cock was inside. She was about to shout when I placed my hand on her mouth. I pulled her closer and started sucking her neck region. A few seconds later, I gave a final jerk and my whole cock was inside her. We both felt the pain. Anu almost had tears in her eyes. Then, slowly, I started moving to and fro. My cock stimulated her G-spot and her pain turned into pleasure.

I fucked this hot girl in the same position as that was the only position possible. I increased my speed and she was moaning, “Ahhh ahhhhhh aahhh yessss yesss fuck me.. fuck me.” Her chubby ass was slapping on my thighs, creating a typical, “Thap thap thap” fucking sounds. Even I was moaning, “Uffff ufffff yessss do you like it? Uffff ohhhh.”

We both were so lost in each other that we were not at all worried of people listening to our moans. After about 10 minutes of hard fucking, I felt a shiver and so did she. We both had a jerk and luckily we both cummed at the same time. We both were breathing very heavily and felt almost dizzy. But that was not possible as we were having sex in a public place and had to wrap up as quickly as possible.

We both had two orgasms each in that lovely 20-25 minutes we spend together. I pulled up my jeans and helped her to dress properly. We looked at each other, smiled for what happened in the last 30 minutes. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we had a final goodbye liplock.

I opened the door slightly to see if anyone was present. Luckily, there was no one. I quickly sent her outside toward the common wash basin and I followed her. There we washed our hands and face. While doing so, she gave me a kiss on my cheek and ran away.

I came out and she was already sitting with her family having dinner. I joined my family. After about an hour, I was about to leave. I winked at her and passed a flying kiss, she smiled in returned and I left.

That night, in that restaurant, I had the best 30 minutes of my life with a stranger girl whose name, age, location was unknown to me.

Guys, just go with the flow and never force someone for sex and you will see that sex is one of the best things to happen in your life.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Please do comment and let me know your suggestions.

Females from all over Mumbai (including suburbs) interested in having any kind of sexual relationship like one night stand, sex on multiple occasions, BDSM are most welcomed.

I also offer sensual full body massage services to women. So interested please do contact me on the following id

Contact :- [email protected]
Hangouts:- aakashiss19

Thank you.

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