Indian Sex Stories My Sexual Encounter With A Divorced ISS Reader

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Sexual Encounter With A Divorced ISS Reader

HELLO iSS Readers, this is Prem again. Thanks for your compliments to my previous stories published here. For those who don’t know me. This is Prem, age 25, an average guy from Hyderabad. I love bike rides and traveling a lot.

Let’s come to the story, it will be a lengthy experience so please excuse me for that. This happened with me a couple of weeks back. One fine Sunday I got a mail on my id with a lot of compliments and in reply I just said thanks. After that, I got another mail, where are you from and is that a true incident or else a fantasy.

I again replied to that mail, yes it’s a true incident which happened to me. I already mentioned that I belong to Hyderabad. By the way, what’s your name and where are you from. In reply I got mail in her name is Pooja (name changed) and she too is from Hyderabad.

Till now I thought that I was chatting to a guy. But then I realized that she is a girl and asked her details. By the way, this chat happened in Telugu but here I am writing in English which will be easy to understand for all.

Pooja: Not now I’ll tell you later.

Me: Then what’s your age and what do you do?

Pooja: I am 29 and working in an MNC.

Me: Oh then what you like most in my story and why you messaged me?

Pooja: I liked the entire story which you have posted. I messaged just to know you.

Me: So what you want to know about me? You can ask me.

Pooja: What’re your hobbies and where do you live in Hyderabad?

Me: My hobbies are bike riding and traveling. I live somewhere in Hyderabad.

Pooja: Cant you say your location, this is a big city no one can identify where we belong to.

Me: Not like that, we are not that much closer to sharing our exact locations, right?

Pooja: Yes Prem you are right. So you also not going to ask my location.

Me: Yup. What are your hobbies and are you married?

Pooja: My hobbies are watching TV and cooking. I am a divorced lady living with parents.

Me: Sorry, why you people got divorced?

Pooja: I’ll tell you later and what about you are you married?

Me: No I am not married.

Pooja: Any girlfriends?

Me: At present nope.

Pooja: Oh then I think you enjoy a lot.

Me: Not much but somehow I enjoy.

Then I didn’t get any reply from her. After that, I too had work and went offline. After a week on Saturday, I got a reply from her,

Pooja: Sorry Prem, I was busy on that day.

Me: No problem, but it would be better to say bye while going to offline.

Pooja: Sorry Prem from next time I’ll definitely do that.

Me: Can I see you?

Pooja: Not now Prem, my parents are there. I’ll message you in the night after 9. Bye.

Now I thought that it might be a fake account, and I took it lightly. To my surprise, I got a message again from her at exactly 9 pm.

Pooja: Hi are you there?

Me: Yes I am here. So can I see you now?

Without a reply, I got a pic from her and a message now send me your pic. She was damm hot in a skin-tight t-shirt and jeans. But my mind says that it would be a fake pic. So I sent my pic and asked her can we have a video chat? After a while, I got a reply by saying

Pooja: Yes but I can’t speak to you.

Me: Ok no problem.

I called her in hangouts and to my surprise, it was her the same girl. We chatted for some time on all the topics and ended with a romantic chat. The very next day we planned to meet in a mall Kukatpally. We met there and had our lunch over there. We went to a movie, it’s an old English movie so only limited seats were occupied.

We both went to a corner seat and watching the movie. I placed my hand on her boobs and started pressing them. She removed my hand by saying not now. I was like a disappointed and silently watching the movie. Suddenly she placed a kiss on my cheeks and said sorry for disappointing you. I said I want to fuck you badly.

“Sure Prem I too need that but not now. We have to plan it.” I said ok in a sad mood, she said that don’t worry baby we”ll have a long way to enjoy. After watching the movie we exchanged our mobile numbers and went off from there. I reached my home back and messaged her in WhatsApp.

This phone sex and sex chat continued for two to three months in that we met 6-7 times in public places like a cafe, park, restaurant etc. One day Pooja called.

Pooja: Hey the day has come to get ready for real action baby.

Me: You are joking right?

Pooja: No I am serious, day after tomorrow my parents are going to a function for a couple of days.

Me: Oh that’s very nice to hear that. So we have two days to enjoy.

Pooja: No only one night that too between 12am-5am.

Me: Why are you doing like that?

Pooja: My parents will leave on Wednesday morning 8 and will return on Friday early morning 4-5.

Me: So we have a complete Wednesday and Thursday na.

Pooja: No I have a client meeting both the days so I can’t take leave.

Me: Ok then so where should I come?

Pooja: Wednesday I’ll share you my location and bye for now.

I was in quite a normal mood. That day has come and Pooja shared her location. I was waiting for the night and time was going slowly. After 10 I called her and said I am starting now. She said ok but while entering into the colony please switch off your bike headlight and take a look of surroundings.

I said ok and started. I had reached there in 40 minutes. The area was very silent. I checked all the surroundings then parked my bike. Again I called her and asked her exact house. She said and in order to confirm I asked her to switch on and off the lights, she did the same. I got confirmed and went in silently.

Then I closed the main door. After that, she looked at me and asked me are you here for a party. I asked here why are you asking like that, by looking your dress anyone will think like that. She is in a simple night track and a loose t-shirt. I went near her. She stood up then I grabbed her.

I placed a nice French kiss which lasts for 5 minutes. After that, I said I am waiting for this from the past two months. She said same here baby. Now I removed her t-shirt. She wore nothing inside. Now I kissed her boobs and sucking her boobs one by one she is enjoying my act.

Now I was biting her nipples and placed my hand in her track pant. There her panty was already wet and rubbing her pussy from her panty. Now Pooja removed my shirt and jeans I was in my inners and she is in her track. I asked her to remove that track and she did the same. We went to the bedroom.

I pushed her onto the bed. Then I jumped on her and started kissing her whole body, she is playing with my hair.

After 10 minutes of kissing, I removed her panty and she is completely nude now. I am in my inners. I placed a kiss on her pussy and she is like jumping. then I started sucking her pussy and pressing her boobs. I completely inserted my tongue in her pussy and fucked her with tongue.

I sucked her pussy for 10 minutes and then I removed my inners. My tool was oozing a pre-cum. I asked her to suck my cock but she said no I never did that till now. I said ok and went to her pussy again sucked for a couple of minutes. My cock was ready for the action. I placed my cock on her pussy and pushed into her pussy.

She moaned. My cock was almost gone into her pussy. I removed my cock and pushed again with full force. Now my dick went completely in her pussy. She moaned. I fucked her for 5 minutes in the missionary position. Then she came on top of me in a cowgirl position.

She started riding my dick and I was playing with her boobs and kissing her badly. This continued for 5 more minutes and after that, I cummed in her pussy.

Thank you guys and my dear lovely ladies, girls, and aunties for reading my experience. Let me tell you one thing Pooja will also read this after publishing in ISS. I hope you like this experience, thank you for your support.

Any girls, ladies, and aunties from Hyderabad who are interested in secret relation and any physical needs can contact me on my id [email protected]. You can ping me oh hangouts also and my snapchat id premkumar5749 . 100% privacy guaranteed that’s a promise.

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