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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Sexy Maid Made My Day

This incident happened around 1 year back when I was home after completing my engineering. My parents are both working and my brother works in Hyderabad. This story is about how I got a chance to have sex with my 38-year-old servant. She is my neighbor and is from a poor family and is unmarried.

So my mom asked her to do our household works on monthly wages. She was more like a member of our family. One day my parents asked me to accompany them for a family function. But I was hesitated to go since everyone would ask me about the job. I didn’t want to answer them because I had a lot of back papers.

So I stayed home. I was upstairs in my room when they left. My dad asked me to come downstairs and lock the door. But I forgot and went to my room and started to watch porn with my cock in my hand. Suddenly my servant came into my room from nowhere.

I was struck for a second and I put my cock inside my shorts. I didn’t hear her because I had my headsets on. She came in and started cleaning the room and I went downstairs. After this incident whenever she came into my room, she knocked on the door and had a smile on her face whenever she came in.

Also, she started to clean the floor by exposing herself to me. I didn’t have any feelings for her before that since she was dark and was around 38. But she started to expose her body and took a lot of time cleaning my room. I became very horny at times. I wanted to fuck her badly but didn’t know how to start.

So when she cleaned my room I would go to my bathroom with doors half open and pee or jerk. So that I could see whether she was peeing. I saw her peeping to see my cock at times. This continued for days. One day when I was in the bathroom she opened the door with a bucket in her hands to collect water to clean the room.

But this time I didn’t hide my cock from her. I slowly put it in after peeing and she was looking at it. She said sorry and said she didn’t know I was inside and had a naughty smile. She went in as I came out of the bathroom. When I came out I forgot to flush the bathroom.

So I went in to flush and by seeing me, she asked what happened. I said I forgot to flush the bathroom. She said its ok and flushed the bathroom. She asked me with a smile that it was urine or something else. I was shocked and said it was urine. To which she replied its ok if its urine. I asked her, “What if it’s not urine?”

“Don’t waste if it’s not urine the next time,” she replied. This made me horny and my dick started to become erect. I went near her and kept my hands on her shoulder. She didn’t react. So I went near her and kissed her on her neck. She hugged me when I kissed on her neck and I started to lick her neck.

I pushed her to the bathroom wall and pressed on her boobs, and tried to undress her. She pushed me and said my parents are downstairs and went downstairs. I became unhappy at that time but waited for a perfect chance. We continued with kisses and hugs for some days.

After around a month my chance arrived with no one home. She came at around 3 pm and we went directly into my bedroom. I kissed her on her lips and squeezed her boobs. She was dark with perfect boobs and ass but was 38. But as she was hardworking, she had a great shape.

We hugged and we fell on the bed. I got on top of her and kissed her deeply on her lips and squeezed her boobs. I took off her saree and started kissing on her blouse, and pressed her boobs. I kissed on her boobs over the bra and she made noises which made me very horny.

I removed her blouse and gave a bite on her breast over the white bra. She cried and asked me to be slow. I licked over the white bra. I could see her nipples becoming hard. I removed her bra and squeezed them with my hands and started to kiss her boobs. I rubbed my beard on her boobs and nipples.

I rubbed my tongue around her nipples and she was moaning hard. I bit on her nipples with my lips and squeezed it in between my lips. I sucked her nipples for some time and tried to remove her panty. But she asked me to remove my shorts and t-shirt. My dick was rock hard and already started to leak.

She held it in her hands and moved the skin. I couldn’t control. She moved my dicks skin back and forth. She kissed it and licked the tip of my cock. I was on cloud nine. She started to lick it and I cummed within minutes. I felt exhausted. She licked it and sucked my cock again.

She sucked my balls and under the balls. My dick was 90 degrees again. We kissed each other and I removed her panty. I went near her pussy, it was dark and as I went near it. It had a nasty smell. I didn’t want to lick them. But before I could move she pressed my face to her pussy.

All I could do was to lick it. I kissed on her inner thigh near her pussy. I kissed in her hair and put my tongue out and licked near her pussy. I kissed in her pussy and licked them slowly. As I kissed on her small skin in her pussy she was crawling in the bed and held my hair.

This act from her made me mad and I started licking her pussy as if was mad. She was moaning louder and louder. I licked her pussy and skin for a few minutes and she held my head in between her thighs. I tried to bite the skin with my lips and rubbed my lips on it. She shivered and fell exhausted.

She was breathing deeply and went and drank some water after she was normal. She returned and kissed me. I showed her the condom I had bought. She was surprised, maybe because she wasn’t married. I wore the condom and I rubbed it near her pussy. I slowly pushed it in and I felt pain as it was tight.

She closed her eyes and turned her face to a side when I inserted my cock. It was so tight, I pushed it in a bit more. She was moaning and moving her head to both sides. I pushed it in and it my dick was almost in. I felt pain and felt like I was going to becoming unconscious. I pushed it in and out slowly.

She was crying out of pain. Slowly the stroke became a bit fast. I pushed it in and out hard and both of us felt exhausted and I fell over her. We hugged each other and took rest for a while. She dressed and went home after a while. After this, we became very close and had sex whenever there was a chance.

We tried different varieties and it was a whole lot of fun. Comments: [email protected]

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