Indian Sex Stories Fun In Karjat With Kunjal – Part 1

يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
نرحب بكل اقتراحات الاعضاء الحاليين بالموقع بقسم الاقتراحات والشكاوي او من خلال الرسائل الشخصية للفريق الاداري وسيتم مراجعه جميع الاقتراحات المقدمة من خلالكم ووضعها ضمن اولويات تحديد النظام الجديد للموقع
نشكركم على انضمامكم ومشاركتكم معنا بموقع محارم عربي

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fun In Karjat With Kunjal – Part 1

Hi, this is Vicky. This is a story about a girl whom I met on a dating site. Let’s call her Kunjal. She is Gujarati. A little description about her looks. She was about 5’5 tall and 32C her cup size. And perfect curves at the right place with sexy eyes and brown hairs, with a wheatish skin tone.

Now you can imagine how sexy she looks. Let’s start the story. One day, as usual, I was surfing profiles on the dating app. And I came across a profile with dp of the beach. I read her profile and texted her. Then we started chatting. I got to know many things about her.

She was from Gujrat staying in Pune for studies in the hostel. And recently she had broken up because that guy cheated on her. She caught him red-handed making out with that girl as she was her hostel mate. She was going through rough time. I started consoling her and soon she became fine.

And we became good friends. I guess more than that. We talk about everything likes and dislikes. Future plans and all. On one day we were talking about marriage and qualities in a life partner. And she told she want a guy who can satisfy her bed fully because her ex-boyfriend couldn’t satisfy her fully.

Like this, we started talking about sex. We started sharing our fantasies. She likes to get her pussy lick which her ex didn’t like to do. She told her ex didn’t like the foreplay. He always directly went for intercourse and collapsed soon without satisfying her.

Till now we didn’t exchange our pictures and mobile number. We used to chat on Hangout. It is always easier to share fantasies with unknown who can’t judge you. She started talking openly. I thought of making my move to seduce her. So one day I started sending her hot pictures of couples smooching in bed.

They were squeezing boobs. After seeing that pictures she becomes hot and then we used to have sex chat. Soon we started calling on the hangout and have the sex talk. In a week at least 4-5 days we used to have phone sex and daily sex chat. She was very much impressed by it.

I always used to satisfy her and every time I had new something new for excitement. She told that we will meet soon. This was going on and on. One fine day I asked her to show her pic but she refused. I said I will see her when we meet till then make it suspense and enjoy. And not exchange pictures.

This made me excited. We planned to meet on the weekend as there is a holiday for continuous 4 days. I will visit Pune and from there we will go together to Karjat. As per plan I visited Pune and was waiting for her outside the railway station. Time has come to see her in real.

My heart started beating fast and was excited to see her. She came in a red off-shoulder top and blue jeans with hairs open and goggles on eyes. She was looking so stunning. My mouth was open and eyes seeing her without blinking. She came near me and asked, “Are you Vicky?”

Her voice was so sweet. I got totally lost. She asked me once again. And somehow I came back my senses and said yes I am Vicky. She gave me side hug and welcomed me. Wow the first touch of her. It was so awesome. I felt not to leave her. So soft and awesome fragrance.

We took our bags and headed towards the platform. The train was already there at station. We went and sat on our seats in AC compartment. All the time I was seeing her only. I could not believe with such a beautiful girl I going on vacation. She notice that and asked me what are you seeing?

Me: Is it real you or I am just seeing a dream?
She laughed and pinched me and told : Come out of the dream. I am sitting real in front of you. (And she blushed)

The train started. There was not many people in the compartment. She was still wearing goggles. So I told her to remove it and she did. For the first time I saw her eyes. They were looking beautiful. And her mascara too. I was lost in her eyes. The way she looked, it got direct hit in my heart. I got hypnotized by her.

She was talking about something but I was just lost in her eyes and couldn’t hear what she said. She noticed that and again she pinched me. This time harder. And I shouted in pain. And she told me, “Aankho se hi sab kar lo gay ya kuch bad ke liye bacha ke rakho gay?”

And she started laughing. She got to know everything what I feeling even I could not say by words. We then started talking and soon we reached Karjat. I had already booked a room in the resort. The resort car was waiting to pick up us on the station.

We headed towards the resort in that car and in car I was was holding her hand. Fingers crossed and holding tight. Beautiful mountain, fog and all around road side. Soon we reached the resort and we check in. Headed towards our room. When we entered the room she was surprised to see it.

I had booked the honeymoon suite. I could see happiness in her eyes. She hug me tight and said thanks. When she hugged her boobs crushed on my chest and her fragrance made me crazy. I hugged her more tight and we were lost in each other.

After few minutes we got separated. I held her face and bought my lips near her lips and gave a small little quick kiss on her lips. When I kissed her I could see lust in her eyes. Her eyes telling me to gave more kisses. Suddenly she held me and started smooching wildly.

She bit my lips. She was really wild and her sweet soft lips made me wild too. We had a long kiss. While kissing I was moving my hand all over her back and started squeezing her ass. She became more hornier and wild. And hugged me tight. Starting smooching more aggressively.

I made her lie on the bed and came up on her and started kissing her neck. I started squeezing her boobs over her top. She started moaning in pleasure. I started sucking and kissing her neck and shoulder, and gave a little sweet bite too. I was about to remove her top but she held my hand and stopped me.

She told to wait as she has some surprise for me. This is the end of the first part. Guys I hope you like it. Do give your feedback on my mail id. [email protected]

Waiting for your response. Depending upon your response I will post the next part. Continue in part 2.

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