Indian Sex Stories Fun With A Divorced Hot Indian Woman – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fun With A Divorced Hot Indian Woman – Part 1

This is Sagar, a web designer cum blogger. This sexy story is about my fun time with one of my clients. Her name is Khusboo. She is a divorcee and a mother of a seven-year-old daughter. I met her when she found me to make her website. She was running a women’s store and I built a website for her store. I helped her out in the product photoshoot.

During the process of web designing, we met regularly. I even met her daughter. She was very adorable and clever.

Khusboo was in mid-thirties. We used to chat daily. I flirted with her. She did take no offense. It gave me courage. So, I talked in double meanings a lot. She responded similarly.

Our chats led to talks about sex. I asked about her story. This divorced Indian lady was reluctant at first to tell her story but finally, told me. Khusboo majored in fashion designing. Her married life was good and this young couple’s sex was good too. In fact, she told me that the best thing about her ex-husband was sex. The guy fucked his wife really good. Hearing that made me jealous.

But the trouble came after she was pregnant. Her husband’s libido was high and this wife could no longer fulfill his needs during her late pregnancies. She used to suck her husband off daily. But it was not enough for him.

Khusboo found out after she gave birth to her daughter that he was sleeping with someone. It broke her heart. This Indian wife really did everything that her husband demanded. She had never even sucked her past boyfriends but she used to suck her ex-husband because he liked it. She liked to be made love in the missionary position. But she let him fuck her in different positions.

This faithful desi wife was happy as long as her husband was satisfied. But he found someone during the few months that she could not have sex.

Tension arose after she found out. She divorced him when her daughter was six months old and she lived with her parents for some time. After her daughter grew, she moved out and opened the store.

I asked her if she had slept with anyone after the divorce. She said, ‘no’. She did not have the time for a relationship as she devoted herself to her daughter and the new store.

But she confessed that she relieved herself. She said it was really hard for a few months after the divorce. Her urges were really strong after the childbirth. Moreover, she used to fuck daily.

Later, she got used to the sexless life. She relieved herself from time to time. But the urges were not that strong anymore. To my surprise, she blamed me saying that I have awoken her urges! Then, I asked if she got wet after the chat. She replied, “yes”.

We started sexting daily. This Indian woman was ripe for fucking and she had already given me the green signal. But she did not have a convenient time. Khusboo had to run the store in the daytime and she was with her daughter at night.

Once, I asked for her nude selfies. She rejected at first but sent me after much of my insistence and begging. She was 5.5 feet tall and she maintained her figure even after marriage and childbirth.

Khusboo was sexy as hell. I wondered how she had no relationship all these years. She told me that she got many proposals. She even thought sometimes that she should have some fun. But she could not do it as she did not want complications. Her daughter was still small and a relationship might bring many troubles.

In December last year, she invited me to her place. I could not sleep the night as I was so excited. She told me that she had already sent her daughter to her parents’ place since the school session was over.

That day I went to her place early. I had been there during web designing. When she opened the door, I could not help myself. I hugged her and kissed her. She was surprised but kissed back. I pressed her buttock as I rubbed against her. Khusboo felt my hard penis and she moaned into my mouth.

She struggled and pushed me. Then she told me to be patient as we had a lot of time.

Khusboo closed the door properly and led me inside. She told me that she was preparing lunch. She made me wait and suggested I should watch the TV.

But I had other ideas. I followed her to the kitchen and hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs. The sexy Indian lady moaned but rebuked me to be patient. I did not listen to her. I insert my hands inside her loose t-shirt and fondled her boobs over the bra.

She was wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. The t-shirt was thin and I could see the white bra she was wearing inside. How could I bear to stay obedient to this divorced hottie?

Khusboo knew that there was no way that I would leave her alone. If that went on, cooking would take a long time. So, she did the best thing to make obedient. She turned around and squatted down. I didn’t have to be a genius to know what this hot lady was planning to do. She unbuckled my belt and pulled down the pant along with my boxer. My ‘little tom’ was free now. He jumped out celebrating his freedom!

Khusboo’s soft hands wrapped the shaft. It made my penis pulsate. She liked my reaction and she carefully peeled the foreskin from the crown. It was already glistening with my precum.

She looked up at me and licked the precum. “Oh!”, I groaned. She stroked it slowly and swallowed it inside her mouth. She was really good at it and I did not last long. I warned her and cummed inside her mouth. She did not spit it out. She looked at me and opened her mouth. I saw my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed it and smiled at me. My penis twitched in response. She licked off the remnants from my penis.

Then she patted my buttock and told me to wait obediently. This time, I did not revolt. I walked out from the kitchen laughing foolishly.

She did not let me wait very long. She finished up the cooking and called me.

Readers, I will tell you what we did after lunch in the next part based on your feedback and comments.

Any ladies unmarried or married who wish to have some fun chats, ping me at [email protected]

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