Indian Sex Stories Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 3

يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
نرحب بكل اقتراحات الاعضاء الحاليين بالموقع بقسم الاقتراحات والشكاوي او من خلال الرسائل الشخصية للفريق الاداري وسيتم مراجعه جميع الاقتراحات المقدمة من خلالكم ووضعها ضمن اولويات تحديد النظام الجديد للموقع
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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 3

Hello readers, this is the climax of the story and also a pretty lasting one. Please read the previous parts first (if you haven’t) and then come to this part with your erected and horny bananas. And try not to cum soon. Because the longer the erection, the greater the pleasure!

I lifted my mom’s saree and there it was, the road to heaven finally. The hair was trimmed. I went near her pussy and smelled it. It had the aroma of sweet. I cleaned my lips and kissed her pussy. My mom let out a cute moan, “Yes… Aaa”. I kissed harder with a ‘pichuk’ sound. “Mmmm” another moan came from her mouth.

I parted her pussy lips and slid my middle finger in. “Oh yes, Suresh.. Finger-fuck me”. My mother was literally cumming by the time I had just started fucking her pussy with my fingers. Her precum had started to ooze out and drip down through her thighs. I then took her left leg and placed it on my right shoulder and started fucking her pussy with my finger while watching her go mad with her orgasmic expressions.

I increased my pace with two fingers and mom started to moan loauder, “Yesss.. Aaaannnn….. Yess…. Aaaannnn…. Aaannnn…. Aaaan….” .

Then I decided to bring my tongue into play. I stuck out my tongue and made a quick lick across her pussy like a credit card swipe. She went real crazy and shouted, “Oh my god, baby….” and a stream of her cum came splashing out within a second. It splashed all over my face. Man, it smelled incredible and arousing.

My mom said, “Come on baby, lick my pussy. No one has ever tasted your mummy’s pussy. Yours is the first tongue there. Yeah, baby….” . Yes, this was the time and whom do I have to wait for. I then parted her pussy lips and made a circular lick on her clitoris.

“Aahhh… Yes… Yes…” she has started moaning slowly in her sweet voice. She held my hair tightly with both of her hands and pushed my head towards her pussy.

I started licking harder and faster. And 5 minutes later, she literally screamed, “Aaa…. Aaa…. Mmmmm” and cummed all her juices in my mouth. I drank some and kept some in my mouth. She then pulled me up, took the remaining cum from my mouth and said, “Oh baby, you are one hell of a pussy-licker, aren’t you? I have never reached such amount of orgasm till today, my love”.

My horny Indian mom then spit that cum on my chest and licked it off my nipples. “Omg, my cum tastes fucking good, isn’t it?”

I smooched her back and said, “Oh sure it does, baby”. My mom then went down and spit on my cock and gave a handjob. Yes, it was her turn now.

She wanted to shave my pubic hairs before she gave her first blowjob. So she took some shaving cream and applied it to the areas and also on my shaft. As soon as she swayed her hand through my shaft applying the shaving cream, my precum started to ooze out, removing the shaving creams. I blushed at mom seeing that.

Mom said, “Can’t you just hold it a little longer, you naughty idiot? See, now I just have to apply it all over again”. She then applied and started to shave my hairs. It took around 30 minutes to shave it off completely and I maintained the erection the whole time.

Finally, my mom took my 7-inch cock all into her mouth and started giving me the blowjob. I started to moan, “Oh mom… You are really a pro… Suck me suck me mom…”

She just licked my shaft up and down and gave a nice job on the cock-head area. Then she applied a little pressure on the cock-head and kept rolling her tongue over the pink-bud. It was the best feeling ever. You really know it when a woman loves your cock when she spends a lot of time on the banana that she worships.

I collapsed and sat on the stool holding her head. “What a cock do you have, son. I could do this all day”, she said, giving the world’s finest blowjob. My precum has started to ooze a lot down the shaft and she didn’t want me to cum either. So she took my cock out and came to my balls.

Mom totally played with my balls with her tongue. I separated my legs further and she went under me and patted my balls. My balls got tighter and I was about to burst my cum any minute now.

I then made her stand and lifted her saree again. Mom then realized that she was going to experience an ecstatic orgasm that her son was about to give and held my head to her pussy.

This time, I split her pussy and I spat my saliva on it and licked it.

I just repeated the process and made the pussy wet. Then I came up and smooched my mom. I pulled out her tongue and sucked it. Her pussy started to drip precum again, which went through my fingers that held her thigh.

I then looked her in the eye and said, “Oh mom, today your beautiful son is going to lose his virginity. I hope he tries his best to satisfy you”.

She kissed me and said, “You will do fine..”

Mom then got down, took my hard dick, pulled down my foreskin and kissed it and said: “All the best, big guy!” That act ignited the fire and confidence in me and sent a gargantuan amount of sexual tension to my penis which was 7 inches harder and thicker and couldn’t wait to explore mom’s pussy.

We both got closer and my mom took my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy. We both moaned together, “Aaaaannnnnnn…. Yessss…. Oh yeah…” And then I gave a sudden push and my whole dick went inside her tight pussy and she just screamed, “Oh godddddd “. Though it was tight, my dick went easier because of the lubrication her pussy had when we had foreplay.

As soon as my whole dick went inside her, tears started rolling down from her eyes and I got scared. I then pulled out my dick from her pussy.

But she suddenly got hold of it and said, “No, no don’t take it out. Just push it in and fuck me, son. It is just that I am getting fucked after so many years”.

I then pushed it inside and she let out a long moan, “Ooooooooo…. Yesssss”.

I then slowly let my cock in and out. Oh man, it was the best feeling a guy can ever have. Especially when you are fucking your own mom’s pussy and it turns out to be fleshy and tight. Every time I pushed my dick inside her cunt, her flesh tightly gripped my entire cock inside her. “Oh yeah, fuck me, baby. Fuck me…. Aaaaannnn….”

She held my butt with both her hands and started pulling me. I started to ram her pussy harder and faster. She started to moan very louder, “Aaa… Aaa… Aaa…” that might even wake up the neighbours in the noon.

To avoid that, I opened the hot shower and the sound of the water neutralized her moaning sounds to outside. The hot water poured upon us totally and made my nipples even harder. The hot water that fell on her round boobs made me even hornier.

I started squeezing her right boob with my left hand and made my way on her left boob, sucking it and taking it entirely in my mouth. I have been fucking her in the same position for 20 minutes and she had started to tremble. “Oh yes, fuck me beta.. Fuck me… Aaaaa… I am cumming, I am cumming”, and she came all her juices on my cock. But I still didn’t stop ramming her.

Mom then jumped on my hips and I got hold of her both thighs in my hands and continued fucking her in the “hanging garden” position. She wrapped her legs around my waist and put her arms around me enjoying the sex while closing her eyes and breathing through her mouth.

I then started biting her neck vigorously, kissed and licked it like there was no tomorrow. Her nipples continuously rubbed on mine and I couldn’t control this such an amount of extreme orgasm.

She then held me tightly and started jumping on the dick that gave me the perfect rhythm to fuck her in that position. “Aah yes… Fuck… Son, your cock feels so fucking good in my cunt… It is touching my base, beta, it is touching my base. It hurts but it feels so good”.

Tears kept coming from her eyes. It was almost 40 minutes and I couldn’t hold my cum any longer. “Oh, I think I am gonna cum, mom. I am gonna cum”, I exclaimed in ecstasy.

Mom quickly got down, took my hot dick and started giving a hardcore blowjob this time. My dick which was filled with her precum and mine went deep down her throat and she started to gag.

“Aaa…. Mom… Slow down.. Slow it down…”, I said. But she didn’t. She continued sucking roughly and started squeezing my balls. That’s it! I couldn’t hold anymore. It had been 45 minutes of this hot incest sex.

“Aaaa… Mooommmmmm…” I moaned louder holding her hair tightly and mouth fucked her. My hot cum came out, hitting on her mouth and she almost gagged with that much amount of cum. She then made me lie down and spat my whole cum on my stomach. I had never ejaculated this much in my entire life. My cum smelled very arousing and it was thick as well.

My dick went flaccid and she licked all of the thick cum on my abs and played with my navel with her tongue. She then came onto me and smooched. Mom whispered in my ear “Beta, this is the best sex I ever had. I am very much impressed. Your wife will be very lucky”.

I then hugged her and started smooching her again. With her saliva mixed with mine and her round boobs with sharp nipples rubbing my chest, my dick got an erection and started poking her pussy. “What?! Another erection and this soon? Oh… You love mommy this much?” She said happily and started kissing me on my lips and guided my dick to her pussy.

As soon as my banana hit her flower, my dick attained its full length with a harder girth and she started moving her hips in circular motion, jumping up and down.

The “women on top” is my favourite sex position. I hit her g-spot and continued ramming her at the same pace. “Oh yeah.. Right there, sweetheart. Right there”.

She jumped up and down massaging her boobs and closing her eyes. I pulled her and got hold of her left boob and started sucking the right one.

After 10 minutes, she cummed on my dick again and it started flowing down my abs and got into my bellybutton. She then bent down and licked it. Oh man! Her body was so flexible as fuck. I then gave her a break with my dick still inside her with its erection.

After 5 minutes, we changed to “wheelbarrow” position. Sure, it is not a very sexy name but it is a very sexy position in which her boobs were jiggling down. So, my mom started in a press-up position. I slipped in between her legs, took hold of her ankles or thighs, and lifted her lower body off the floor.

Then I held her there and started penetrating while she supported her torso with her arms. She too loved this position as it continuously kept her horny for a very long time.

After 10 minutes, I went back and continued with “the hanging garden”. This time, I did it properly and hit her g-spot at concurrent intervals. After a while, I achieved my peak orgasm and we both came closer and started smooching so as to suppress our voices. Finally, we both cummed together and this time, with a loud moan. We both got very tired and exhausted.

After 15 minutes, we took a shower and came out of the bathroom. My mom was really happy that day and so was I. It was almost three hours from the incident narrated in the first part of my story and we were both famished.

We ordered food, had our lunch and slept hugging each other until night. Thus the story ends.

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