Indian Sex Stories College Sex: Sex With Neha – Part 2 (Fucking A Stranger)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
College Sex: Sex With Neha – Part 2 (Fucking A Stranger)

I took the dare. She said she couldn’t think of a task and that I should decide for myself. “But it must be a hard task,” she said. “Then let me fulfill your fantasy,” I said in a calm voice. We looked at each other for a moment. Then she finished her glass in one sip smiled at me and said, “Let’s do it. Just make sure it’s worth remembering.”

That one sentence was the last push that I needed. I moved beside her and started kissing her lips hard. She was turned on too and replied with equal force. I moved my one arm behind her shoulder and grabbed her boob. My hard grip on her soft boobs made her moan with pain but she kept kissing me.

I slipped my other hand inside her pants. There was no underwear inside, I could feel her already little wet, warm pussy with my fingers. I pushed two fingers inside her and started fingering. She moaned due to the intrusion and grabbed my hand but I kept on fingering her.

She left my hand and started rubbing her other boob. Every time I fingered her hard she moaned and her whole body shivered. Her pussy was wet in no time. She was now totally into it. I broke the kiss for some air but kept on fingering. She was moaning loudly now, “Yes yes come on harder.”

I increased the speed. She gripped my shoulder and shouted, “Aahhh, yes just like that, finger my pussy harder.” After a few more hard shakes, she jizzed. I took out my hand from her pants and wrapped them around her. And started kissing her neck. I could feel her hands on my body.

I started massaging her boobs while she unbuttoned my shirt. As she opened my shirt I removed her top. Now I can see her round boobs perfectly placed in her bra. She opened her bra. It was a heavenly scene. I have never seen such boobs except in videos. They were round and firm with brown erect nipples.

I grabbed them wildly and started sucking hard. She giggled seeing my lust for her boobs. I massaged her boobs while biting her hard nipples with care. She gave a loud moan as I bit her nipple hard and twisted the other. After some sucking and licking, I made her stand up.

I got down on my knees, pulled her pants down and started kissing and licking her pussy. I kissed her pussy lips and shoved my tongue inside her. She was going wild almost jumping with the feel of my tongue in her vagina. I grabbed her ass firmly and shoved my tongue further into her warm juicy vagina licking more violently.

As I moved my tongue spreading her insides She screamed with pain and pleasure. “Aah, aah, stop it, please. It’s hurting, it’s too deep.” I ignored her and took my time exploring every part of her vagina my tongue could reach. As I got up she got on her knees

I understood her intentions and threw away my pant and underwear. At first, she seemed a bit stunned at the sight. “I didn’t know you were so big,” she said. She grabbed my cock with her hand, giving it slow strokes as she started licking it. Her stroke of the hand, the warmth of her tongue all made me feel like I have never felt before.

I just wanted to fuck her all my life. She was licking so delicately that I felt the desperation of putting it in her mouth. Finally, when she started to suck it I couldn’t control myself anymore. I grabbed her by the head and moved my entire dick straight into her mouth. She choked.

I kept it like that for a moment before taking it out. As she breathed heavily I again put my dick in and started to mouth fuck her. The sound of my balls hitting her soft lips, the warmth of her mouth and her hard sucking with the gentle moves of her tongue around my dick made me moan.

She seemed to enjoy it. So I removed my hand from her head and grabbed her waist. I turned her upside down and now we were in a standing 69 position. I pushed her body against the wall and started licking her vagina. She was moaning heavily.

I moved my hand and dipped two fingers in her pussy while continuing the licking. “Aaah, that’s it baby lick it harder, fuck my pussy.” I felt she was about to cum but I didn’t want that just yet. I turned her body down. And placed her on the sofa.

Now it was the time. I pushed her legs up straight putting her in a casket position. Her pussy lips looked like the doors to heaven. And I was about to enter them. she was trying to look what I was doing. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and pressed hard against it a few times.

She moaned with the feel but soon couldn’t take it anymore. She spread her pussy with her fingers and moaned, “Fuck it baby fuck it please, it’s all yours, fuck it as hard as you want. Make me cum.” I took my cock and pushed it straight inside. Her pussy was so tight and wet.

I held her legs tight with my arms making her pussy even tighter and started thumping. At first, she grabbed the sofa in pain. But after a few pushes when I increased my speed, she began to enjoy it and started giving pushes herself. I grabbed her nipple with my hand, pinched it hard and twisted it at the same time.

I kept the pressure on her nipples and pulled them towards me. She moaned loudly. I was afraid that other rooms might complain about the sound. I grabbed her mouth with my other hand and increased my speed. I could hear her moans under my hand, as she licked my palm.

As I was about to cum in her, she suddenly pushed me back. I thought she got angry for some reason. But she turned around and adjusted her body in doggy style. She gave me a wink as she looked towards her butt and started to shake her ass. “I won’t let you go so easily,” she said.

I pulled back her head and said, “You want to be fucked like a bitch, don’t you! Ok, you will get what you want to bitch, just wait and watch.” She threw a naughty smile at me and started rubbing her ass against my cock. I didn’t expect her to be such a slut.

I grabbed her by the throat and inserted my entire cock inside her pussy. The sudden pain brought tears in her eyes. “Yes, I like that,” she said in a suffocating manner. But I decided that I was gonna make her scream. So pushed again this time deeper with more force. This time she couldn’t control and cried. “It’s hurting it’s hurting.”

“That’s exactly what I want, bitch.” I pushed a bit more forward and she screamed. I kept it like that for a moment. Then I kissed her softly on the cheek. I brought my cock out a bit and started thumping. I moved my one hand from her neck and started pinching and slapping her boobs. She closed her eyes with pleasure and moaned.

“Let’s use the bed now,” she managed to say in between her moans. But I wasn’t willing to let go. “Put your hands around my neck,” I said. She put her arms around my neck. I wrapped her legs around my ass, grabbed her thighs and picked her up with my cock still inside her.

“What are you doing?” I gave a little push and that made her stop. I whispered in her ear “I am taking you to the bed. I will make sure that you regret going there.”

“Really, then why did you stop,” she said turning her head as she started moving her pussy too and fro. I felt a chill in my cock. She was acting like a total slut, it felt so good that I grabbed her shoulder and started to fuck her in the air. We went to the bed slowly occasionally stopping in the path where I gave her few pushes.

I placed her on the bed and started thumping. The whole room was filled by her moans. “Aah aah aah ah yes yes fuck me deeper, faster faster, yes like that.”

“Remember slut from today You are my bitch, and I will fuck you whenever and however I want,” I whispered in her ears. “Aah aah, yes, I am your bitch, Aah, fuck me. Everywhere, give me your cock, fuck me as hard as you can!” The moans were getting louder.

I pressed her face in the bed and pushed my entire dick into her. I heard her suffocating shout. But this time I wanted to go further. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed myself further in. She started crying with pain. I felt her body shiver but it was not over.

I kept one hand on her shoulder to maintain the pressure while I slapped her ass with the other hand. After some slapping. I pulled her face up. Her face had turned red, She was breathing heavily. There were some tears but I wasn’t done. I put my middle finger in her pussy along with my cock and started to finger.

She couldn’t take anymore and with a loud moan, she came. I felt her orgasm on my dick. As I took out my finger and dick. A load of her warm pussy juices spilled on my stomach and genitals. I turned her around and gave her a hard kiss. I broke the kiss gently and said to her, “You still haven’t made me cum.”

“Then use me,” she said. She thought I wanted a blowjob so she tried to grab my cock to make me cum. But I pushed her hands as I had one more gift left for her. She told me during the drinks that she has never been ass fucked. I thought it was the golden opportunity to break her anal seal.

I turned her around put her legs apart and started licking her ass hole. She was moaning gently as I licked. “Uh-uh that feels so good, please don’t stop.” As her ass hole got wet, I moved from her hole and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy collecting the juices.

It was time for her to lose her anal virginity. I positioned my self behind her, moved her legs apart revealing her hole. I slapped her ass cheeks hard a couple of times and began pushing my cock in her ass. She screamed when I entered. I pushed my cock half way and kept it there for some time.

She stopped screaming. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed it further in with a thrust. She shouted, “Please no more, it is hurting.” Her ass was tight and I had to go slow as her ass hole was pressing my dick hard. But I decided to go full in before I came.

After a moment with another final big thrust I was totally in her ass, it felt great, entering her virgin hole. She gave out a loud scream at the pressure. I gave her a moment to settle and then started slow thumping. I grabbed her boobs, twisting her nipples and pushed her body up.

After a slow few strokes, she said, “You can go faster now.” She was ready to get her ass ravaged now. I pulled her hands behind crossing them together and grabbed them hard with one hand and grabbed her throat with the other. She was so right now. I increased my speed and she shouted.

After almost 15 minutes of intense thumping, I was close to cum, I let go of her hands and grabbed her shoulders pulling her closer to me. I increased my speed for the climax. After a couple of minutes, I came in her ass. We moaned together loudly with pleasure as I launched a huge load of cum inside her ass.

As I came out. I could see my cum oozing out of her hole. We both were more than exhausted by then. I pushed her forward on the bed and laid down on her. As we were lying down I whispered into her ear, “Did you enjoy it?”

“It was more than I planned, but I enjoyed every bit of it,” she said with a tired smile. She said that when she told me to stop she actually wanted me to keep going. That turned me on and I wanted to fuck her again but I was more than exhausted by then. I wrapped my hands around her playing with her nipples with my finger and slept.

We woke up late in the morning exhausted from the previous night. We took a shower together where she gave me a blowjob until I came in her mouth. As she was sucking my dick I thought we still have another 2 more nights together. I was already thinking about how to make them even better.

This story will be continued. I will write about how I made our next day even kinkier. Stay tuned. Much love to all the readers. Anyone wanting to have horny chats or have adventures with me can contact me in my email:- [email protected]

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