Indian Sex Stories The Girl With The Tattoo – Part 2 (Unbreak My Heart)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
The Girl With The Tattoo – Part 2 (Unbreak My Heart)

Parul and I decided to meet. We decided on the venue and then we met. She was looking bomb. I was all dressed up had decent cash with me. So did she. She enquired what’s the plan. And I said I have not made any. Let’s be random, you suggest one. I suggest the second and let it just go on till one has to leave. The deal was done.

I said you start. She said shopping. I will buy something for you and you for me. And the opposite has to take whatever the person gives. Cool. Deal did. I took her to Zara bought a black dress. I jokingly gave her bra and said this would suit you. She said are you sure.

And she went in for the trial she said they are perfect and I need both the pair and I said can I change the color? and she said ok. I brought her a red pair of inners and just imagine a fair complexion girl in those assets with that bra and lingerie. Brilliant right. Exactly my thoughts.

And when she came back, I said was it good. All she did was winked. Then she took me to the men’s section. I got a tie and shirt. I was expecting something interesting. But never said a word. Now it was my turn. I said we are going for a massage.

She said, “Brilliant.” But I said, “This ain’t going to be simple. We will be drunk when we go there.” She was little taken back but she said interesting. We went to the nearest pub. We ordered 4 shots and we got 8 since it was a happy hour. We had 4 shots.

Guys, I must tell you if you want to go to a spa be a little tipsy you will love it. We went in for the massage and I asked for the couple spa. We were told to get in our inners. I asked whether she was comfortable. She removed the dress and she was in her bra and panty. And said I am, are you?

I removed my clothes and I was in my undies. I was about to go close to her and then I heard a knock on the door. She pushed me away and the masseuse walked in. I missed a chance. But throughout our massage, we were looking at each other winking. I could see her body with bare minimum clothes.

She was looking beautiful. After the spa. I asked her I missed my chance. She smiled and said yeah you did. I asked what is your cut off time for the day. She said she will be flying back to Himachal the next day. My heart skipped a beat. My face fell. And I had no clue what to say.

She saw the emotion that was on my face. She said chill. We have the whole night to party. I just wanted to be clear. Seeing a little time that I had I taught of convincing her to stay for a little longer. She said, “Sshhhh… my turn right. Ummm we are going to a pub getting drunk and will dance and eat too. I am hungry.”

We went to the closest pub. The crowd was decent but after the spa and the news, I was kind off. We ate and then drank a few drinks. And when the music started catching up, we started dancing and people around started noticing us. We were killing the dance floor. And then we took a break.

A girl walked up to us and said, guys, you were brilliant. We started dancing again and after the 5th shot, I was really close to her while dancing. She kissed really slow and I was just following her instructions. I was holding her tight with the music in the background surrounded by many people.

Then she bit my lower lip and broke that kiss. She said it is you who needed to make the first move you idiot and not me. And I was little shocked, a girl who I have started liking is about to leave, and kissed me while my lower lip hurt and stated that I did not make the move and hence she did.

After this, I got into the zone and said my turn. She said Ok. I see some spark here. Let’s go to a hotel and spend some time. She smiled and said, “Dhruv, let’s stop here and make me say this right now. I am the girl who will be gone and don’t know when will I be back. I am really a practical girl and hate drama. If this is going to happen. We might be good friends I don’t want any emotions peeking in between us. Are you ok then this is a deal?”

You know what happens when a girl whom you like and she ends up saying stuff like this. How should one respond? Think, be sure. I just went with the flow and said – “Yes. Cool.” She called one of her friends and said she would be a friend’s place and will be coming the next morning.

We booked a room in a 4-star hotel which had a tattoo parlor near the reception. We got the keys and were escorted in the lift by our butler. In the lift, she took a chance and spanked my ass saying nice. Ok. I should be the one doing this stuff and not her. I promised myself. This night I will get the best out of me.

We reached the room. And the cuteness of the girl could be seen by this incident. She started checking the room. And I said, “What’s the matter?” Parul – I am just checking if this room has any CCTV camera here. After she was done. I enquired are you done. She said yes.

And now it was me who took charge. I went really close to her and kissed her real slow. I pulled her hair and started licking her neck. She was moaning. I turned her around and pushed her near the closest wall. I was pulling hair tight. Her head was raised. I started choking her while my tongue, licked her neck.

She was amazed. Then I made her bend and started spanking her real hard with my hand with hair pulled by the other hand. She was in a little pain. Then I said I am the one who is going to control you. She said ok. I removed her top and saw the red bra. I said, “When?”

She said while you were booking the hotel. I said nice. I kept the bra on. Removed her pant and the lingerie. Now I removed all my clothes. My 7-inch cock was visible to her. She came near me. I said stop. I removed a cigarette and told her. “You like playing games right?”

I took the tie which she gifted. Tied her hands. And made her stand straight and placed the ciggie in her mouth. I told her the deal is for 30 seconds while you stand with your hands tied I will lick you and the ciggie should not fall. Or else you would be punished.

I went down on her while she was standing and started licking her. She somehow managed 15 seconds but the ciggie fell. She said please don’t stop. I said rules are broken. I made her bend. I can see that white sexy ass of her. I started spanking her with my hand then with the belt.

She started screaming and I saw my underwear near me. I took it and shoved it in her mouth and continued spanking her. After some time I took my underwear out of her mouth she was unable to speak. I lay on the bed. And told her to come and sit on my mouth. She came and sat on my mouth.

I could see her ass all red. I started licking her vagina while she sat on my mouth. Ohhh she moved and how. And within a few minutes, she came in my mouth. She laid beside me. After a while, I woke her up and shoved my dick in her mouth and she started licking it. I then stopped her and made her bend.

I told her I want to fuck her without the condom. She agreed immediately. I went in deep as I can she was screaming my name. Then I went into 69 position. Her pussy was really wet. My dick just slid in. I tied her hands and fucked her real bad. I could hear the noise of us fucking really hard.

I fucked in all the possible positions. We had sex thrice till we went to sleep. We woke up and I could see a few marks on my body and many marks on her ass, cleavage, and thighs. She said it was the best sex she had. While checking out she said, “Dhruv, my turn and this would be last.”

I said cool. Before that, we split the bills. The best part about any girl is she is willing to pay equally at all the places. I enquired it is already 12. I believe your flight is at 6. She said, “Dhruv. You already have 3 tattoos what will you make next?” I said I want to make an enso tattoo. (Google it later).

She said cool. Let’s do this. I said what. She said let’s get our self-inked with the same tattoo so that this remains with us for long. This will be our little thing. I saw a positive aspect from the girl who last night agreed on certain terms. We got ourself inked.

While getting inked I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was more shocking than the sex. We parted with a bye. A few days later she called and said I am being honest we can’t chat again. I will not be coming to Mumbai. I am getting married to my boyfriend.

My heart sank. I have a tattoo with a girl who I thought was single and had the best time of my life. I was shattered. It took me some time to get out of this feeling. I called, tried my best to convince her. But all was in vain.
6 months passed. I was at a house party and we were discussing random stuff.

I was invited by a random friend. A friend who was an HR was in some company. She said hey nice tattoo. I said thanks. And she replied why do we know the same tattoo. Doesn’t Parul have the same tattoo? I was taken aback. How did she know Parul? She doesn’t work here.

She doesn’t stay in the same city. I said who Parul. She gave the exact description of the girl. She said yeah. I guess Parul will be here at the same party. I get a pat on my back with Parul saying –“ Hey Dhruv how are you? Meet Tejas he is my husband.” While I see the tattoo in her hand.
– Dhruv Kapoor.

Thanks, guys for reading the story. It’s a true story. Write me on [email protected] Do read my previous stories. Thanks, ISS for posting my stories. Girls in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune can meet me or can drop me a mail on [email protected].

We roam around with our tattoos and a lot of complications. There are many such stories around you. Mumbai is a beautiful place with twisted tales.

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