Indian Sex Stories Fucked My Society’s Bhabhi – Part 2 (Satisfied Her)

يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucked My Society’s Bhabhi – Part 2 (Satisfied Her)

Dear ISS Reader, this is Shail. Here I come with the second part of my story. Thanks for responses on my first story ‘Fucked My Society’s Bhabhi Part 1’. This is part 2 of my that story. So, if you have not read it please read it as you will know the full story.

The intro I am from Ahmedabad. I am 6.1ft tall guy and normal looking. I have great energy which can satisfy any woman of any age. Now coming to the story, We went to our society and I parked my bike in our common parking area and started walking towards our house.

While walking she was telling me that this her best birthday and wants to enjoy more tonight. On which I said not tonight but we can do a video call or chat for tonight. As I want to make her too horny for me before I fuck her I said it. She looked little upset.

I said don’t worry I will give her the best surprise gift very soon. Too which she smiled and said let’s see. We smiled and her house came we hugged and said goodbye. While hugging I pressed her ass to which she said someone is getting naughty. To which I replied you will soon know how naughty really I am.

We laughed and left each other. Later that night we did video call on which she was showing me her boobs. I was showing her my penis. But when I asked to show her wet pussy she denied saying for that you have to come to my bedroom.

I was angry but I was happy to have seen that she has already started to ask me to come into her room. I can see horniness in her eyes and in her voice. But I continued this for a few days. To which she started saying me bad words and demanding to come and fuck her.

I made more angry by saying that she has not to finger her pussy while we talk or at any time during the day for the next few days. She got angry but she agreed to my condition. I also asked her house key for me. She said ok come tomorrow and take it.

In the next morning, I went to her house to take the key from her. She invited me in but I said I have to go somewhere. To which she handed over me the key to her house. But I can easily see that she was angry at me and was horny from inside. Every night we did video sex but she was not fingering her pussy.

She used say motherfucker come and fuck me now. This I continued for next 6-7 days. After that one day, I said I am tired. I will not do video call today or talk. On which she said, “You are just playing with me. You do not make me happy as you don’t like me.” To which I said nothing to she got angrier and said I hate you and she cut the call. I thought I might have gone a little far.

But I told myself now it’s going to very soon. We did not talk for 3 days. On the fourth day at night, around 2 am I went to her house. She was sleeping in her nighty without bra and panty. I went near her and held her. She got shocked and was about to shout for help but I held her mouth and said it’s me.

To which slapped me on my face. She hugged me tightly and started to kiss me very passionately. She was kissing me like today is the last day of earth. We kissed each other for like 15-20 minutes. Then we separated. She said after our fight I was very upset and was not able to do anything.

I said today I will fulfill all her needs. She looked me and we again started to kiss each other. This time I was also pressing her boobs and ass very hard. I started to kiss her neck and gave her a few love bites on the neck. Then I come to boobs. I started to suck them very hard and also biting her nipple sometimes.

Then I slowly went to pussy while kissing her navel area too. Then I started to suck her pussy very hard. She was making pleasure sound her like anything and was pushing my head in her pussy. Soon she cum on the face I drank all sweet water. She was looking happily at me.

She kissed my lips and then she kissed my chest and slowly went down. She started to suck my penis very hard. She was sucking it better than last time. After like 5-minutes I came in her mouth she too drank it without wasting any drop.

Then she slept beside me and was looking happy but not fully satisfied. Her hand was stroking my penis and soon it was hard. Then I went upon her and started to suck her boobs and finger her pussy. She got very angry said now just fuck me. I said nothing on which she got angry.

She pushed me away and made me lie on the bed. She came upon me and she sat upon my hard penis. She said I want it now means I want. She started to jump on me taking my hard penis in her vagina. She did it for the next 5-10 minutes.

Then I also got up and we continued in sitting position for the next few minutes. She was enjoying too much and she made very sexy sounds which made me fuck her even harder. We continued that night till 5:30 am. I fucked her in many positions.

In the morning around 5 when I said it’s time for me to leave she got upset. I said don’t worry I will come tonight also. She got happy and asked me to take bath with her. While taking bath we had one quick session. Then we came out and got ready.

She said just one minute please don’t go and wait in the hall. I was not having any idea what she is going to do. I was waiting for in the hall and it was almost 10 minutes. She comes wearing her marriage saree and she was looking dam hot in it. I said what happened dear to which she smiled and will you just follow me, please.

I followed her and she took me to worship place in her house. Where she told me to marry her as a secret husband. I was happy and took sindor and applied it on her forehead. She then touched my feet and said from now I am all yours. You can come and fuck me when you want.

I took her in my arms and said from today you will never feel horny or sad as I will make sure that you’re happy in all the ways. We kissed each other. And I left promising that I will back tonight. From that day I fuck her whenever I want.

Please send me your feedback and suggestion to improve my writing. In the next part, I will tell you how I made her go with me for a 3 days trip to Goa and fucked her on the beach.

So, anyone can contact me on [email protected] via email or hangout. And any female feels safe to contact me as I will keep safe your identity safe and secret. And guys please don’t ask me her photo as I won’t share it at all. As I like to keep her identity secret. I hoped you liked my story and enjoyed it. Thanks.

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