Indian Sex Stories Kasthuri : A New Beginning – Part 2 (Ayan, Her Boss)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Kasthuri : A New Beginning – Part 2 (Ayan, Her Boss)

Chapter 2 – 18th May, 10 am.

Kasthuri woke up with a start. She felt such a terrible headache that she could hardly bear the pain. She sat up. She was in a complete mess, trying to remember what had happened last night. She painfully opened her eyes and took on her surroundings.

It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the morning light. But she couldn’t recognize her surroundings. A headache was getting heavier, and then her eyes fell on the person beside her on the bed. She was shocked to see Ayan lying on the bed beside her. She jumped out of the bed.

She was completely naked and she instantly grabbed the bed cover to cover herself. What was going on? She asked herself. How did she end up naked with Ayan? Oh my God, what had she done last night? Her heart started racing as she felt clueless about last night.

She looked around and found her panties lying on the floor. She quickly grabbed it and started putting it on. Her legs were all sticky and gooey from their juices from last night. She spotted them and looked at them in disgust. She looked around but couldn’t find the rest of her clothes.

But her mind was still disgusted from what she realized looking at the sticky juices on her legs. She immediately headed to the bathroom. Locking the door carefully from inside, she looked at herself on the mirror. Once again the image of Ayan lying naked and next to her flashed in her mind, and tears started rolling immediately.

She went under the shower and started rubbing and rinsing every part of her body. She felt disgusted from what she thought may have happened last night. Kasthuri came out half an hour later. Ayan was still asleep. She had covered herself with one of his gowns.

She tiptoed outside to the lounge and thanked God for finding the rest of her clothes lying on the lounge floor. She picked them up, dressed up quickly and carefully so that she didn’t wake Ayan up. And then she silently left his apartment without saying goodbye.

The guards stared at her with a knowing smile as she left the building society. Stopped an auto and headed back home. Her headache was still intense, but she hardly felt it anymore. A stronger and burning feeling of guilt was consuming her as the auto progressed towards her home.

Ayan woke up an hour later, slightly startled for not finding Kasthuri anywhere. He called her on mobile, but she didn’t answer. He called her multiple times, left her many messages. But she didn’t answer to any of them. It left Ayan utterly confused on what might have happened.

19th May, Monday.

Ayan was completely anxious when he came to office. Kasthuri had not replied to any of his messages or called him back so far. He was completely puzzled what may have happened. He came to office hoping to find her and ask what was wrong. But her desk was empty. That annoyed him even further.

He headed to his cabin and got busy with work. A few hours later, he was busy in a call when the office boy came to give his tea. He looked up and asked if Kasthuri had come, and the boy nodded in confirmation. Ayan waited for the boy to leave, and then he finished his call.

Then looked through his blinds and saw Kasthuri at her desk – working at her PC, with a serious look on her face. She was wearing a saree. But immediately her naked image from the other night flashed in his mind. He felt aroused just by looking at her. He went back at his desk and called her on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri replied from the other side.

“Kasthuri, can you come to my cabin please?” Ayan said in a slightly terse way.

“I am currently busy, it is urgent?” Kasthuri asked, clearly in an irritated tone.

“Yes, it is urgent, please see me immediately” Ayan too replied in a heavier voice. No matter what had happened, Ayan was still her boss. And if she had come to the office, she had no way to avoid him at work. So Kasthuri got up and then walked to his cabin.

“May I come in, sir?” she asked in a formal tone. She had never taken his permission to come to his cabin before. She clearly looked irritated. “Yes please” Ayan responded, and as soon as she came in.

He got up from his chair and walked in her direction, “What happened, I called you, messaged you so many times, where were you?” He asked with a genuine concern in his voice.

“Please sir” Kasthuri stopped him from coming any closer, “What happened that night shouldn’t have happened. I don’t know how it happened, but it shouldn’t have happened.”

“But Kasthuri, I didn’t force myself on you, you were willing,” Ayan tried to explain, startled with Kasthuri’s behavior. “Please, I don’t know how it happened. Please don’t mention it. Please don’t make it any more difficult for me here,” she added.

Then she left the room without even waiting for Ayan’s reaction. He looked on, through his blinds, as she went back to her desk. He looked at her, her body, and once again that night flashed back in his mind. And he immediately lowered the blind and returned to his desk. Still confused and puzzled with what may have happened.

Then days passed by. But still, the mystery around Kasthuri’s weird behavior remained unsolved. Ayan tried a number of times in between to make things normal, but all his attempts went in vain. He had said a number of messages saying sorry, and requesting to remain friends.

But all his messages remained unanswered. So much so that even her other colleagues started noticing the change in her behavior. Her best friend in the office, Poulomi, was the first to notice that she was behaving differently with Ayan. So one day she asked her directly if something was wrong between them.

But Kasthuri denied any such thing completely and said it was just normal, nothing unusual. Poulomi told her that they all feel that Ayan had a weakness towards her. So she wanted to check if he had proposed and that may have upset her further. Kasthuri denied any such speculations and said it was nothing as such.

But then Poulomi advised that if she was her, she would have gladly accepted if Ayan had proposed. To which Kasthuri started teasing her to change the topic for the time being. No matter how much Kasthuri tried, someone or the other would push her to it.

She was slowly getting irritated with so many of her colleagues suddenly becoming so interested in her personal life. They were giving her unwarranted advice, especially the ones who were speculating about things between her and Ayan. No matter what she tried, she was simply not able to shake the things off.

Ayan too had been sending her messages and often flowers to her home apologizing and asking for one more chance at the friendship they had. One evening she was alone at home. It was quite late too, almost eleven in the night. She was about to go to the bed when the door-bell rang.

Kasthuri was slightly startled. It was an unusual time to have guests. She approached the door and checked through the peephole. Ayan was standing outside, he looked anxious.

“Ayan what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Please Kasthuri, open the door I want to talk to you,” he replied.

“No Ayan, it’s very late, go home, there is nothing left to talk between us,” she replied adamantly.

“No Kasthuri, I will not go before I get my answers,” he responded angrily.

Kasthuri opened the door and let him in. “Make it quick. What do you want to know?” she once again sounded very irritated.

“What happened to you? We had such a great time together last time. What went wrong? Why are you behaving like this?” he demanded to know.

“That night was an accident. Please don’t remind me about that night anymore. I want to forget that night ever occurred,” she said. Ayan looked at her in utter dismay.

“An accident? You call that night an accident?” Ayan asked her in disbelief. But he was not looking for an answer. He had grabbed her hands asking the same thing over and over.

“Ayan please, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out as he grabbed her tightly and pushed her to the nearest wall. He had her pinned completely against the wall so that she couldn’t move.

“This is hurting you? What about the pain you are causing me for the last few days” Ayan cried out in rage. Kasthuri looked at him in disbelief, still writhing in pain. “You are mine Kasthuri. You are mine, and nothing can come between us” he said and turned her around.

“What are you doing, leave me, you are hurting me” Kasthuri cried out in pain once again. But it was too late. Ayan grabbed his handkerchief from the pocket and used it to tie her hands at her back. “Please, stop. What are you doing” Kasthuri cried in desperate plea when she realized what was going on. But to no avail.

Ayan tied her and then turned her around. Raw lust reflected from his eyes as he looked at her carefully. She was wearing a short nightdress and felt helpless with her hands bound behind her back. Ayan once again pushed and pinned her against the wall and started kissing her on the lips. Kasthuri couldn’t stop him. Ayan kissed her, and pushed his tongue inside her mouth, making her feel more uncomfortable.

He then stopped but looked at her again with the same lustful eyes. Kasthuri was feeling more scared. Ayan then grabbed her nightgown and yanked at her so hard that the threads gave up. The piece of clothes tore off instantly. Ayan pulled the two sides apart until the gown was completely torn into two pieces, exposing her naked body.

“Told you, you are mine, nothing can come between us,” Ayan said in a proud tone. He picked her in his arms and carried her inside to the bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and immediately took off his own clothes and imposed himself on her.

He started fondling and pressing her breasts and sucking her nipples the same way as he did on the other night. Occasionally reaching down and rubbing his hands on her vagina. He sucked her hard again, making her aroused and feel orgasmic all over again. Kasthuri wanted to protest but all she could manage was a feeble mumbling as her own desires overwhelmed her.

She started whimpering as Ayan continued sucking her and rubbing her hand on her vagina. His own cock, once again erects and hard, poking at her and waiting for its turn. He didn’t keep her waiting for long. Soon he took his position between her legs, forcing them wide open, and then expertly guiding his tool deep inside her once again.

Kasthuri let out a large moan as he reached the deepest part of her body, and started pumping her in a known, assuring rhythm. Ayan also continued kissing and licking all over her body – her face, her neck, her shoulder, her breasts, and her tummy.

He was making her completely wet with his saliva whilst his cock was making her wet inside. Soon his thrusts grew harder in intensity as he once again took her near climax. “YOU ARE MINE, UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE MINE,” Ayan shouted on her face.

Kasthuri suddenly got up startled. She was all sweaty and alone in her room. She looked around carefully, there was no one there. Her heart was still beating very fast. It was a dream. A dream which has left her completely in sweat and aroused. This was the fifth time in two weeks when she had such dreams involving Ayan.

She sat up and drank a glass of water. She took her phone and saw a few unread messages from Ayan. She opened them. And she opened his profile picture, looking at her smiling face. Unconsciously her hand reached down and she started touching herself. Once again she thought about the night with him.

She harbored absolutely no feelings for him. But she didn’t know how she ended up like that with him. As much as she could recall the night, she enjoyed it a lot. So much passion, so much heat, so many emotions. And once again she helped her ease into an orgasm, thinking about the night with Ayan.

06th June, Friday.

Twenty days have passed since that night but yet Ayan has not got an answer why Kasthuri started behaving indifferently since that night. He had almost learned to live with it now. Kasthuri too, despite continued having those wet dreams, had not made any attempt to reconcile or talk to Ayan.

Even her colleagues had given up hope by then. But there was a different hubbub at work on that day. 9th June was Ayan’s birthday, and the staff was collecting contributions to buy something nice for the boss for his present.

“I hope you remember its boss’s birthday on Monday,” Poulomi brought up the topic in the morning. But Kasthuri remained silent. “No I meant, I was reminding you for the contribution.” Kasthuri opened her purse, took a currency note of five hundred out and offered it to Poulomi.

“You could have given it nicely too,” Poulomi teased her slightly, “And you are also welcome for the surprise party we are planning for Sunday night.” But Kasthuri rolled her eyes showing that she was not interested.

“You know what would be a nice present for him from you?” Poulomi brought up the topic once again. Kasthuri looked clearly annoyed, but she hardly cared. “Yourself,” and she burst into laughter.

“Come on, we all know that he likes you,” Poulomi defended herself when Kasthuri gave her an annoying look. “And it’s his birthday, he deserves something special baby.” She nudged Kasthuri at the shoulder slightly. And Kasthuri simply nodded her head in disgust.

“Saturday at 8 pm, don’t forget. It’s his birthday after all” Poulomi reminded her one last time as Kasthuri was about to leave. But she once again rolled her eyes, showing complete lack of interest.

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