Indian Sex Stories My Incest Sex Story – Part 2 (Sexy Whore Sonia)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Incest Sex Story – Part 2 (Sexy Whore Sonia)

Hi friends, this is Adeev back again with a new sex story about my wife’s niece Sonia who was living with us to pursue her studies in Mumbai.

This is in continuation of my previous story which describes how she was attracted to my raw sexuality since my wife was sick and couldn’t fulfill my desires. So, one fine evening, I dominated Sonia and we had a mutual agreement that if she wants to live in my house and pursue her studies, she will be my mistress and will have to satisfy me.

Those readers who haven’t read my previous story should know that Sonia is now 19 years old and a voluptuous chubby girl and as she has grown into an adult.

Sonia has a beautiful curvaceous body of a woman but a fire of a teenager. She has beautiful dusky complexion and hairs down till her bra strap on the back. This sexy Indian girl has big brown eyes and small round lips. Her figure being slightly chubby is 36-30-38.

I personally can’t resist a girl like this as she walks in leggings or salwar. I ooze precum whenever I stare at her jiggling ass from left to right. Sonia being a modest girl wears suit and salwar at home. But as she started going college, her suits have become tighter and stylish, tantalizing boys by showing off her figure.

This happened two weeks back when I was back from my business trip after a month. She was there in my room to take care of my sick wife. She was sitting on my workstation and studying with an eye on my wife.

As I came home, I entered my room. My wife’s niece was about to leave considering the fact that I might need some privacy but I insisted her to stay. I didn’t wake up my wife and sat on a sofa near her.

Then I made myself a drink and started enjoying it. I was looking at her and kept having my scotch one by one. I was intoxicated and now getting horny too after staring at her.

Sonia was studying in the light of a table lamp and as the light was falling on her skin, it was glowing. I was checking out her boobs from the side. Her suit had stretched to the limits and I could see her black bra underneath her white suit clearly.

Her white salwar was also pretty thin and I was trying to figure out her pantie line. From the side, I could see her fleshy thighs inside the salwar. Man, I was super-hot. I hadn’t touched a girl for a month and I wanted her then and there.

I stood up and went behind her seat. Sonia was aware that I was there but couldn’t say or look into my eyes as she was also aware that I was drunk by now. She was trying to avoid eye contact or any reaction. Because she knew if I wanted something, she can’t say ‘No’. I kept my hand on her shoulder and I could feel her nervousness. I squeezed her shoulder softly.

Sonia called, “Uncle” (in a whispering tone).

I started massaging both her shoulders with my hands and with the firmness of my grip, she understood my intentions. My hands moved forward caressing her body and I was rubbing her big boobs which were tightly gripped inside her suit. She closed her eyes and tried to resist showing any reaction. Now I squeezed her boobs firmly with both my hands.

“Ahhhhhhhhh”, she moaned.

I slipped my hand in her tight suit and right into the cup of her black bra and grabbed her boob. It was sweaty and my cold hand brought her some relief. I started squeezing and rubbing her nipple with my finger.

“Ummmm”, she was trying hard not to moan. “Aunt is sleeping here”, she said.

I pushed my two fingers in her mouth to shut her up and pinched her nipples with my hand that was playing inside her bra.

“Bitch, stop preaching me”, I whispered.

Suddenly, my wife who was sleeping in the bed, turned around and was facing us now. She was in deep sleep due to the medication but it was risky to fondle and exploit her favourite niece there. I had other plans which demanded privacy. So I grabbed her by her shoulder and pushed her down. She couldn’t figure out what I wanted and slipped from the chair and was on her knees.

I grabbed her ponytails and pushed her down on the floor to be on all fours like a bitch. Then I gave her angry look to be like that and follow me.

I grabbed her by her hairs and walked out of the room. She followed me on all fours like an obedient bitch. I guided her to my study room and shut the door. She was aroused, sad and embarrassed by my such behaviour. She stayed in the doggy position because I didn’t give her permission to stand up.

I sat on my sofa and called her, “Come here, my little bitch”.

And as she came towards me, I enjoyed the view of her juggling ass. I pulled her by her arms and made her lay on my lap with face down. I wanted to play with her lovely round ass. She thought I was going to spank her. But I missed her lovely ass for a month and I wanted to know did she missed me or not. I placed my right palm on her ass and squeezed it.

“Ouchhh”, she moaned and lowered her face in shyness. But I grabbed her by hairs and pulled them to lift her face.

“Look at me, I want to see how much you like it”. Then I ran my middle finger between her ass cheeks over the clothes. But her salwar was so thin she could feel my rough fingers on her asshole through pantie and salwar.

I started rubbing her asshole and pussy too. My wife’s niece was not able to control her reaction to my rough touches. She closed her eyes and her face was turning red. But somehow she held her lips tightly. She thought that if she didn’t show any reaction, I will leave her. But it was making me wilder.

“Do you like it?? Do you like your uncle’s hand inside your pantie?”

I was asking her but she was speechless. I could feel her body shivering with my foreplay but she was too arrogant to admit. So I was annoyed and I just ripped off her salwar down to her knees and spanked her.


I spanked her ass good until she screamed.


Then I slapped her pussy too over the pantie.

“Please uncle, stop it. I can’t control” she begged. But I was not in the mood to stop. I turned her over on the back and came down on the floor. Then I lowered her pantie and planted my face between her fleshy fair thighs.

I was rubbing and fingering her asshole now. My tongue was on her pussy. I was so much thirsty for this young lady’s cum. I was finger fucking her asshole with my middle finger and my tongue was flickering on her clitoris.


Sonia started pulling my hairs now like crazy. She initially hated my treating like a little slut but now she was enjoying my tongue going in and out of her pussy like a whore. She was moving her crotch like a lusty lady and she spread her legs wide to give me more room for deeper penetration.

I pointed my tongue and shoved in her asshole and licked up till her pussy. She was going crazy.

“Ummmm uncle, don’t stop.. Don’t stop”.
“I so much need this”.
“I missed you so much between my legs”.
“Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh”.

And she cum very hard and I enjoyed every bit of it. Now I pulled her down on the floor and I stood tall as it was her turn. She was already and horny for me now. She took off her suit too and was only in her bra.

I order her to undress me. She quickly grabbed my trousers and took them off. Then she lowered my jockey and my cock jumped out. I was all red and hot with all the foreplay and its head was glowing with my precum.

“Eat me, my slut”, I commanded.

And she put her tongue under my balls and licked all the way up to the tip and then she licked its precum.

“Ummmmm, I love it”.

Her mouth was stretched to its limits when she tried to engulf my 7″ cock with her lips.

She struggled but managed to take its head in her mouth. She was sucking it so good. I was loving it. I recorded her expressions on my cell phone. She was sucking like a horny slut and was not camera shy.

She was not able to take more than 2″ and so I pushed her head little down, grabbed her cheeks with my hand and started fucking her mouth.

“Auuuuuuuucccckkkkk”. She was not able to breathe so I pulled out.

Now she grabbed it and tried to took it deeper. She was learning to serve her master better. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed deeper and she gagged.

“Auuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk”, she was panting.

“Bitch, don’t you stop until I cum”, I shouted at her. She knew she must have to make me cum before she can think of anything else. So she sat between my legs and started licking under my balls.

Oh god!! Sonia knew my weakness. She was rubbing my asshole and licking it too. She did this for got 10 minutes and then pouted her lips and started rubbing them on my cock.

Sonia was looking so beautiful rubbing her lips on my cock. Her classmates craved for her lips and my little whore was rubbing them on my cock. She then pulled my foreskin and started licking my cock’s head. I slapped my cock on her chubby cheeks which were all wet with her saliva. Sonia sucked me good for another 10 minutes.

“I am so tired, you aren’t cumming”, she complained. But I was hungry for a month.

“OK, come and ride me.”

Sonia was delighted as she was craving for my rod for so long now.

I sat on the sofa and she came on me facing me and grabbed my face and shoved in her plump breast.

She grabbed my cock and guided it in her oozing pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned in relief as my head penetrated her pussy.

I unhooked her bra and started sucking her boobs like a kid. She was shoving her big boobs in my mouth and jumping on my cock. I was grabbing and supporting her by holding her lovely ass as she was jumping on my cock up and down.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I was slapping and pinching her ass cheeks. Whenever she slowed down, I bit her nipples.

“Ummm uncle, stop teasing me”. She cummed again and I could feel her juices gushing over my cock. I was about to cum too. “Ahhhhhhhh, in your mouth, in your mouth”, I commanded.

She quickly moved and started rubbing my cock furiously trying to avoid taking my load in her mouth. But I forcefully pushed it in her mouth and fucked it again.


I cummed so hard that I filled her mouth with my cum. She couldn’t take it and the cum dripped from her lips. I kept my finger on her lips and stared into her eyes.

“Swallow it”.

She did that in disgust. Then she crashed on the sofa assuming this ordeal was over. But, I had other plans. To be continued.

Friends, if you like this story let me know through comments and I will publish the next part too, soon.

This story is written by [email protected] Girls and Ladies, I am waiting for your comments and you can reach out to me for chat or fun.

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