Indian Sex Stories A Small Favor And A Great Experience

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
A Small Favor And A Great Experience

Dear readers, today I am going to narrate an incident which contains some fantasy as well. But I am sure this is going to give you a good time. So here it goes. I work in an IT company and I am a chain smoker. My current office does not have designated smoking area.

So we have to step out of the premises for a smoke. This incident is about a guy whom I met at the smoking shop and how I followed him to parking where we made love. That was a very hectic day as my manager was being too difficult for me and was trying to make my day harder.

I already had three cigarettes since morning. It was just quarter past noon and went outside again for a smoke. I found a spot under the tree and lit the cigarette. There I saw a few guys dressed formally coming out of the office across the street. There was one guy who caught my attention.

He must be around 25 and 5’8″ tall. It looked that he isn’t a regular gym guy but his slim fit shirt was highlighting his well-shaped torso. As he came near the shop I appreciated his dressing sense. His dark grey shirt with off-white anti-wrinkle nylon pants was complementing his overall appearance.

As he came closer his face became more clear. I noticed nicely a trimmed beard and mustache circling his dark pink lips. His sharp nose and long eyebrows were making him no less than a model. He bought a cigarette and came near me and stood facing opposite side.

I scanned his back and realized his nice shaped butts. I have seen many guys with great ass but this one was different. I started to figure the outline of his underwear but couldn’t find that. As he turned around, I was amazed to see the outline of his limp dick.

I could easily see how big his limp penis was and how clearly his mushroom head was visible. I wasn’t able to find if he was limp or in a semi-erect state. But I was constantly staring at the crotch. He found a small bench and sat on that. I was again amazed to see how huge the crotch is.

He caught me looking at him. But then I turned immediately and pretended to be natural. I couldn’t resist myself from him. So I turned again and found him scratching his balls. He’s now standing and scratching his balls in such a way that his entire penis could be traced.

He again caught me but this time he smiled at me. I got the clue and I walked towards him and said, “Hi.” We had a small chat. I got to know that he came for an interview. He is now heading to his room which is just 5 minutes of drive. He told me that he’s quite frustrated with his luck.

He was not very confident if he’ll get the job this time too. He wanted to know the real reason for him not getting a job since he finished his college 3 months back. I gave him a few tips for the interview. But he said he’s more interested in me taking his mock interview in a more formal way and give him feedback.

I said that I can take his mock interview and help him in improving the soft skills. He requested me to come to his room and discuss it with him. I knew this is going very fast and didn’t have any clue where this is going to end. I checked my watch and it was already time to go home.

So I said that I can come with him to CCD or Starbucks and have an interview there. He insisted to go to his room as there would not be any disturbance and I agreed. I went back to my desk, grabbed my stuff and car keys and took him and went to his room.

When we reached there, I realized that the room is quite neat and tidy and was smelling nice. I appreciated how organized his room is and placed my stuff on the side table. His room was not very big but had a small corner dedicated to kitchen and TV, fridge, window AC, two chairs and a double bed.

The bathroom is attached to the room and I asked him if I can use that. I freshened up. When I came back I saw him wearing only boxer shorts and holding a hand towel and the AC was switched on. I thanked him and said, “Let’s start the interview.”

He said, “Ok but do you want anything to drink.” I replied, “No thank you but can we quickly start as I have to go somewhere in an hour.” He said that he is looking for specific points for the feedback and we sat formally. He then pulled the chair and offer the seat to me. He comfortably jumped on the bed.

He sat folding his legs in such a way that I could see the darkness inside his boxers. I asked him a few questions like introduce yourself and alike. He was answering them but his focus was more on scratching his balls and massaging his thighs. I was getting a hard-on.

One because of the AC and two and more importantly because of this hottie sitting half-naked in front of me. I adjusted my crouch and placed my feet on the bed. Now my feet were just a few inches away from his thighs and he completely ignored it. I was a little hesitant.

I had my socks on and was wondering how that might be smelling. He told me to be comfortable and remove my socks. Before I could say anything he took my foot and placed on his thighs and removed my socks. He was very cheerful and smelled my socks and said, “Don’t be so embarrassed. Your socks not too smelly.”

I laughed. He took another foot and placed it on his crotch and removed another sock. I was about to remove my foot but then he started messaging my foot. He was doing all this while answering questions that I was asking. I realized that I now have a hard-on which is very much visible from my trousers.

I placed my hands on my crotch and he kept massaging my foot. Then he placed it on his dick which was almost in a semi-hard state. I realized that now there is no need for an interview. I slightly pressed his dick and felt it growing. We both were horny. I could feel from my hard on and his hard dick.

But one had to take the initiative. So I stood up and said let me take out my trousers as I am not very comfortable. He immediately came closer and tried to unbutton my belt. I helped him. My hard-on was very clearly visible and his hard dick was making a tent on his boxers.

While he was undoing my trousers I touched his dick and pressed it a bit. He looked into my eyes and then pushed my trousers in one go that my underwear also came down and my dick came out like a tower. He smiled and I signaled him to take it in his mouth.

He took my penis in his hands and then took some saliva on his finger and started making circles on my mushroom head. I, on the other hand, removed his boxer and he was naked too. I jumped to the bed and pushed him and climbed on his chest. I took my dick and slammed on his lips.

He behaved like a slutty whore who is dying to take it in his mouth. I turned and saw his dick which was as fair as he was and clean shaved. He got a decent size penis and mine was a little bigger than his. He was giving me a good blow job while I was trying to hold his dick from the back.

But it was not a very comfortable position so I said, “Let’s do 69.” I told him that I want to lie on the bed and he should now climb on me. He did that without any pause. Now I had his balls hanging on my face. I first tried to smell it. It was the smell of manhood.

Then slowly I licked his balls and then moved to his dick. Whatever I was doing he was also doing the same. If I lick his balls he would also lick mine. It was getting great till I shoved a finger up in his ass. He did not copy me this time but rather moaned a little.

He then said for the first time, “I have a boyfriend who fucks me every day but he’s out of town for a month. I have been craving for this from last two weeks.” I said, “Well that’s nice because I am going to give to a good fuck.” I pushed him and he rolled to the bed lying on his back.

I stood up and applied some saliva on his hole and shoved two fingers inside. He said, “You know how to warm up well. Do you have a partner?” I replied, “That is not your business bitch.” I took a condom from my wallet and put that on and shoved it in his ass.

He screamed and then that converted into moans. I was fucking his ass in doggie position and he was just moaning and stroking his dick. I fucked him for 15 minutes and rolled him. Now he’s on his back. I started fucking him and was stroking his dick as well.

I asked him if he’s about to cum as I was very close to cum. He told me that he’s about to cum. I took out my dick and removed the condom and took both the dick on my hands and started stroking them. He and I came almost at the same time and it was all on his chest.

He picked some of the cum and first smelled it and then licked it. He offered me to lick that but I refused. I told him that I have to rush as someone is waiting for me. I got dressed without cleaning my dick but he said let me clean your penis. He came closer to me and licked my dick completely from all sides.

Then he said, “Put on your pants, you are now clean.” I smile and said, “Don’t expect me to clean your dick right now because if I do so then I won’t be able to stop myself from another round of lovemaking. I am getting very late.” We both laughed in unison.

He put on his boxers and tee and came to drop me to my car. He asked me if we could exchange phone numbers and meet again. But then I told him that it is very difficult to find a loyal companion. So if we meet again he might fall in for me and leave his current buddy.

I told him that I do not want to meet with him again like this and spoil his current relationship. He deeply appreciated my thoughts and gave me a tight hug and said, “If I want to meet you as a friend how would I find you?” I told him that he can find me the way he found me today.

We shook hands and I got into my car and drove off.

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