Indian Sex Stories Massage Session With A Cuckold Couple In Chennai

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Massage Session With A Cuckold Couple In Chennai

Hi readers, I am back with a new experience with a couple from Chennai. For new readers and those who do not know me, I am Sai. Studying in NIT Trichy, 24 and doing massage as I like to give pleasure and have fun while doing it. I have explored many girls, aunties, and couples too and provided fun to them.

Coming to the experience. I was contacted through email by Mr.K regarding the massage service which I provide. They read my stories and liked the experiences which I gave earlier. We were exchanging all the personal details and were chatting in Hangouts about each other.

They are a Tamil Brahmin couple aged 40 and 34 named Mr.K and Mrs.K (confidentiality). They had a decent married life and kids too. Due to a reduction in sexual life, they decided to explore some new ideas and thought to go for a massage. Then they contacted me and explained about the situation.

I too liked to provide and decided to have a session in Chennai at their home on a weekend. As I reached Chennai, I informed them and they were prepared too. I reached their home. Mr.K and I were talking and then S came out to give juice. He was a bit fair and white but she was very fair (perks of a Brahmin).

But a bit plumpy side with fat at right places. She was wearing a green saree and kind of looking hot. I greeted her and praised her for her beauty and size. She has a size of 34c 34 36. Her ass was perfect. I then told them to be free and asked them her to be ready for the massage.

Mr.K then told me to get fresh. He told to complete the massage to S first while he watches the session, and later continues it. I then changed into shorts and came out to see her in just bra and panty. I had never seen that much fair body for women. My dick rose up as soon as I saw her like that.

We shared a laugh and got on to the bed. Mr. K and I arranged all the items while she was waiting on the bed. I then told to lay on her belly. So that I’ll do her back massage and then come to the front. As she laid back, I took some warm oil. I started with her feet for some time and came to her thighs.

I was using my fingers efficiently to massage the full length of the thighs. She was getting excited. I was using my fingers and giving light pinches at the end while reaching the panty. I was not completely sitting on her but just over her so that she can feel my dick on her legs.

Then I didn’t touch her ass but came to the front and to her shoulder. I was in front of her in such a way that she can clearly see my dick. While massaging and I can feel her breath. I used a smooth material to rub her shoulder with oil and massaged her initially.

Then I took a steel cup and took an ice cube in it. I applied on to the shoulder. As soon as I kept that, she gave a light groan and saw my dick. I saw her hubby Mr.K enjoying the massage and told to continue. Then I removed the clasp of the bra and started to massage entire back with the ice cup.

I am back sitting on her without resting. Now my dick is fully moving on her back and top of ass cheeks. When I am going towards the side of the waist and to the boobs, she started giving light moans. I applied more dick on to her ass at that time. I came down to her ass and removed her panty as she lifted her legs.

I was having a treat in front of my eyes. I couldn’t control and pressed them hard. She gave a loud moan and lifted her ass up so that my dick is touching her cheeks. Then she told me to remove the shorts and continue. I was waiting for it. I got up in a flash and removed and got back on her immediately.

This time I am applying pressure through my dick on to her ass gap while pressing the ass cheeks and giving oil massage to it. She was enjoying thoroughly as me and Mr.K too. Then I told her it is time to do massage for the front part and told her to lay on her back.

As soon as she turned front, there was the sight of nice boobs with beautiful pussy which is cleanly shaven. I praised her for her sexy assets and she was blushing for it. As I was going to massage her face and shoulder, she stopped me and told to sit on her like earlier and do the massage.

I too liked it and sat on her pussy directly with my dick touching her. Then she raised her pussy as if like waiting for the touch of my dick. I wanted to tease her. So I started to rub my ass and dick on her pussy making her moan for it. Then I bent in front and gave a sensual light kiss on her lips.

She didn’t expect it and was surprised but happy also as her reaction was just to blush. I started massaging her face and giving kisses in between to her face. She was enjoying and blushing throughout the massage. When I came to her neck and shoulder region, and massaging her.

She held my head and had a deep and passionate French kiss. Then I understood she has a weak point in her neck region. I started kissing her neck and she started moaning loud. We continued it for some time. Then I controlled myself to complete the massage.

Then started my favorite part, her boobs – round and sexy. I started to use my fingers again at first around the boobs and not pressing them. She became very horny and lifting her ass to meet my dick. I was dry humping her. Then I took an ice cube and started to rub around the boobs and on the nipple.

She shouted loud and holding the bed hard as soon as I kept it on her nipple. Now I wanted to take it to the next level. So I told her husband to tie her hands and legs to the cot. Then I started to press her boobs rough and hard. Also, I was keeping the pressure at her pussy with my dick.

She was unable to control and having maximum pleasure. Then I pinched the nipples and flicked them. Guys, when we go from soft to hard and rough, the pleasure goes explicable. Then I started to lick her boobs and press them hard. I continued until she had an orgasm with this pleasure.

I released her and took her to take a bath along with me. I completely bathed her and told her to control. Mr. K was unaware of this sexual side of his wife. She became very horny and then I cleaned her and brought her back to the finale. I again took ice cube dipped in chocolate and gave it to her.

She licked it and gave a long kiss to me. Then I took it and started with the thigh massage as I also wanted to complete it fast to have a taste of the pussy. I then took an ice cube with chocolate in my mouth. I was massaging her like my fingers are going in parallel with the mouth.

She held my head hard and started moaning again. I then did like this with shifting between thighs and then went to the pussy region. I saw Mr. K started masturbating by seeing his wife treated like that. I went to her and gave a kiss, pressed her boobs. Then I came back to her pussy.

I gave a kiss on her pussy too and I started applying more pressure. This time I was also horny and started finger fucking her. I was rotating my fingers inside her pussy and kissing the clit. She held my head and pressed more on to the mound. I slept on the bed and started licking her pussy and pressing her boobs.

She was very excited and she came in a short time. Even then I did not stop and continued licking her. Then I got on to her and asked whether she has given a blow job anytime and interested? But she replied no. So I didn’t force her and wanted to fuck her.

I laid on her and started with a kiss and pressing her boobs and she became extremely in sync to me. Then I started to insert my dick into her pussy and it was a bit tight. Then I understood that they had very less sex and never experienced this pleasure. I slowly inserted till full length.

She was moaning and told to do it calmer. I waited for some time and kissed her and pinched her boobs and then I decided to take on. I then started to take my dick out. And suddenly inserted full length deep into the pussy and giving and deep strokes which were slow at the start and quick at the end.

She started to shout bad words which made me horny and left Mr. K with a surprise. I then increased the pace and fucked her hard for less time. She was having the enormous pleasure and kissing me. I made it slow again as I wanted to last long.

So I got up and turned her into doggy style and inserted again with deep fucking rhythm. She started moaning again and loud with each stroke. I held her with one hand and spanking ass with other. I continued it for a long time and was unable to control cumming.

She also told she was cumming. I did not wait for her reply and came inside her along with her. We both fell on the bed exhausted. I took her face, gave a deep kiss and asked her about the experience. She gave a smile and I could understand everything in that.

Mr. K also enjoyed a lot watching his wife getting pleasure. I then told her to come to bath and again fucked her in the shower. He asked me to stay another day with them and explore more. I then gave Mr. K a massage.

I taught her how to give a blowjob and gave some tips to her husband to satisfy her. We all enjoyed the time and loved the experience. Readers who like my story and want to give feedback about massage or want to contact me about massage can mail me at [email protected] Hoping for your feedback.

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