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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Tennis Aunty Liked My Fucking

Hello to all the Indian Sex Stories readers and editors and of course to the authors who are going to read my story. If there are any mistakes committed by me in writing this story please forgive me. About myself, I’m Vikram Sploosh Machine, from Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati.

Coming to the story.

This story happened last year when I went to Hyderabad for coaching. As I am a bachelor, I had to find rooms. I got one rented room near Masab tank. And there is a tennis a court near my place. I used to play tennis at my college. I know how to play tennis.

So, I joined there and played tennis in the morning from 6:00 to 7:30. And daily it’s a routine for me. I got some friends there. We are a group of 4 friends and I used to play with them daily. One day I went to play tennis in the morning and no friends were there with me to play.

I found one girl and I asked her will you join me. She without hesitating joined me. We played 3 matches and a few days later we became friends. I introduced her to my friends and their friends. We became friends. Now starts the real erotic story that happened really in my life.

This is not a fake story like other authors write. I think this is a long story so be patient and read. The story will be interesting. I used to go to the tennis court on by my bike. One day, I didn’t bring my bike. She saw me waiting and asked where are you going. I said about my bike condition and she said that I will drop you.

I felt happy and I thought why should I miss the chance. Then I agreed. At first sight, I saw her boobs much closer. I felt very happy about it. Later I scanned her total structure like ‘Robo2. 0’ advanced and thought she would be unmarried. But I asked about herself as she would be busy. I had no time to talk on the tennis court. She told that she was married and had a child.

I was shocked to hear that. I felt bad about it. But later she used to drop me like this for some days, like the same way I used to stare at her boobs. She seemed not to notice. I don’t know she noticed or not but she used to ask about my family and background. One day I touched her boobs while she was bending for something in the car.

I thought she would think me weird and scold. But that didn’t happen. The next day she asked my number and I gave it. I didn’t ask her number. On that day itself, it happened again. She bent again. I touched her boobs. But this time she caught my attention and saw a rise my in pants.

She was staring at it. I felt ashamed that she would not talk to me. But she didn’t do anything like what I felt in my mind. I was in silence for 2 minutes. The next thing happened. I had no thought that this would happen in my life. She suddenly touched my track pant. And got hold of it.

I was shocked by her behavior but she touched my cock with track pant on it and. I saw the lust in her eyes. I thought I should not waste my chance and proceeded further by straightaway kissing her lips. She was moving her hand slowly on my tack pant. I kissed her for 5 minutes.

She removed my track pant, started directly putting my sploosh machine in her mouth. And removing the skin on it to lick my lollipop shaped flower and precum on it. She tasted it. I think she liked the taste as she is a married woman. Then she started moving up and down like simple harmonic motion.

I started flowing out and then again I kissed her and touched her boobs with both my hands. And I felt the love of my life, as the boobs were soft like ice cream to be melted in my hands. Then I pressed it hard. And she was moaning. Soon we left that place and went to her house in a hurry like a hungry couple.

I entered her house then I thought not to rush. Let’s have some fun. Then we got freshened up. Then she came back with saree, drying her hair. I felt that she could be a wife for my lifetime and enjoy with her up to a lifetime. I went near her and kissed her by keeping my hand on her waist.

We kissed about 5-10 minutes. I thought the world is lying at her feet for all the beauty that she had. And the neck was an amazing part of a woman created by God. I licked it like chocolate and. Then we took it forward into her bedroom. And I removed her saree pin and saw the huge melons 34c.

It was amazing to view. I touched it like a hungry lion and kissed on it. She was moaning lightly. Then I removed her chains by removing her blouse. Then it was the clear view of her boobs. I pressed and licked it slowly for about 5 minutes. She was moaning.

Then using my hands, I touched her boobs. This was awesome. Then I threw her on to the bed. I went under her lange (Telegu) and kissed her thighs slowly. I went to see as if searching for a gold mine in the dark. And I found a panty. I kissed on it then slowly I licked on her panty.

She started moaning louder. Then I removed her panty and saw the hole. I kissed it licked with my tongue deep into her. She was moaning and was pushing my head deep into her pussy to get drilled. Then with a soft voice, she screamed.

Then the lassi was flowing from her pussy lips. She stood up, removed my pant and started stroking my hard cock. She was kissing all over my cock and putting my balls in her mouth. She was dominating me. She was sucking very hard and I stopped her so that I won’t cum faster.

Then she bent down on the bed and I placed my cock between her boobs. She massaged it with her boobs. I told her that I like the missionary position so she liked it. And then I touched her pussy with my cock. I applied some saliva on her pussy and slowly, I inserted into it.

First, it was paining for her. Then she was happy as the pain turned into pleasure. She was moaning loudly and saying, “Fuck me harder.” So I started stroking hard for 15 minutes. She started oozing her sploosh. Then we shifted our position to 69 position.

She licking my cock and I was licking her pussy. Then finally we tried the doggy style. Which I call dog fuck (fuck like a mad dog). I entered her from behind and fucked her by pulling her hair to and fro. Then we got tired and slept. After some time, we woke up and had shower sex. It was great. We fucked in her house in all the rooms.

I referred her to my tennis friend. In the next part, I will tell about it how my friend fucked her. Wish me good luck and. Please let me know if you like the story or not contact me [email protected], and you can contact me via Kik app – Dhanush b.

I am presently living in Andhra Pradesh anyone who is interested in legal relation can contact and get more fun.

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