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19 مايو 2016
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Hardcore Sex With My Friend’s Mom

Hi. Friends. I am again with a new story. The incident took place between me and my friend’s mom (Laxmi). All this happen when I was 19 and she might be around 48.

Me and my friend Kumar (name change) where childhood family friends. He used to stay with his uncle and aunty in Mumbai and his parent use to stay in Chennai. So it was our college vacation so we decided to go to Chennai to meet his parents.

When we reached there his mom opened the door. She was overjoyed by our presence. She greeted us with hugs and kisses. I never had a bad intention for her. Even I use to call her mom. She was an average lady and a housewife with religious thoughts.

One day my friend and his father had gone out for some registration work. So I was alone with mom. I was feeling a headache so I told mom. She told, “Come beta, I will give a head massage. You will feel better.” So I agreed. She sat on the chair and I was sitting on the floor between her two legs.

She poured oil on my head and started massaging. After a few minutes she told me to remove the t-shirt otherwise oil will spoil it. So I removed my t-shirt. She was impressed by seeing my body. She told you to have a nice body beta.

Really she was giving a good head massage. I told her, “Mom you’re doing great massage. I feel like to take full body massage.” She told, “Wait beta I will do if you want.”

“Yes, mom please,” I told her. She told me to remove my clothes and lie down on the floor. I removed all my clothes and I was wearing only my short boxer. She started giving a massage. When she reached the thigh part I started feeling something was going in my body.

I was feeling an erection and I was unable to hide it. So I closed my eyes and slowly watched moms expression. Mom noticed my erection. Her eyes were totally on that. While doing massage her hand started shivering. I asked, “Are you ok?” She told yes sure.

Mom asked me, “Are you wearing your underwear?” I told, “Yes but why mom.”

“Nothing your boxer is getting spoil because of the oil.”

I gathered some courage and asked, “Should I remove it?” Mom just nodded her head and told hmmm. I thought she is interested in seeing my tool. So I removed my boxer and underwear too.

Mom was shocked by seeing my naked erection. She shouted, “Hey what have you done? I mean to say just remove your boxer. Not the underwear.”

“Mom I thought oil will spoil my underwear too, so I removed it. Should I wear it again mom?”

Mom: No it’s ok. But your tool is very big it can make any women happy.

By hearing this I understood that she wants happiness from me. While she was massaging my inner thighs she was touching my dick randomly. So my dick was getting harder and harder. So seeing the situation I put a hand on her thigh.

She had no objection. So it built my courage more. So I started pressing her thigh and moved my hand towards her inner thigh. I touched pussy. There was a small moan. Again I touched her pussy this time she looked into my eyes and gave a smile.

Now she was showing interest in the act and was breathing heavily. Now I told mom why don’t you remove your saree it will get spoil because of oil. She told, “No I am ok.” I told mom, “You told me to remove my clothes I did so. You should also remove your saree it will spoil too.”

She told, “I am not wearing anything inside the saree.”

“Mom nobody is there here you can remove it. Even I am naked.”

“Ok, beta but anytime your friend Kumar and his father may come.”

“Ok, mom wait I will call Kumar and ask how much time it will take them to reach here.” So I called Kumar he told me that it will take another 2 hours for them to reach. I said ok.

I told mom we have enough time they won’t come before 2 hours. By telling this I started to remove her saree. She was hesitating but permitted me to remove her saree. She told, “Beta this will be between us no one should know about all this.”

“Ok, mom,” I said. Now she was nude in front of me only wearing her blouse. This time I tried to touch her pussy it was very hairy. She stopped by telling this is wrong and you are like my son dear. But her eyes where telling fuck me hard I am yours.

I told her I am like your son but not your son. By telling this I just grabbed her and kissed on her lips. She also cooperated. I was kissing and pressing her boobs over the blouse. She told to wait and unhooked her blouse.

It was like a balloon on milk. Now we both were fully nude and we were feeling the heat of each other’s body. She started kissing on my whole body holding my dick in hand. She started giving strokes. I was about to cum so I stopped her. I guided her head towards my dick.

She understood what I want her to do and she started sucking my dick like a pro. She was licking my testicles. I lay her down and made 69 position. When I touched my tongue to her pussy, her voice came out. It was full wet and juicy. She became wilder. I cum in her mouth.

But she did not stop until she was sucking my dick. I removed myself and stopped. We both were sweating very badly. I told her to sit on the chair and spread her legs. I started licking her pussy. She was screaming and moaning. She was pushing my head deeper into her pussy.

My face was fully wet from her juices. Now it was time to fuck her. So I inserted my dick without a condom. Oh god her pussy was burning. I was feeling the burn on my dick. She was moaning and shouting, “Oh dear fuck me hard. I love you, dear.”

I changed the position. I told her to bend like a dog and started fucking in a dog style. She was enjoying and moaning. We both came together. I discharged in her pussy. She was very happy that day and she also gave me a hot water bath fully nude.

I was there in Chennai for the next 12 days. In that 12 days, we fucked more than 10 times with different position.

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