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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Hardcore Sex With Teen Girlfriend

Hey there guys, it is Ajay back with another story. Coming to the story, I and my girlfriend had been fucking regularly after our initial sex. She had been coming over regularly and we had been enjoying a lot.

After the first time I got to fuck Kriti’s pussy, we stopped using condoms. One reason was that I was too lazy to buy them and another was that she used to tell me not to use them as used to enjoy more without using condoms.

We used to fuck like animals without condoms and I used to pull out right before cumming inside her. Although it used to make us panic at times, we still continued fucking like this.

Her favourite position was missionary. I used to drill her hard and slow in that position and rub her beautiful pink clit at times. Wow, her expressions always made me horny as hell. Her boobs jump like anything while we fuck. Those huge boobs are something to die for.

One day, I was in a mood to fuck her really hard. She was resting on the bed for a while and she was lying down. I got on top of her, started kissing her and lip-locked with her. Then I started pressing her boobs really hard. Kriti was trying to moan but because we were in a tight lip-lock, it wasn’t audible outside.

All of a sudden, I took off her pant and panties and put my fingers inside her pussy and started fingering her vigorously. Her eyes started rolling back. She broke the kiss using some force and started moaning loudly. I knew she was aroused now.

My sexy girlfriend then took off my shorts and inners and was jerking my dick really hard. I bent onto her body and started biting her boobs hard. She started digging her nails into my back (I really like that and it turns me on like hell!). Just as I stopped fingering her, she was wet already and like dripping wet. Immediately after taking out my fingers from her pussy, I shoved my dick in one push. “Aaaaaahhhhhh..”, Kriti moaned really loud this time.

Without even letting my horny gf catch her breath back, I started ramming her really hard. Her moans were getting louder, “Ahhh aahhh aaahhhhh aaahhhhh”. Those moans were making me even more horny. She still had her top on and her legs were wrapped around me. That moment was amazing. I was fucking her like there was no tomorrow and she was enjoying it like anything (She told me later that it was the best fuck she ever had).

I kept ramming her hard and in 10-15 minutes. Then I pulled my dick out and shot my cum all over her stomach. I fell on top of her and we rested for a while just like that, tired but satisfied.

Then we got up to clean ourselves. Kriti got fully naked and we cleaned ourselves. We came out of the bathroom and she was looking in the mirror. I was already in the mood to fuck her again. So I went to her from behind and hugged her. I started kissing behind her neck and licking there. Slowly, I parted her ass cheeks.

My dick was hard again just from the smell of her body and the touch of her skin. I slid my dick into my nude girlfriend’s pussy in full force. “Ahhhh babeee!!”, Kriti moaned out loud. “What has gotten into you today?! I have already cummed twice and I still feel like I want more. Keep fucking me, babe. You are making me feel like I am in heaven today”.

My hot girlfriend was speaking while moaning from time to time and hearing her say all this was just turning me on even more. I pulled my dick out, turned her around and started kissing her hard. She lifted one of her legs up and signalled me to ram her pussy.

I started pushing my dick into her pussy which was wet as hell right now. Her pussy was leaking onto her legs and her moans were filling the room.

Lust had taken over both of us. She went ahead and got onto the chair in doggy style with her ass bulging outward and indicating me to ram her from behind.

I started rubbing my gf’s pussy for a while with my dick. “Put it in, fucker! I can’t wait, do it fast!!!”.

Hearing that, I slammed my dick into her wet pussy and she cried out loud, “Ahhhhhhhh!!! Yessssss, treat me like your bitch! Fuck me hard, make me cum more”. Those words were making my dick get rock-hard and I started fucking her harder.

My balls were banging against her ass. Her ass hitting my body was making some amazing sounds, “Thap thap thap thap” mixed with her moans! Wow, it would make any guy go crazy, maybe girls as well.

Kriti got up from the chair, made me sit and started sitting on my dick. Slowly, she engulfed my whole dick inside her pussy and started riding my dick hard. Her boobs were swaying in front of my face.

I grabbed one and starting biting her nipple hard. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! You like that don’t you? Bite it harder, fuck me more babe!!”, she cried out in pain.

I picked her up, carried her over to the bed with my dick still inside her. I started ramming her in missionary and after fucking for a while, I told my girlfriend that I was gonna cum. She asked me to give it all in her mouth.

So I pulled my dick out and went near her mouth and cummed into her mouth. Kriti drank all my cum. After cumming, I fell beside her and we cuddled and kissed for a while and rested.

By the way, Kriti and I broke up now and she isn’t my girlfriend anymore.

If you guys liked the story, then send me a mail at [email protected]

I will really appreciate if you guys let me know about it. It makes me wanna write more when I get more responses. If anyone is looking to hook up or have a fun time or maybe just talk, then send me a text, it will be between us.

Alright, thank you, guys.

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