Indian Sex Stories Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 2

يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
نرحب بكل اقتراحات الاعضاء الحاليين بالموقع بقسم الاقتراحات والشكاوي او من خلال الرسائل الشخصية للفريق الاداري وسيتم مراجعه جميع الاقتراحات المقدمة من خلالكم ووضعها ضمن اولويات تحديد النظام الجديد للموقع
نشكركم على انضمامكم ومشاركتكم معنا بموقع محارم عربي

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Road To Heaven, Son Losing Virginity To His Mom – Part 2

Hi again. It is Suresh back with the final part of the story. If you haven’t read the first part, you might not understand this one.

So, back to the story where my mom turned me and my hard erected rock hard penis hit her on the face. She was awestruck by its size and girth it had.

My dick was right under between her nose and the upper lip. I could literally feel the breathe that was coming from her nose on my dick. She smelled my dick and rubbed her nose tip on my cock-head. It sent some serious shocks to the sexual apparatus in my brain and I started to moan, “Ah… ssss ahhh… mommm…”

Mom was surprised and said, “Oh my god, Suresh! No one would believe if you say that you are just 18. I have never seen a cock like this in my entire life. Among the men I have dated and had sex with including your father, the max was 6 inches and your father’s was just 5 inches. Suresh, I can’t believe that I gave birth to a handsome son who has a cock that most women and men would envy.”

She made me sit on a stool and she sat on the floor. She took some oil and poured it at the cock-head. The oil dripped through the whole shaft and the feeling and its scenic view were beyond any imagination. No one might have experienced the intensity of the orgasm I had that day.

Mom then slowly brought her hands, kept it on my shaft and gripped it. “Ahhh…yessss..”, I let out a soft moan. “Oh my son, what a cock you have…”, her words and the stroke that she was giving me on my shaft kept on sending sexual signals to my neuron that helped the adrenaline pump more and more blood into my shaft for a long time.

It was almost 20 minutes and mom was amazed at the erection time of my cock.

“Oh beta, how do you last this long? It has been 20 minutes and I still haven’t seen your precum yet!”

“Is it mom? How much time would dad last? Aahhh… yesss…yeah mom… hit that spot again!”

“Haha. Your dad? Poor guy. With a 5 inch cock, he could never satisfy me. You know, he cums within 5 minutes with a handjob. If I get his cock into my mouth, he cums within 2 minutes. Our sex has never lasted more than 10 minutes!”, mom replied.

I was really happy to hear that. “I see. Then I guess you haven’t seen the power of a real cock before, huh? ”

But this actually didn’t surprise me because I don’t usually masturbate. I do a lot of penis exercises, especially “Edging” which helps in longer erection and blood flow.

Mom then started to tighten her grip and increased the pace. My precum started to ooze out and I started to tremble. She stuck out her tongue and licked the precum from my cockhead.

“Ah.. mom.. yes.. just like that.. slowly, mom. You are making me tremble and my legs have started to shake.”

Soon precum has started oozing out of my cock and got mixed with the oil down my shaft.

Then I asked mom to stop the act as I didn’t want to cum now. She almost held my dick for half an hour with oozing precum.

Then I again asked her to work on my butt. She fingered my asshole again, this time with two fingers. She then sucked my asshole with her tongue. I really love this kind of foreplays. By this time, my dick was still hard but not like before because I liked to maintain the erection.

My mom then played with my nipples and started biting and sucking on them. Then she again made her way down and started stroking my dick. I then said to her, “Not so fast, my dear. Now it’s my turn”. I pulled her towards me and started kissing her on the face.

(Guys, writing these events have made me very hard even now).

I first rubbed the tip of my nose on hers. I kissed her forehead, then her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her ears and even just below her lip (i.e; her jaw). Mom got aroused, “You teasing fucker, just kiss me on my lips already!”.

She then pulled me and kissed me on my lips. We started sucking each other’s lips like hungry dogs quenching their sexual lust. That was our first kiss.

My hands started roaming around her body while kissing. I caressed her boobs and her hips. Then I pushed her against the wall and slipped my hands into her saree down and made my way up her thighs. God, both her thighs were very sticky and when I touched her pantie, she let out a huge moan, “Aahh… Aahh… Yesss…”

Her pantie was already drenched in her wet cum which was warmer and stickier than mine. Oh man, probably this was the first time she had an amazing orgasm in years.

I loved teasing her, so I caressed every part around her pussy and didn’t even go near it. Her precum had started to drip down her thighs. I then brought my precum-covered fingers near my mouth to taste. That aroma drove me crazy and as soon as I broke the kiss to taste it, she forced me in and we both licked my precum fingers. It has the best taste in the world.

“Oh son, I have just started to become horny like I used to be back in the old days”.

I lifted her and start smooching her like there is no tomorrow. We stuck out each other’s tongue and sucked. Our precum started oozing out of our genitals again. Our saliva were getting exchanged. We got so close that my penis started to poke her pussy. She quickly held my cock and tried pushing it into her pussy. But I restrained it, took her hand and said “Woah! Chill, mom. There is still a lot of time. I need to taste your pussy before that.”

She got so mad, “Oh, you bastard! Didn’t you tease me enough already? Okay, get on with it now”. She pushed my head down furiously and lifted her saree.

To be continued!

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