Indian Sex Stories My Friend Harshita – Part 3 (Wants To Be Spanked)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Friend Harshita – Part 3 (Wants To Be Spanked)

Read the first two stories of the series. Readers you can contact me on: [email protected] for your comments and conversations.

It took me almost 2 hours to get all the things that I wanted for the day. Looking at how much time it took me, I rushed back to the room. When I opened the door, I was so happy that Harshita had really obeyed me. She was lying on the bed while her hands were still tied from her bra.

Her pantie was stuffed in her mouth. I took out the pantie from her mouth and started kissing her, biting her lower lips and licking her tongue, I broke off and said, “You need to be rewarded.”

I held and moved her so that her head was hanging at the edge of the bed and her hairs were touching the ground. I took off my clothes and stood close to her. I started pushing my dick in her mouth slowly and steadily. I took out my dick and rubbed it on her face. This time I thrust it hard in her mouth.

Half my dick was inside her. I pushed again and she had my whole 8-inch dick inside her. She started gagging. My dick was hitting back of her throat. I kept it like that for a few seconds and took it all out. She started breathing heavily. I didn’t give her much time to recover.

I pushed my dick inside her and started face fucking her. On one side my dick was stretching her mouth and hitting her throat and on another side, my balls were hitting her face. Her saliva was drolling all over her face. She was gasping for air as much as she could.

I paused for a moment while my dick was still deep in her mouth. I slapped both her cheeks and then took my dick out. She started breathing heavily. I looked at her. She was a beautiful mess. I grabbed her boobs and pressed them hard. She screamed and at that moment I pushed my dick in her mouth again.

This time I fucked her mouth really fast. I left her boobs and held her face and in few seconds I filled her throat with my hot cum. When I pulled out my dick, I again rubbed in on her face. She swallowed my cum and was trying to get back to normal. I made her sit, untied her hand and asked her to freshen up so that we can start our next session.

She hugged me tightly for a minute and went to the washroom. She took 20 minutes and came back fresh, I had already plated our lunch and asked her to sit. We were still nude and hungry after all this action. So we started eating quietly.

She broke the silence by asking me what had I brought in that bag. I replied that “You asked me to fuck you so that you wont be able to walk for a few days. Those are a few things that’ll help me to do that.”

H: Can I see them?
Me: Wait, girl, everything is gonna be used on you.
H: You really know, how to make things adventurous.
Me: About that, I made a video of the prize I was giving you.

H: When did you, I didn’t see.
Me: I started the recording, kept it on the table and in that video you are visible but because I was standing only my half body is.
H: You bastard. (laughingly)

Me: Well there’s one more thing I did with that video.
H: What?
Me: I uploaded a 30-sec clip of that video to a fake email and sent a one-time visible link to someone.
H: Whom did you send that to, tell me.

Me: Only if you do this one thing for me then I can tell you.
H: Fine, what do you want.
Me: You had four boyfriends until now and only two could get inside your pussy, your ass is still unexplored, I want to fuck your virgin ass.

H: No, you ask me for anything else, I will give it to you. I did try to finger my ass once, and I knew I can’t take a dick inside and yours no chance.
Me: It’s okay, I wont fuck your ass but look that someone could be your warden, maybe a friend of yours, or maybe just a random person.

She looks at me and crawls on the bed coming into doggy position and swings her ass looking at me. I got my answer. I opened my bag and take out a small rope and tied her hands behind her. I tell her to keep her ass up. I take out rubber gloves from the bag and a bottle of lubricant.

I wear the gloves and come near Harshita and give a tight spank on her ass. Her ass was the real deal. In just one spank her white ass had turned red and my hand’s imprints were left on them. I told her to count every time I spank her and started spanking her.

I hit her right ass cheek and then left, one by one and keep going with it. She kept her position till first 7 hits and after that in every hit her body shook. When I reached 22 hits her ass was completely red. I kept hitting her till we reached 36 and then stopped. Only when I stopped I noticed that she was weeping.

I looked at her ass and it has turned a red mess. After that, I took the lube and poured it over her ass and massaged it. I covered my fingers in that lube and inserted my middle finger in her asshole. I rubbed the whole area. She let out a soft moan and tightened her ass.

I could feel the pressure on my finger. I started fingering her ass with one finger. She slowly relaxed her ass so I inserted another finger and kept finger fucking her trying to widen her ass for my dick. After 5 minutes of finger fucking, she was accustomed to this,

So I took my fingers out and again poured some lube. This time directly in her asshole. I put some lube on my dick and stroked it a few times. I placed my dickhead near to her hole and gave it a push. My dick was still bigger for her hole but due to the lube and my push, it went inside.

I was amazed that she didn’t scream so I looked at her and noticed that she had a blanket underneath her which she held in her mouth tightly. Looking at this, I gave a real hard push and my dick slid all the way inside her ass. She couldn’t maintain her position and was pushed down.

I held her and brought to a better position and started thrusting in and out, She was contracting her ass due to which my dick was in a much tighter hole. I knew I won’t last even for 5 minutes. I continued fucking her with deep strokes. Soon she relaxed and I was able to increase my speed.

I fucked her for few more minutes and unloaded inside her ass. I took out my cock and her ass had really stretched. I untied her and she laid freely. I lay next to her and brought her close to my arms. We both were really tired but our deal was not complete.

She asked me in a soft voice, “Whom did you send it to?” I turned around and picked up her phone and asked her to unlock it. She had received a mail with the link. She looked at me with a smile, put her arms around me held me tightly and kept her head near my chest.

I wrapped my hands around her and kissed her forehead. Within moments we dozed off and one of the better sessions of the day was a success.

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