Indian Sex Stories My New Neighbour Made Me His Slut – Part 2

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My New Neighbour Made Me His Slut – Part 2

Hello friends, welcome to the second part of my sexy story. Before I start, for those who are new for this part, I am Mayuri, a 28-year-old married housewife. I am 5’4′ in tall, white skin colour and figure of 34-28-34. This story is the second part of the first encounter I had with Karan, my neighbour which I have already shared with you all.

Let’s go to the story.

Karan carried me into his arms and walked toward the bedroom. After reaching to the bedroom, he placed me on the bed and came over me. I was only in a pantie and petticoat. We started smooching each other and I was enjoying the way he was kissing me. I was also now holding him from his back and responding.

After smooching for a while, he went downward and this time, he removed my petticoat and started kissing near my thighs. He was placing his hands now above my pantie and teasing me as he continued kissing on my thighs. I was getting mad with the way he was playing with me.

“Karan.. Ummmm”. I started moaning louder without worrying about anything else.

After kissing me for a while, he started taking off my pantie. I was so wet and was enjoying all of these.

Karan spread my legs with his hands and came close to my pussy. This was the best view I could get of him. He was in-between my legs and about to suck my pussy. This was the first time a man was about to kiss my pussy. I was shivering.

Without wasting time, he slowly kissed above my pussy and asked me whether I liked it. I said yes and asked him to do more. He then continued licking my pussy. He was moving his tongue over my pussy and kissing my pussy with his lips. I was in heaven now. I couldn’t control myself, I grabbed his hair and pushed him toward my pussy while he was sucking my pussy.

Karan was an expert in that. He was sucking harder now and he was also inserting two of his fingers in my pussy. I was moaning harder now, very harder. Karan was enjoying that.

When I was about to cum, I told Karan but he continued to suck my pussy. After a couple of minutes, I finally cummed. Ufffff, it was so good!

Karan licked my juices and said, “Darling, you are going to experience more than just one orgasm today”. And he was right. He was not yet done. He went to the washroom and cleaned himself. I also cleaned myself with a towel.

After a couple of minutes, he walked into the bedroom and slept near me, holding me in his arms. I was slightly exhausted with that first session and he knew that and hence he didn’t rush to fuck me again. After 10 minutes of talking and resting in his arms, I was now ready for another session. And to start again, this time I started to kiss him and we started smooching again.

Karan pulled me over him and grabbed me in his arms. I was sitting on top of him and he was holding me by my ass and spanking them in between. He asked me to go down and I knew what he was expecting. Instead of going down, I asked him to get down from the bed and I went onto my knees. Then I quickly took off his pants.

His around 7-inch thick dick was out and in front of me. It was much better than my husband’s dick. It was clean too.

I applied some saliva on his dick and started stroking his dick with my hands. Then, after a minute, I started kissing the tip of his dick. Slowly, I began sucking his dick. He was enjoying that and his dick was rock solid now. It was really big for me.

I was only able to take half of his cock in my mouth. I was taking it deep in and out of my mouth. And I was eating it like ice cream as it felt so good. I was also looking right into his eyes while sucking his dick. He was enjoying that.

Karan was moving and holding my hairs with his hands as he saw my hairs were coming while I was sucking his dick. But he didn’t dominate me. He did let me do with my pace. I made sure I gave him a good blowjob and he was also praising me for that. As I was not able to take his dick deep into my throat, I took his dick out and was licking his dick with my tongue from the top to the bottom.

After a few minutes, he asked me to stop and get onto the bed. I got onto the bed in the missionary position. He came in between my legs and placed his dick near my pussy. I was so excited now. I could not wait for anymore now. He teased me for a while. Before starting to drill me, he started abusing me, “Hey my neighbour, how much do you need my dick? Do you want to be my slut?”

“Karan, please don’t make me wait any more. And I would love to be your slut forever”, I replied.

He spanked my ass with his right hand and abused me more.

He was about to enter me without any protection but I was not really worried about it. After teasing for a couple of minutes, he finally entered into me. My both legs were on his shoulder and he was slowly entering into me. My pussy was already dripping wet so it wasn’t an issue until he reached half inside me. He started moving in and out slowly. His dick was very big and it was very painful for me initially.

After a couple of minutes of soft fuck, he held me tight and pushed his dick deep inside me. And that was the time when I almost cried. His dick went deep inside me. He held me tight and smooched me again. And slowly, he started going deep, in and out.

After a few minutes, I started enjoying each and every strokes. It was the first time someone was fucking me for so long and deep. He started fucking me rough and wild.

He was going faster and I was moaning much harder now.

“Karan.. Ahhhhhhh.. Fuck me.. Harder.. Ummmmm”. I was moaning harder and harder now, he was so good. He was abusing me and calling me ‘randi’, ‘slut’ and many other words. And I was enjoying that. I told him not to stop. I came almost twice while he was fucking me. But he didn’t stop and continued grilling me.

I had never thought about having sex with someone else other than my husband before, but Karan was special. He gave me the real pleasure. I was totally in his control.

After around 20-25 minutes of hard fuck, he was about to cum inside me. He asked me where to cum and I told him cum inside me as it didn’t matter to me anymore.

Karan started ramping me hard and fast, I was moaning so loudly. After a couple of minutes, he released all his semen deep inside me. I could feel that warm fluid flowing deep inside me.

It was really a great session. We both were totally exhausted. The time was around 10 am and it was time by which he usually goes to the office. But on that day, he chose not to go to the office and spent a day with me in our home. I was happy with his decision.

We again ended up having a hardcore session again in the afternoon. I will narrate it in my next story. Thank you all for reading my sexy stories.

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