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يتم بالوقت الحالي عمل عدة تعديلات داخلية وادارية بالموقع نتمني ان يتم كل شيئ بأفضل شكل يقوم بخدمة جميع الأعضاء والمشاركين بالموقع
نرحب بكل اقتراحات الاعضاء الحاليين بالموقع بقسم الاقتراحات والشكاوي او من خلال الرسائل الشخصية للفريق الاداري وسيتم مراجعه جميع الاقتراحات المقدمة من خلالكم ووضعها ضمن اولويات تحديد النظام الجديد للموقع
نشكركم على انضمامكم ومشاركتكم معنا بموقع محارم عربي

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Hot Sex In Goa With Russian Babes

The incident I am going to narrate in this short sex story happened to me when I went on a Goa trip. I got bored with my routine life and decided to have a 4-day trip. It was a two-day weekend holiday and I took 2 days of leave. It was my first Goa trip and I have heard that it is a great place for tourists. Well, I wished to explore it.

To my surprise, it was a hot place even in December. Some of my friends already told me that this place was full of blackmailers who might fool you by laying sex traps. I went to this place alone. As I am a teetotaller (no even wines), I had little interest in all evening drink stuff.

As soon as I reached Goa, I relaxed the whole night and went to those amazing beaches of Goa. These beaches are clean.

As I went to another beach, I was surprised to see the crowd at that place. Earlier it was known as ‘Ding dong’ beach. European women were lying naked at many places and this place had lesser Indian crowd. All the women were topless and many were totally nude. The sand was also coarse at that beach and no one would like to play in that sand.

From some distance, I met one hot Russian chick lying in a bikini. She was alone and not in the group of other women. As she was Russian, her English was extremely poor. Somehow we conversed but I did not understand most of the things and was just nodding my head after listening to her.

Her room was nearby the beach and I accompanied her to that room. I also saw many Israeli chicks around her room and occupying neighbouring rooms. As soon as I went inside her room, her face was a bit sad. I comforted her and said that I can give her some massage if she wanted. She agreed and removed her top piece and laid down. She gave me some oil for the massage.

I was feeling extremely happy and I moved my hands over her soft skin. Within seconds, my cock got erect. I asked her if I can massage her bottom part and she lowered her panties signaling me to go ahead. After massaging for some time, I lowered my shorts and applied some oil on my dick and started rubbing it a bit. Then I started massaging her again. I was feeling extremely happy that my holiday was not boring anymore.

I decided to take this further and started rubbing my cock on her ass. There was no signs of protest from her and so I started inserted in her ass. The Russian chick did not say anything and my courage increased. I laid on her with my cock inside her ass. Suddenly, she gained her senses and opened her eyes. She asked me what I was doing. I just replied that I was unable to control myself after seeing such a beautiful body.

Maybe even she was looking for some sexual pleasure. She turned around and I was delighted to see her perfect boobs and lovely pussy.

I started exploring her navel. I applied some oil on her pussy and gave a good massage to her pussy. It was a clean shaved pussy and I oiled it well. Then we came in missionary position and started kissing each other. I pounced on her boobs and started sucking them. She was moaning. While sucking her boobs, I also started fingering her pussy.

After that I held her by her hair and brought her near my cock. She started giving me a blowjob and I tried not to cum so soon. Again we came in missionary position and I started rubbing my cock on her pussy. I loved to see her juices coming out from pussy after experiencing an orgasm. Her pussy was wet both due to oil and love juices.

I slowly started penetrating inside her vagina. Slowly and steadily, I gave 3-4 strokes and then started increasing my speed. Soon my strokes became stronger and we both were enjoying this. Her moans were erotic and it was making me more horny and making the sex exciting.

After some time, we both reached orgasm almost at the same time and I filled her pussy with my cum. Some amount of cum started oozing from her pussy. We hugged each other and I said goodbye to her by kissing her boobs.

I was very tired after this intense sex. So I went to sleep in my hotel. At night, I saw posters of sex on rocks. I avoided Hotel parties and went around some lonely beach again.

To my luck, I came across one young drunk Russian girl masturbating in a deserted place near the beach.

So I went to her and flashed my dick saying, “Hey, how about taking a real dick inside your pussy and giving your fingers some rest?”

She gave a horny smile and I pounced on her. We started kissing each other and I removed my t-shirt. We went to the beach with our mats. Yes, it was real sex on the beach.

We both were in position 69, her pussy had a strong aroma. I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking at a great pace. She started moaning and started squirting happily. She was really hungry for a cock. I started sucking her boobs but she pointed at my cock and asked to fuck her pussy first.

In one stroke, I inserted my cock inside her pussy and she started yelling in extreme pleasure. It was wild sex and I started banging her heavily. Our mats were moving faster than any express train!

Soon both of us had our climax and I released my semen inside her pussy. Then I started sucking her boobs. She was a bit tired and was lying lazily. I started exploring each and every part of her body. I was a bit scared that someone might see us but that beach was very lonely and no one ever came there.

Again we started rolling on the sand and went nude to the sea. We sat there and I adjusted my cock inside her. The sea waves were coming and touching us. I was kissing her boobs and started fucking her ass. We were in doggy style and lost balance due to a big wave. But at last we again had a pussy fuck.

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