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عضوية ذهبية
19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)

Hello everyone
Me Santhosh for the first time in ISS
I hope you like my story , and you like it or any feedback on my story mail me to [email protected]
And women’s in Chennai looking for friends with benefits and 1000 percent safe date do drop me msg

This is story between me and my ex girlfriend who meet after a year , and how hot romantic day it turned out to be

Yea let’s let into the story without wasting much time ,
Me Santhosh age 23 from Chennai working in an MNC , and having very good looking body and size of 15cm and my ex girlfriend with great assets , having 36-34-36 she was my girl friend in my college
We dint make out much at that time

After a long time I saw her online so decided to chat with her , and came to know even she was working in Chennai , for an MNC
She was staying alone as her parents were shifted to delhi
Basically she is from Chennai only

Tamil ponnu
So causally I asked to meet or spend a day with me as it as been sooo long hanging out with friends and went to parties .
So we decided to meet up at 10 am in Velachery
I woke up got ready and went to pick her up at the Velachery
She came,
Omg she was looking dam gorgeous with her assets , and with black top and jeens . She was wearing a cup bra . In which she was toooo sexy
Which got me bonner at starting , after she got into car I was starting at her for few min , she called me and asked what happen to you santhu.
And I told you look dam hot and changed a lot since college days

So we decided to go to movie at phenoix
I took her to kaala movie , the theatre was empty as the movie was been running since long time

I took corner seat , and she noticed and winked at me .
Which gave me lot of confidence
We went to the theatre .
Movie started after few min
We were holding each other hands
And rubbing it
Den I looked at her eyes , and she looked at me , and we started to kiss very badly .
For 10 min
We dint mind it was theatre ,
Den I wanted to hold her breast so I started to press them over the dress .
She saw me and opened her top buttons of her t shirt ,
And she was rubbing my thaigs, so I knew she wanted to hold my hard rock dick in her hand .
So I slowly send my hands in her top from her neck , and held her bare breast and started to press .
She upziped my pants and put he hand in my underwear started to rub it slowly
And she knows she dint want me to cum soo early to she pulled my skin down .
And was rubbing
She gave me strokes for the way I was pressing her breast .
We both were in need of both of them .
She pulled out my dick out of my inner
And took in her mouth
She dint take it fully
She was sucking the top part
And licking like a pro
Omg which was a heaven

This was the first time a girl was sucking my dick which made me sooo high and I wanted to fuck her very badly

At the interval I told her shall we go out somewhere , she instantly replyed yea let’s take some beer and go to my flats and I’m staying alone and she winked

I understood her intention , so we got corona beer form the mall itself and we reached her apartments

She opened the door , made me sit and told she will get some water , I told no need let’s start with the chilled beer , we started to drink half the pint .
And we stoped, and started to kiss virgressouly

She told take the beer let’s go to the bed room , as soon as she went inside I started to undress her , removed her top and
Unbuttoned her pants , and slowly removed her pants feeing her body

She was standing in her bra and underwear , she started to undress me And made me like her
Now we both were in our Inners ,
Now the real story begains
Took her to bed, made her rest on bed and removed her bra and underwear
Omg those juicy mloons for heaven sake she made me sooo high
And she was soo shy and tried to cover her , later she removed my inner and hold my dick which was so hard and was stroking while I was kissing and playing with her boobs

Now I started to kiss each Nd every part of her body from top fore head
Lips , Nd slowly down ,her neck I was kissing and licking it which made her soo high and she started to moun a lot
Den I took the boobs in my mouth and started to suck like a kid and was doing for 15 min

And now I slowly went down to her stomach , kissed the navel , and now down to her pussy ,
I spread her legs ,
Which was soo smooth as she shaved
I started to kiss her pussy and started to lick

While liking I started to rub her clit, and she started to moun a lot
And she was pressing my head to her pussy
Now I started to send my toung into her hole Nd lick badly she was mouning heaving Nd she started to cum her smell Nd that pussy made me Huge

Now she was crying to me to fuck her badly ,
I went down
Started to pub my dick over her pussy , sent my top part in and was rubbing from down to top of her pussy and making her die for me

Later she told shantu, just go in . I slowly pushed my dick into her hole it was tight and pushed slowly , and gave some time for her to relax and adjust to my dick , Nd took her leg placed on my shoulder for support
And den I pushed my complete dick into her hole and was touching inside deep . Tears started to roll her eyes and told it’s too big omg
I’m dieing , please do somthing

Now i slowly removed my dick from her , and pushed fast into it . While removing I was feeling every inch of her hole omg it was really a Magial , my dick started to feel each and every thing in her hole while coming out and going in

For few min I was doing slowly ,
Now I started my speed and fuck her too fast and soo hard deep in her , she was becoming breathless, and started to moun and water form her eyes , she was enjoying every bit .

We were had sex till we were done , I cummed deep in her , and we both slept for few hours naked in her room , we woke up and took bath together and had sex in the bathroom , and she gave me hell of a blowjob , while I was standing and she was on her knees on the shower
Den we tried all different position and had sex till night , we started at 1 pm

Omg this was my best sex in life which I’ll never forget ,
Any women’s and girls wanted to make fun and roam in Chennai please do drop me msg , and
I’m looking forward for your valuable feedback @ [email protected]
As this is my first story sorry for error
Don’t mind
Untill den bye from sonthosh and fun and makes lots of sex

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