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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Sudha – The Sex Explorer In Hyderabad

Hello everyone. I am Kushal here again with an amazing sex experience of mine. Sudha messaged me on Kik in the month of November saying she loved my series with Deepika and how I have explained everything in details about Deepika and me.

Sudha is a 29-year-old woman residing in Hyderabad and is an employee of an MNC. Luckily, my work location and Sudha’s work location were close to each other. We chatted on Kik for a week, sometimes normal chat and sometimes sex chat whenever we were horny.

Well, Sudha’s marriage got fixed for 2019 so she is single now and wanted to enjoy her life before marriage. And luckily, this beautiful lady found me as her correct partner. I asked Sudha if we can go together to the office as we both start almost at the same time. We exchanged pictures but we never saw each other in real.

Sudha did not have a perfect body. She is chubby but she has body every man would crave for.

Sudha wore a jeans and a black top which is completely covered but a bit tight. She wantedly sat close to me on my bike, touching her 36 sizes on my back and making me horny. We could not do anything else on the bike and in Hyderabad’s traffic. This went on for 8-10 days.

We started hugging each other every day and she would press her huge boobs on my body and touch my dick before she hopped on to my bike. I used to put my hands on her boobs whenever I got a chance in the middle of the traffic.

One day, it was a traditional day at her workplace and she wore a pink transparent saree. She was fair and that pink saree perfectly suited her. She draped her saree fully covered but I asked her if I can adjust her saree the way I want.

First I asked her to remove her bra. She was hesitant because she has to go to the office. But I insisted her to do so. We stopped by a restaurant and she went to the restroom and removed her bra and wore the saree normally. We stopped by a place where there was no one.

I put my hands inside her saree. She was already shivering with the touch of my fingers on her navel. I lowered her saree making her bellybutton visible. She had a lot of pubic hair and wantedly, I lowered her saree making her pubic hair visible a little.

She was scared to go to the office in that attire but I convinced her that she needs to wear it this way all day and took her bra along with me. I was able to see her black nipples through her transparent blouse. So Sudha covered it with her saree pallu so that nothing can be seen. We both decided to take half-day leave that day and met in the afternoon after office.

By then we became more like friends with benefits. So we use to make fun of each other. The first thing that she told me was that she got a lot of compliments from her colleagues at the office. I knew that was because she was extremely beautiful and was looking smoking hot in that pink low-waist saree.

I insisted we will stay outside until late in the night and she took permission from her parents. After lunch, we went shopping and I selected tight jeans for her and she tried it.

When she came out wearing the tight jeans and the pink transparent blouse, my ‘baby bro’ suddenly raised and pointed towards her. I badly wanted to fuck her in the shopping mall itself. She wore her saree again and came out. We bought that tight jeans for her.

In the parking lot, we went behind a car and kissed like it was our first kiss. Moreover, we were like perfect couples that evening.

I then lowered her saree more, exposing most of her pubic hair and she was getting aroused by every movement of mine. I then made her sit in such a way that her sexy fair back was visible to anyone from behind and her belly folds bellybutton were visible from the front. She wore a scarf and sat on my bike that way.

It took us almost 2 hours to reach near Shamirpet area in the heavy traffic where I wanted Sudha to change to her tight jeans.

Shamirpet is one of those places in Hyderabad where you find lots of trees with no people. Sudha removed her saree and pantie as well. She wore the jeans and damn! She was super hot. I played with her belly button. We kissed each other again and I licked her belly button.

We rode that way for almost 10-15 km and I stopped the bike deep inside the forest. I made her sit on the front and I sat on the pillion’s seat facing each other on my bullet.

I kissed her navel, sucked her bellybutton and bit her nipples over her blouse. She was completely under my control now and she didn’t want me to stop as she was completely aroused and horny.

I made her lie down behind the trees with her saree as the bed sheet and removed her jeans exposing her pussy covered with pubic hair.

I went on top of her placing my dick inside her mouth and I was fingering her pussy. She had no chance of taking my dick out of her mouth as I was on top of her. My dick went deep inside her and she was enjoying every bit of it.

Then I put on the condom and inserted my rock solid dick inside her wet and welcoming pussy. She wantedly shouted loudly as there was no one nearby the road. I fucked her for more than 20 minutes and we rested there with my dick still inside her pussy.

Later when I took my dick out, she took my dick inside her mouth and licked all the cum. She complimented that my dick was completely sticky and she cleaned all of the cum. She wore just the pantie and the blouse and we walked by the empty roads for some time. Later she wore the saree and I dropped her home.

We met quite a few times and had sex. If you want to know about how I have fucked her and what did I make her wear again, please let me know and I will write a new story on that.

I hope you like the story and leave your comments down if you want me to write down about my next experiences with Sudha.

This is the story series involving Deepika which Sudha loved – Omegle Sex Chat Leads To Sex

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