Indian Sex Stories Hot Gigolo Service – Part 4 (The Mistress And Her Maid)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Hot Gigolo Service – Part 4 (The Mistress And Her Maid)

Hi, friends welcome back. I am happy with the responses I have got from you people. Those who haven’t read the first three parts please do so. After the encounter with Shuba we took some rest in my room and it at that time I got a message from Nisha that she is about to reach home.

I informed Shuba that Nisha is about to reach and she got tensed and ran with her dress to the kitchen to prepare dinner. At that time, I thought of giving Nisha a kinky surprise delicious treat. I informed Shuba about my plan but she was afraid of that.

She thought she would lose her job if she does that. But I somehow convinced her for the surprise. So, when Nisha came, I opened the door and we smooched the moment we saw each other. Then I said she has a surprise and before she was about to ask me what it was, I blindfolded her.

Then again, I started to kiss her. I took her in my arms to her room and placed her on her bed. I then started to open her dress one by one until she was lying there stark naked. She was biting her lips, pinching her nipples and playing with her boobs anticipating my next move.

Her boobs were moving up and down as she started to take deep breaths in excitement. Then I came with cold chocolate sauce in my one hand and Shuba in my other hand. I asked Shuba to be silent and then poured the cold chocolate sauce on her boobs, navel and to her pussy.

She was squealing with the pleasure which the cold sauce was giving her. I then tied Nisha’s hands to the bed so that she can’t identify who is going to play with her. I then signaled Shuba to eat Nisha’s pussy. She was very shy to do as it was her first time with another woman. But somehow, I made her do it.

Shuba then slowly went in between Nisha’s thighs. From here on I will narrate in Nisha’s point of view and she is of the view that it is me who is going to lick her.

Nisha’s narration:

I could feel he was between my legs and can also feel his hot breath on my pussy lips each time he breathed. The anticipation of pussy getting licked and his breath was giving me so much pleasure. There were goosebumps all over me. I shuddered and a wave of electricity passed through my body when he licked my inner thighs.

Finally, his tongue made contact with my pussy. I moaned in ecstasy as today with a blindfold and growing anticipation of what he will do with me was making crazy. This made my pussy to ooze my juices. I spread my legs even further to allow him to have better access to my drenched pussy.

His tongue was doing magic on my pussy and I was not able to control the pleasures. I was making loud moaning noises and I feared that some would come to check on me. So, I controlled my moans. He inserted two fingers also into my pussy and this builds more pressure inside me.

Her tongue hit my clitoris and my body shivered when his tongue hit there. I left huge moan. Soon the pressure was building inside me as he increased the pace of his fingering. I started to shake my head as I was about to cum. He started to give pressure on my clitoris as he knew I was about to cum.

To increase my pleasure, he inserted his third finger into my pussy. That was it! I couldn’t hold on anymore. With a huge moan, I squirted my hot juices into his face. The pressure he gave me was so much that I even pissed on him along with the cum. As I was continuously shaking my head, the blindfold was displaced.

I was shocked to see the person below me who was drenched in my juice. My face became red with shyness and anger. My eyes were looking for Nithin and it was like I would have killed him for the embarrassment he has caused me in front of my maid.

When I saw him, he was sitting on a couch enjoying the whole show with a wicked smile on his face and with the cock in his hand. I shouted at him to release me, but he didn’t listen. Instead, he came near me and started to play with my maid to tease me.

Nithin’s narration:

First, I got afraid of seeing her angry face but later on, I gained calmness and went near her. I saw Shuba was shivering with fear, so I took her in my arms and kissed her and hugged her in order to make her calm. But when I was hugging her facing Nisha, she was glaring at me.

Then I decided to tease her more. So I turned sideways so that she can see what I was doing to Shuba. I started to lick Shuba’s lips and gave small bites on her lips and gave a nice wet kiss to her lips. At first she didn’t respond because of fear but later on, she also started to respond.

I was watching Nisha’s reactions at times. First Nisha was giving angry stares but later on, she also started to enjoy the show. So I started to play with Shuba, I took her boobs in my hands and I was playing with it. I kissed her whole boobs first.

Then started to take her nipples in mouth and started to lick, kiss and at times even gave bites to her nipples. At that time she would give loud moans, which was arousing Nisha very much. Then I slowly went down to Shuba’s navel, I like her navel very much because it is very deep and nice to play with.

I kissed the side of her navel. She was making hissing sounds and was holding my head and pressing my head to her navel. Then I started to tongue fuck her navel. She was shivering with pleasure. Nisha’s bed was a king size bed and she was at one edge.

I made Shuba lie on Nisha’s bed with her pussy being at the edge of the bed. I then started my journey from Shuba’s navel to her pussy by kissing her from her navel to her pussy lips. When I was doing that she was moaning in a low voice and was wiggling her body in pleasure.

When I reached her pussy, first I kissed her mound and then licked her pleasure juices which were smeared around her pussy. I licked and cleaned her pussy. Then I slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. Simultaneously I was licking her clitoris which gave her too much pleasure.

She arched her back with pleasure and she squirted her juice immediately. I drank her juices and my face was glistening with her love juice. At this time I raised my head to see Nisha’s reaction. She was sitting holding her horniness and biting her lips as she can’t do anything as she was tied.

I felt sorry for her so I went between Nisha’s legs and started to eat her. I was a bit rough with her. So I started to finger her very fast with three fingers and kissing her mound. As she was already very horny and wet, she didn’t take much time to release her juice.

But I didn’t stop there. I continued to pleasure her and she was moaning very loudly. Her body was shivering with pleasure. She was shaking her head continuously because of the intense pleasure she was getting. I motioned to Shuba to eat her chocolate sauce smeared boobs.

She, with a little fear, started to play with Nisha’s boobs. I released both her hands and now she was free. Then I made Shuba lie on the bed on her back. I made Nisha lie on Shuba in 69 position, and asked to lick each other’s pussy. Both were very horny as they didn’t get the real meat inside them.

They were eating each other hungrily. At this time I went behind Nisha and started to play with her ass. I first smeared some saliva around her ass and slowly started to insert one finger into it. She gave a loud sound in reply as she was having pain in doing that. So asked should I continue or not.

She allowed me to continue. So this time first I tongue fucked her ass first. This was giving her immense pleasure. Because one was fucking her pussy and other was fucking her ass with their tongues. She couldn’t hold any longer and with a huge moan, she released her juice second time for the day.

But I continued to fuck her ass. I slowly inserted a finger into her ass and kept it there so that she can get adjusted to it. Then I cautiously inserted another finger. She was crying with pain at that time. I could see tears coming from her eyes. I kissed her ass and asked her to calm down and slowly started to finger fuck her ass.

After the initial pain now slowly she started to enjoy it and started to moan. In order to control her moans she continued to tongue fuck Shuba now she started to moan so to control her voice I inserted my cock into her mouth and Shuba started to finger fuck Nisha.

Now the room is filled with our moans and the smell of love. I would like to know your feedback about my new work till now. Please give your feedback in my mail [email protected] or through kik nithin.1. Thank you, to be continued.

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