Indian Sex Stories Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 2

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عضوية ذهبية
19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 2

Reetika asked me if I wanted to go to the washroom. I went to washroom even though I didn’t want to go. But when I entered the washroom, I was surprised. A blue color bra was hanging there. The panty was not there. But bra was enough for me. I took my cock out and start jerking.

Today I knew there was no one. My mother was not there. Reetika was also getting ready. So I decided to play with her bra. I did all naughty stuff with her bra. Pressed it, took in my mouth, wrapped around my cock. The more I was doing, more I was getting harder.

I fucked her bra dreaming that I am fucking her. 7-8 minutes I played with her bra. But I didn’t cum. Then I thought of going out. I adjusted myself and came out. When I came out, I was surprised to see Reetika waiting. She was sitting on the sofa. She saw me.

She- Should we go now?
Me- Sorry, I got you late.
She- No, we have time, but I hope you got freshened.
Me- Yes, I am fine.

She- I think you also need some checkup.
Me- No, I am ok.
She- But I have noticed, these days you are taking too much time to freshen up. Medically it’s not good.

I was freezing. I felt like being caught. But she was cool.
She- I am a doctor. I know better.
I didn’t say anything and started to move. She also moved. I was a little tense.

She- Am I bothering you? You are looking unhappy to drop me.
Me- No no, it’s ok.

She was also carrying a bag in her hand.
Me- What’s in this bag?
She- Actually, dinner is also there. Sometimes the dress gets spoiled by someone. So I am taking an extra dress if needed.
Me-Ok, you are intelligent.

Then we reached the car and I started driving. Now her side boob was seen to me. First time I felt how big are her boobs. I was staring in between. She looked in between and smiled. I again complimented her. Then we reached the venue, she asked me to come with her. But I refused.

She- Come on, let’s go.
Me- No no, I am not from your field. I don’t know anyone. What shall I do?
She- Don’t worry, I shall manage. You come.
Me- No no, you attend. I shall wait.

She- What you will do for this much long time?
Me- I will wait. I shall miss you.
She- Then why to miss? Come with me, you can see me there all the time.

Me – No, that wont look nice, you go.
She- Ok, then you be here with my clothes. If you miss me, see my clothes.

Saying this she laughed. I had actually forgotten about clothes. She got down from the car. I said goodbye to her. She went inside. I kept her looking on her swaying ass. When she got inside, I parked the car inside parking and went to eat something. I roamed in the area till 8. Then I got back to my car.

First I cursed myself for wasting time and getting bored. Why I proposed to take her with me. Then I saw her bag on the rear seat. I thought let me see the dress. I went to the rear seat and put a hand in the bag to take the dress out. But when I pulled out, bra came out with my hand. It was a black bra. I was surprised.

Then I pulled the dress. It was a long gown. I searched for panties but it wasn’t there. I was in a dilemma. What’s happening? Is she doing it knowingly? Does she know what I think about her? But then I thought of enjoying her bra. It was more than 8 in the evening. It was dark.

So I took my cock out and started playing. I fucked every part of bra with my cock. Both cups. From outside, from inside, bra straps. I tightened my cock with her bra straps. I knew she wont come before 9.30-10. So I had enough time.

I hung her bra on the front seat and sucked it like I am sucking her boobs. I knew I would cum today. So I took a paper to cum. I kept on enjoying for around one hour. Around 9 pm I got a message from her.

She- Hey, please come inside. Dinner is started. Have dinner.
Me- No, I wont come. You have dinner.
She- You might be hungry. Come, please. I am not feeling good to keep you hungry.

But I was not in the mood to go. I wanted to cum. So I replied that I don’t need. It’s ok. I am in the car waiting for you. She replied
She – Ok then. I shall come in another half an hour. In the meantime, you take care of my clothes.

She sent a smiley message after this. I was freezing again. Does she know what I am doing with her bra? I got scared also. But then again I started. I had to cum before she comes. I wrapped her bra tightly around my cock and started jerking. In some time, I cum like anything. I put back her clothes and came to the front seat, waiting for her. She came back in another 10 minutes.

She- Hi, thanks for waiting.
Me- My pleasure. hope seminar and dinner was good.
She – Yes but I felt bad that you didn’t eat.

Me- It’s ok. Should we go now?
She- Yes.
I started the car.
She- Hope you took care of my clothes.

Me- Yes, is there some very costly dress in this, you were asking me to take care of it?
She- Anything can be important for anyone.

Saying this she smiled. I gathered some courage.
Me- You are looking very beautiful today.
She- You already told me in the evening.

Me- yes, but I felt to compliment you again. You are a doctor, so you keep yourself fit too.
She- Is it? But I don’t care much
Me – Yes very perfect and gorgeous you are.
She- Bas bas, no more buttering.

Me- I said what I felt.
She- Oh really, what else you feel?
Me- Just feeling to ask something.
She- What?

Me- But don’t get angry or think wrong.
She- Means?
Me- What’s your figure?
She- Oh, so now you are showing real thing in your mind!

Me- No, please don’t take me wrong.
She- I know men. It’s not your fault.
Me- Please please, nothing like that.
She- Ok what will happen if I tell?

Me- Nothing, just for curiosity I asked.
She- Ok, what you want to know?
Me- Your figure.
She- I have a waistline of 30.

Me- Tell full.
She- Means?
Me- You know how to tell.
She- I know but you also don’t be so innocent. You very well know what you are asking.

I understood that she knows that I have checked her lingerie in the washroom but I pretended to be innocent.
Me- How do I know?
She- Ok then if you don’t know, no need to know also. Leave it.

Me- Please, tell once.
She- No I am not going to tell.
I didn’t ask further. In the meantime, we reached her home. I was tensed that perhaps she got angry. So I pretended to go.

She- Where are you going?
Me- Home.
She- Ok but have something, you didn’t take dinner too.
Me- Don’t get bothered. You take rest.

She- No no it’s not good. I shall not feel good. At least have something
I got down from the car. We went to her home. She asked me.
She- What you will take?
Me- Actually nothing.

She-Tea or coffee?
Me- Anything.
She – Ok, I’ll make coffee, I shall also take. You take some snacks.

Me- I think you change first, you might be feeling tired.
She- No its ok. I shall change later.

Actually knowingly I asked her to change. I was wishing to see her in nighty or some sexy stuff but she refused. She went to the kitchen and started making something. I went behind her and stood there.

She saw me and smiled. I also smiled. She was making coffee. On another side, she started making French fries in the pan. As I realized I went near.

Me- Only coffee is enough. Don’t make anything else
She- Come on, you need to eat something. I am a doctor. I can’t keep you hungry.

Saying this she looked back at me and smiled. My hunger for something else craved more at that time, the first time my attention went to the back side of his blouse. Since evening I was lost in front only on her boobs. Now I saw the back. It was a backless blouse.

The white smooth back was being seen. Very little sweat she was getting on back due to cooking. I went near and blew some air from my mouth on her back. She got shocked.

She- What is this?
Me- You are getting sweat. So giving you some air.
She laughed.
She- No no its ok
Me – No its required.

Saying this I blew more air on her back. She shivered but didn’t say anything. I gathered some courage and started blowing more air. She started moving little due to some shivers. I kept on doing. She was saying enough. But I kept on doing.

She was trying to get away from my mouth but she was stuck in between me and shelf. She was just moving her shoulders due to tickling she was getting. Then I held her with my hands and started blowing air on her bare back. She spoke.

She- Stop please, I am doing something.
Me- And I am relaxing you from sweat.
She – Please understand, something will burn.
Me- Slow down the gas.

Saying that I slowed down the burner of gas and started doing again. I was blowing air on her bare back through her blouse, also on the neck and near the ear. I was doing so closely. My lips were so close to her body but not touching her body.

My hands were on her shoulders. She was in kind of arrest in my hands. I was wishing to start kissing her but I didn’t want to spoil the moment also. This went on a few minutes.

She- Please leave my arms. I have to make fries.
I left her arms. She started taking fries out of the pan. To prolong the game, I said.

Me- Make some more. I am hungry
She- I know who is hungry.

She poured some more fries in the pan. As she made some gap between her arms and belly, I made my hands there. I slowly moved my hands upwards and kept it above her boobs. She immediately pushed me back.

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