Indian Sex Stories Best Kinky Sex In A Cottage With Aditi – Part 2

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19 مايو 2016
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Best Kinky Sex In A Cottage With Aditi – Part 2

Hi guys, this is Rave from Mumbai back with the second part of the story. After having mind-blowing sex, we smoked some good hash and decided to take it easy. However, before the trip, I asked Aditi that she should be stark naked whenever we were indoors.

After smoking up, we were tripping and she wanted to lick my ass. I was sitting, she made me stand up and she just dived her face between my ass crack and started rimming me hard. At first, I was surprised and then later within a few seconds, I got a hard-on. She was blatantly licking my ass with her tongue going deep inside and one hand shagging my erected dick.

She went really hard with her hands and her tongue and I surprisingly came within 3-4 minutes. Just moments before I came, she set herself in front of my dick and collected all my cum in the palm of her hands. She looked into my eyes and just licked her hands off. I was certainly surprised and happy by this display of her kinkiness.

Later, while having our lunch, she asked for my permission to indulge in certain acts where she would take the lead and I would have to follow her. She knew my kinkiness knew no bounds. I agreed!

The first thing was that I will have to be hard whenever she wants to fuck me even if that required consuming Viagra tablets. She mixed Viagra tablets with my Bourbon and I drank the whole glass in a jiffy. My dick was stone hard and oozing precum. Aditi has a habit of constantly hydrating herself. She said she will going to the washroom to take a leak.

The moment she entered the washroom, I followed her swiftly. She sat on the pot and started peeing. I positioned myself in front of her cunt and penetrated inside her while she was taking a leak. The force of her pee ejected my dick out but I forced it in again.

She was still leaking but at the same time, the pressure was forming a lump inside her. With this lump and as soon as the pressure lowered, I started humping her and she was squealing and was out of breath.

I was so turned on that I just wanted to destroy that beautiful pussy of hers. I was fucking her harder and deeper. Kneading her boobs violently, pinching her nipples, slapping her at times, I fucked her. As she regained her breathe she was screaming and moaning.

“Ohhhh, God! Fuck me like a monster that you are. I am your whore, just destroy my beautiful pussy. Make sure I am not able to walk for my life. I will be your whore for life!”

After fucking for approximate 5-7 minutes, she wasn’t able to take the lump inside her and she exploded. She pushed me away but I overpowered her and fucked her with even more intensity and deeper pushes. She chewed the flesh on my collar bone but I was nowhere near done.

I picked her up and turned her and started licking her ass. She was all cumming and was begging me to stop as she was extremely exhausted. I didn’t post any heed to her. With those tablets, it was like the monster inside me was waken.

I licked her ass deep. I fingered her and some of the shit inside her ass was on my finger. I made her suck it, then washed and licked her ass clean. I inserted my first finger in her asshole and tried to insert my tongue as well. She begged me to stop but her pleases were falling on deaf ears.

I inserted my middle finger too. She moaned and started moving her ass to my finger movements. But still, she was asking me to stop. I started fingering her more violently and increased the speed. She started moaning hard and started moving her body along.

Aditi was nearing her orgasm and as she contracted for the first wave of orgasm, I entered her ass with my rock hard dick. She in her wildest dreams did not imagine that to happen! I just entered inside her completely with no warning at all. She screamed and at the same time, with the ecstasy of the orgasm, she squirted huge amounts of cum and pee.

I started fucking her asshole vigorously and violently. It was too tight and I knew since the moment I entered her ass that I won’t last too long.

She clutched my dick with her asshole. I kept on fucking her tight hole and I came deep inside her ass. She was extremely exhausted but the tablets were doing their job. I was still hard even after cumming a load of almost half a liter in her ass.

I made her sit under the warm shower and she showed me my cum oozing out of her asshole. I felt an urge to pee and I shoved my dick in her mouth and pour in there. And she was exhausted that she just looked at me from her eyes and faintly smiled at the mobster she unleashed. I poured down her throat without wasting a single drop on her face or boobs. I cleaned her up and in the process, I fucked all her holes briefly.

Lastly, I took her out of the bathroom. I made her lay on the bed, opened her legs up and got her in the missionary position for the final round. I pushed my dick in her surprisingly wet pussy. I bit her nipple between my teeth and started stroking her like a fucking machine gun. I bit her as hard as I fucked her on her neck, boobs, nipples, and stomach. I fucked her like it was the last fuck off my life – hard, firm and mean!

Aditi was red because of the strain her body was taking and also because of all the bites. I fucked her so hard and I felt a line of pain in my balls. And with that, I came so hard as if I transferred out all the liquid in my body through my dick. As I came, I choked her with my hand and bit under her left boob.

She squealed in pain and with that, she came as well. We both screamed like all our energy was being pushed out of her bodies through that orgasm. I just lay flat on her. She moaned one more time and she fainted.

I lay on her for 2-3 minutes caressing her waist. I got up she was still out. As soon as I removed my semi-erected dick out, a huge load of our cum plopped out of her pussy. I just looked at it.

Then I grabbed some ice, put it in a cloth and pressed it against the small wounds where I bit her and right above her pussy to calm her body down. I put the cloth on her forehead and after a minute or two, she regained her consciousness.

She smiled at me and said her whole body was hurting. I said that I am sorry! She said that even though it was paining she was loving every single second of it. I laughed, cleaned her pussy and put her to bed.

I lay down beside her, she stroked my semi-hard cock. She told me that her idea was to get fucked like a whore. And she wanted to unleash this monster inside me who would demean her, fuck her brains out and treat her like a piece of meat.

I removed her blanket and saw that she was completely bruised with bite marks on her neck, boobs and a little around her belly button. Her nipples pussy and ass were sore and hurting. I thought it was one of the most powerful orgasms and best sex I ever had.

Stay tuned for part 3. Let me know how you liked the part 2 by emailing me at [email protected]

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Happy masturbating, you fucking cunts!

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