Indian Sex Stories Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 3

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 3

My hands were on her shoulders. She was in kind of arrest in my hands. I was wishing to start kissing her but I didn’t want to spoil the moment also. This went on a few minutes.

She- Please leave my arms. I have to make fries.
I left her arms. She started taking fries out of the pan. To prolong the game, I said.

Me- Make some more. I am hungry
She- I know who is hungry.

She poured some more fries in the pan. As she made some gap between her arms and belly, I made my hands there. I slowly moved my hands upwards and kept it above her boobs. She immediately pushed me back.

She turned around and spoke.

She- What are you doing?
Me- I am ending my curiosity.
She – What?
Me- You didn’t tell your figure. So I am trying to know myself. This is my style.

She- This is not right. I trusted you.
Me- Don’t worry, I shall never break your trust.
She- But you are crossing limits.
Me- I promise I wont cross any limits.

She- I am matured enough, moreover, I am a doctor. I know what happens when a male and female come together. It can create a lot of trouble.
Me- Nothing will happen.
She- All say like this. I trusted you fully that’s why I allowed you in my home. Otherwise, I never meet anyone at home.

Me- Don’t worry, I am never going to break your trust.
She- Then what you were trying to do just now?
Me- I told you na, I was just ending my curiosity.
She- Aha, I know this curiosity can create disasters.

Me- Come on, you are a doctor, don’t talk like a teenager.
She- What do you want?
Me- I want to know your figure.
She- Don’t be innocent, you know very well, I know.

Me- Who said, I don’t know.
She- I know why you go to the washroom every time whenever you visit my home.
Me- Really I go for nature’s call.

She- Come on, I am a doctor and you are saying that I am matured too. Can’t I understand what you do in the washroom?
Me-Ok, is that your lingerie always in the washroom?
She- Whose else it will be?
Me- Fine really nice size you have.

She- Ok fine, now your curiosity is over?
Me – Not fully.
She – What now?
Me – I always found a padded bra in your washroom. Do you always wear padded?

She- Most of the time
Me- Why, nice full figure you have. Very nice size too. Then why you need to wear a padded bra?
She- I can’t tell you this.
Me- Come on, you are a doctor, you know if someone is curious about anything, then you must kill his curiosity.

She- Please I can’t tell this now. You will understand one day.

She didn’t say anything and turned to gas. She started work. I went behind again and without wasting time, I held her boobs.

She- What’s this? Please don’t do this.
Me- Please just let me feel you.
She- Please understand, this is wrong. We need to stop this.
Me- Please little.

She- It wont be little. I don’t want to sleep with you. please understand.
Me- I am not asking to sleep with me. Just keep standing like this.
Saying this I planted the first kiss on her cheeks. Then second, third and went on. I was kissing her. My hands were on her boobs but I was not pressing. I was kissing slowly. Her cheeks, he neck, behind the ears. She stopped me.

She- Stop please, this is leading to the wrong direction.
Me- Please, don’t think me wrong, let me feel you.
She- Feeling will take us to bed.
Me- Can’t you control yourself?

She- Can you?
Me – Yes I can. I just like you. I want to have some good time with you. Nothing else.
She – Is it, when this good time will end? after having me in bed.
Me- No, I wont go to bed until you say. I can control.

She- I know, that’s why you feel 3-4 minutes are enough for you in the washroom.
Saying this she laughed. I spoke.
Me – I didn’t do anything in the washroom.
She- really, then did you really used to freshen up for that much time?

Me – No, I just used to feel your lingerie for some time.
She- So dirty you are.
Me- No, I am your admirer.

She didn’t say anything. I hugged her from behind. She just moaned and said-please. I whispered in her ear- you smell so sweet. Saying this I started smelling her. She was feeling my breath. I hugged her tightly. She moaned. I kissed her on cheeks. Then I turned her face and the first time I kissed on her lips.

She moaned again. I turned her fully towards me and started kissing her lips. Her eyes were closed. Then I lip-locked with her. Our lips got locked and I started sucking her lips. I kept on sucking and sucking. I nearly ate her lips. After some time, she was breathless and separated herself from me.

She- Coffee is getting ready
She turned to gas, I started to explore her bareback. So far I haven’t kissed her bare back. I started kissing there. My hands were also roaming on her bare back. She started moaning again. Believe me, friends, that was super erotic.

Her bare back in sexy black saree was so looking so hot. I explored every inch of her back. She was moving in a very erotic way. As it was night, her moans and deep breaths sounds were in the kitchen. She spoke.

She- Hey, please, enough now. please stop.
Me- Are you not enjoying?
She- I am enjoying too much. That’s why I am asking to stop. It’s going out of control.
Me- Don’t worry, I shall be in control. But you are just stunning in this black saree. Let me see your beauty fully in this saree.

Saying this I again started kissing her back. Also licking her back. I didn’t remove any cloth of her but enjoyed every visible part. I licked her bare part from the back of shoulders to the place where blouse ends. She was moving just like a film heroine. Then I sat down, slowly turned her around.

Now her belly was in front of my eyes. I removed the pallu of saree and kissed near her belly button. She shivered again. I licked softly near her belly button. I kept licking her around her belly button. She was moaning like anything. Perhaps she was waiting for me to kiss on her belly button.

But I kept on teasing her, I kissed her at every place of stomach except belly button. I kissed on a full stomach. Then licked near the waist, the other side of her waist. Then again I came back to her tummy. This time she was so excited that he help my head and pushed my head into her belly. I kissed her belly.

She jumped with excitement. Then I put my tongue in her belly button. This made her jump in excitement. She pushed my head more in her tummy. I kept on kissing and licking. In between I saw upwards to see her face, she was throwing her head in excitement.

I did for some more time. Then I stopped for some time and looked at her. After a few seconds, she came to sense and looked at me. I winked at her. She just pushed me away but this time in shyness. She spoke.

She- Please go now. It’s getting late.
Me- But I am hungry, I haven’t eaten anything.
She- You are so dirty. Please don’t take me wrong. I am not that type.
Me- I only know one thing that you are my type and believe me I am also not that type.

She – ok, coffee is ready. Take it
Me- I need milk. (I pressed her boobs while saying this.)
She- Enough now, stop. This is not right.
Me- Did I do anything to hurt you.

She- No, but whatever we are doing is not right.
Me- Please let me have your milk once.
She- Why are doing this to me. I am afraid.
Me- Don’t worry. This is our lovely relationship. I wont hurt you.

Saying this I started fondling her boobs. She spoke
She- Oh god, you will kill me. Please stop.
Me- I am stopping myself from many days, please let me milk you.
She- No, please. I believe you. Don’t break my trust.

Me- Ok, I wont do anything without your wish, but I am really very excited now.
Saying this I put her hand on my cock, my cock was rock hard.
She- That’s why I was stopping you. I told you that this will lead to some trouble.

Me- Whats trouble in this. This can be relieved.
She- Please don’t force me, I am not wanting this to happen.
Me- Nothing will happen. You are a doctor. There are many methods you know
She- Means?

Me- Just relieve me by some method. At least as a doctor.
She- Tell clearly what you want.
Me- Can we have oral.
She- No, that’s just sex and I don’t want sex.

Me- Did you like whatever we did.
She- Yes that’s why I allowed you too but not further.
Me- What did you like?
She – I have never been loved in saree so far. You did it the first time.

Me- Why, your husband doesn’t do this.
She- No, either I m in nighty at that time or without clothes. Moreover, that leads to sex. I just liked the love.
Me- Thanks if you liked.

She- Yes, I liked, you did all love without seeing me nude.
Me- Yes, you are so beautiful. Your skin is so smooth. It’s not necessary to see you naked to love you.
She- That’s what I liked.

Me- Ok but you know, men can’t be satisfied like this.
Saying that I pulled my trousers and underwear down. Before she could speak anything, my cock sprang out.
She- Oh god, what is this. Keep this inside.
Me- Please relieve my tension.

She- Go to the washroom, my lingerie is still there. Go and relax.
Me- No, I can’t that way.
She- Why you always used to do that earlier.
Me – I just played. Never did fully. You please do.

She- Please I can’t do.
Me- Why can’t you help even as a doctor.
She- I am not a sex doctor.
Me- But you know all.

Saying this I pulled her hand and put it on my cock. Then I sat on the shelf, pulled her near me, put her hand on my cock. I kissed her. She started doing slowly.

Me-Wow, yes, your hand is so nice. Please hold it fully.
She held it.
Me- Thanks please don’t mind.
She- ok.

Me-I love you.

I kissed her.
She- I want to say one thing.
Me- Tell.
She- Nice penis you have.

I was in the seventh sky. I thanked her. She started doing. I held her boobs. She stopped.
She—You can’t do anything.
Me- But let me see these. This will help me.
She – No.

Saying this she started again. my hands were still on her boobs. I spoke.
Me- You didn’t tell me why you wear a padded bra.
She- Some other time I shall tell.

She was jerking, I started pressing her boobs. This time she didn’t stop me. I was kissing her also. She was doing it nicely. Sometimes changing her hand also.

Me- Nice, you do very nicely.
She- I don’t think so. I think you are not enjoying.
Me- No, I am enjoying a lot.
She- If you would have been enjoying, you would have cum by now. My husband never takes this much time.

Me- It’s not that I am not enjoying but I take more time.
Actually, I had jerked around 2 hours back. You know it takes more time in 2nd time. So I was taking time, but it was good for me. Then she started doing fast. I pressed her boobs above the dress. She got it full pace.

Her eyes were also concentrated on my cock. The skin was going full back and front on cock. I pressed her boobs hard. She didn’t stop me. She knew the pressure was building in me. She jerked faster. I pressed more hard. She moaned. Then she gave a full big jerk to me and I exploded.

Although I never explode so much but that time. My jet went to her saree. My eyes were closed. I only came to know when some drops came on my hands as my hands were on her boobs. She kept on jerking till the last drop came out.

So, friends, this is how my love story started with doctor Reetika. I stop here now. In further parts, I shall tell how I enjoyed further and why Reetika used to wear a padded bra in spite of having a good size of boobs.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Your suggestions and feedback about my experience are most welcome. You can mail me your views on [email protected]. Bye for now.

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