Indian Sex Stories My Naive Indian Mom Seduced By Cunning Uncle – Part 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Naive Indian Mom Seduced By Cunning Uncle – Part 1

My name is Rahul, I am 19 years old. The story, I am about to tell occurred last year. My family consists of my father, my mom, my elder brother and myself. We live in thane city which is near Mumbai. We live in a two bedroom apartment. My father (age 54) owns a restaurant and is always busy. He works from morning till midnight most days.

My elder brother is 22 years old and lives in Bangalore. He is doing a PG course. My mom is a housewife. She is 48 years old. She is meek in nature.

My mother’s family side has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. All of them are married. My mom is the eldest sibling. She came from a humble and middle-class family

The story started when mom’s second sister’s husband came to our house. My aunt was married to this jerk of a guy. He was a loudmouth, lazy and huge person. He was 47 years old. His big mouth and abrasive nature had resulted in huge debts and loss for this business. He had taken money from a lot of people including my parents and other family members. He had also taken money from some really bad people.

When his creditors started showing up at his house and harassing him, he left his home. With no place to stay, he contacted my parents and begged to allow him to stay (hide) at our place. My parents reluctantly agreed to let him stay for some days. Those days I was always at home because of the college summer break.

Uncle came to our house late at night with his suitcase of clothes and other belongings. He thanked my parents a lot and said he will correct his wrongdoings as soon as possible. He slept in my room as my room had a spare bed that belonged to my brother.

For the first few days, uncle was at his usual behaviour. All he did was stay inside the house, watch TV and talk to my mom. Since it was summer time, I used to spend most of the time on my laptop inside my room.

On the eight day of uncle’s stay at home, I was in my room and mom was in the kitchen preparing lunch. My room was next to the kitchen. I saw my uncle enter the kitchen and started talking with my mother.

Mom and uncle had talked to each other a lot in this last few days. I mostly did not bother to listen to their conversation. But at times when I had listened to their conversion, all I had heard was my uncle’s boasting and mom complaining about how she has to spend most of the time alone at home.

Today before he had entered the kitchen, he came to the room. I was as usual on my laptop playing PUBG with my headset on me.

When I saw him, I just ignored him. But from the corner of my eyes, I saw the look on his face. It looked like he was checking what I was up to.

He left my room and entered the kitchen. I found it a bit odd and decide to listen to their conversation. Also, none of the friends were online for playing PUBG.

I heard my uncle speaking first, “Sister, what are you cooking today?”

Mom replied, “Pomfret fish curry and rice”

Uncle said, “That’s wonderful, it is my favourite and it’s been months since I had pomfret fish.”

Mom said, “I know, that’s why I brought them. Kirti (mom sister) had told me.”

Uncle said, “Aahh, I really miss her and children, I can neither go there nor can they visit me.”

Uncle feared that his house was under surveillance by loan shark guys and he did not want to risk his family by visiting them.

The loan shark goons were visiting my aunt’s place but so far were respectful with her. My aunt had convinced them that uncle had left them and was not in touch with them.

Mom replied, “I know, we cannot risk their lives, so far it is peaceful at home.”

Uncle said, “You are correct, but I am really feeling sad, lonely and empty. Sister, can I say something to you straightforward?”

Mom replied, “Yes, please tell me.”

Uncle said, “I am feeling really uncomfortable inside me.”

Mom asked, “Where are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you have a fever or something?”

Uncle replied, “Please do not get angry hearing what I am saying. As you know, the last few months have been very difficult for us and I have been running and under a lot of stress. Only after I came to stay here, my stress level has reduced. And now after so many weeks without having sex with Kirti, I feel my balls will burst anytime. I am also having pain below too.”

I was very surprised and shocked that uncle was talking about sex so openly. Mom was conservative in nature. As I was listening to their conversation from near my bedroom door, I was not able to see my mom’s reaction.

Mom replied after a big pause, “I am not sure if you should be discussing these things with me.”

Uncle replied, “I am sorry but I thought you were my close friend now after talking for many days.”

Mom replied, “I am your friend but first, I am your sister-in-law. Anyways, why don’t you just take care of your problem in the bathroom by yourself.”

I was a bit shocked hearing mom’s reply. I thought she should have been more angry at uncle and should not be giving him advice on masturbation.

Uncle replied, “I thought you could understand my difficulty as you too are going under a similar situation.”

I could not believe the things I was hearing. Did mom discuss her sex life with this guy? She sounded embarrassed discussing this with uncle.

Mom replied, “That is not true. I never told you about my lack of sex life.”

Hearing the word SEX from her mouth gave me chills.

Mom continued, “I just told you that my husband does not spend quality time with me talking.”

Uncle replied, “I am again sorry for misunderstanding you. But I thought you will understand my problem.”

Mom replied, “I can understand your problem and therefore, I just told you to take care of the problem yourself in the bathroom.”

Uncle replied, “I do not like to masturbate, I am not a teenager anymore. I have not had masturbated for many years now.”

Mom replied, “What is the problem in that? Have you forgotten how it is done?”

Uncle replied, “Not like that. But once you have sex, it is degrading for me to resort to masturbation.”

Mom asked, “Then how are you planning to deal with your problem?”

Uncle replied, “I thought you can help.”

I was shocked after hearing this, I wanted to go inside and bash him but first, I wanted to hear my mom’s reply.

Mom replied, “Are you crazy? I am your sister-in-law? How can you even think of having sex with me?!”

Uncle replied, “Sister please, I am not asking you to sleep with me. I just want some relief.”

Mom questioned, “What do you mean by that?”

Uncle replied, “I know it is wrong for us to have sex but you can do other things like blowjob or hand job.”

Mom replied, “No way I am going to do that. I do not even do that to my husband.”

(I felt sorry for dad. At the same time, I was surprised mom was continuing having this conversation with uncle).

Mom continued, “That too with my son in the next room.”

Uncle replied, “Do not worry about, Rahul. He is busy on his laptop. I checked on him, he is not leaving the room till you call him for lunch.”

That was true, the entire summer I cooped up in my room. I used to take water bottled and chips with me. I used to come out only when mom called me for food.

Uncle continued, “Sister, please help me.”

I wanted to see what was happening and therefore, I quietly exited my room. As I mentioned before, my room was next to the kitchen. It was connected by a central passage. The wall of the passage had white tiles. You could stand in the passage and look at the opposite wall and get a mirrored view of the kitchen.

Therefore after quietly exiting my room, I crouched down and took a position in such a way that I could see the entire kitchen through the reflection from the tiles.

Uncle continued, “Sister, please help me this one time. How about you just standing still and I will rub myself against you.”

Mom with a puzzled look replied, “What do you mean?”

Uncle moved closer to mom and touch her both shoulders and said, “You stand, facing the cooking area.”

He turned mom in that way.

“I will dry hump you from behind.”

He moved behind my mom and caught her by the waist and pulled his groin area closer to mom’s buttocks. He continued dry humping. Mom did not stop him or protested.

Mom spoke at last, “Please.. What if Rahul comes?”

Uncle replied, “Do not worry, I am keeping one eye on his door through the reflection of the tiles.”

Uncle continued, “I should cum very quickly.”

Mom said, “I can not believe we are doing this! This is so wrong.”

Uncle continued dry humping mom. After a few seconds, he stopped and said to mom, “Please do not mind. I am not getting a proper grip because of the too many layers of clothes we are wearing. I will just pull down my shorts and underwear.”

Mom replied, “Whatever you are doing, do it fast!”

Uncle pulled his shorts and underwear down until the knees. His 6-inch dick was at full mast!

He then caught mom by her waist and placed his cock between her buttocks. Mom continued to look to the front.

Mom was wearing a full-length house gown (blue colour) that she normally wears. I have also noticed she wears petticoat and undergarments (bra and pantie).

To tell you about mom’s features, she is about 5.6 inches tall and she has a pretty face. She has a fair complexion. Her vital stats are 34B-35-38.

Uncle continued dry humping her ass for a few more minutes. I noticed as he moved his hand in front, completely encircling her body. Uncle was roaming his hand on mom’s entire stomach. He even started planting kisses on her back. Mom told him to stop. Uncle stopped the kissing but his hands were groping her breast area.

Uncle groped both her breasts. He tried to push his hand inside her housecoat. Mom let him do that.

After a few minutes of groping her breasts and dry humping her from behind, he again complained, “I am not getting a good grip on my dick because of the housecoat, petticoat, and pantie”.

Mom without turning said, “What can I do, please press tighter and cum already!”

Uncle while dry humping said, “Can you push your housecoat and petticoat up and hold it by your waist? I can then place my dick directly between your ass crack. If Rahul comes, you just have to let go of your hold and the clothes will fall back down.”

Mom replied, “You are crazy!”

I thought, “At last mom will stop this crazy nightmare”.

But mom actually started to pull her housecoat and petticoat up till her waist. I saw her milky long legs and thunder thighs.

Uncle thanked her. He caught her waist and placed his cock between her ass. I heard my mom gasp. Uncle continued dry humping mom. He moved his right hand in front and started rubbing mom’s pussy. Mom weakly protested but uncle convinced her and told her to enjoy. I am pretty sure uncle was also rubbing her clitoris because mom was moaning softly.

Uncle then moved both his hands on mom’s hips and pulled mom’s clothes till her stomach area. I saw mom’s black colour pantie. He asked mom to hold the clothes higher. Uncle then fish-hooked mom’s pantie with his thumbs and slid them till her knees. Mom tried to bend over and pull her pantie up but uncle stopped her.

He then buckled down his knees slightly. His right hand was in front of her pussy. He made mom spread her legs and then inserted his dick in her pussy. Mom gave a loud moan. I could not hold any longer. I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it.

Uncle then caught mom by her hips and started humping her. I could hear their body slapping against each other. He was fucking her in the standing position and from behind, expertly. Mom had to hold the kitchen-counter for support.

As uncle was slightly taller than her, whenever uncle was driving his dick into her, mom had to stand on her toes to keep the balance. Her eyes were closed and now she was moaning a bit loudly.

After a few more minutes, I saw uncle getting tensed. His ass muscle tightened and he started buckling. Soon he had an orgasm. He gave a loud groan when he came.

Then he stood behind mom and started rubbing her pussy rapidly. After 5 minutes of pussy rubbing, mom had a big orgasm. She placed her hand on her mouth to suppress her sounds.

Meanwhile, I too had my orgasm. I came and my cum flew on the wall.

They both stood there for a few minutes. Then they disengaged. Mom pulled her pantie up, dropped her housecoat and petticoat down and uncle pulled his pants up. He thanked my mom again. Mom smiled and said, “I am going to the bathroom to clean myself, do not follow me.”

She started coming out slowly. I moved quickly to my room and acted like I was playing on my laptop.

Mom crossed my room and tiptoed to her bedroom and uncle followed her.

To be continued.

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