Indian Sex Stories Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 1

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Met Sexy Doctor For My Mother’s Illness – Pt 1

Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying your life to the fullest extent. I am here to share you a wonderful experience of my life. This is a real experience and is very close to my heart. Still, I am feeling like this happened yesterday only. Hope you all will enjoy reading this.

This is not a just a sex story but an erotic story filled with love, fun, and care. Well to start with, first let me introduce my self. I am Ashwani. I am from Chandigarh. I live here with my family. This is an experience of last year. Once my mother was not well. So I had to take her to the doctor.

First few days I got her to our local doctor to whom we often go for treatment. But even after a few days of treatment and medicine, she didn’t get well. So I decided to take her to a big reputed hospital. So one day I took the appointment and took her with me to hospital.

We got the number and we had to wait for our turn. I read the doctor’s name. That was a lady doctor. Her name was Dr. Reetika. Soon our turn came and we entered her checking room. There she was sitting. She looked beautiful. She looked a lady in her 30s. Although I was there for some serious reason, you know we men are men.

She started asking my mother about the problem and I was busy observing her. She looked beautiful with sharp features. Her eyes were big and round, perhaps eyes were making her face very attractive. Then her lips looked so beautiful. You can say those lips were looking perfect on her face.

She was not having any lipstick on her lips. She looked so simple yet very attractive. But there is one more reality in this world. How good we men may be, from the heart, but there is always some sensation happening between our legs after seeing a beautiful lady. And that sensation always wants more.

This is a reality and nothing to feel about that. Same was happening to me. She was sitting in front of us, I could only see her face but my heart and body were wishing to see more. Yes, friends, I was wishing to see her figure as well. Soon I got a chance.

She asked my mother to lie on checkup table behind her so that she can do some checkup. I helped my mother to reach her to checkup the table. The doctor also got up. I turned my face to see her. But to be honest, I didn’t get much impressed by seeing her. In fact, I couldn’t judge from my eyes about her figure.

Friends you know, our eyes go to detect bust size first, but I didn’t find that attractive. I thought that perhaps her figure may not be that good. She completed my mother’s checkup. Then she wrote some tests to be done and told that she will prescribe proper medicine after seeing reports.

She told me to come in the evening with reports and then she will prescribe medicine. So we came back home. In the evening, I went again, collected the reports and went to her cabin. I had to wait again. After 45-50 minutes, my turn came, I went in. She greeted me with a smile. I handed over the reports to her.

She got busy in seeing reports and I got busy in seeing her. I was standing and she was sitting. I tried to see her cleavage but that couldn’t be seen. I again got disappointed. She wrote medicines and asked me to visit again with mother after 4 days for follow up checking.

She gave me a compliment for taking care of my mother with seriousness. I felt so happy. I wished to compliment her for her beauty but I stopped myself. I came back. Then after 4 days again I went with my mother to checkup. The same thing happened. I saw her but couldn’t see her figure much.

But we exchanged smiles and thanks with each other. I was not understanding that was just formal or she liked to talk to me. This happened for 4 times during each checkup. She enquired about me, my job and all. I took her number for some emergency situation.

But I never called her because I am not that type although I wished to talk to her. Then one day, when we went to the hospital, she was not there. Some other doctor was there. She was on leave. My mother insisted to get her checkup from Reetika only. We came back. In the evening I called her and told the situation.

She told me that she is on leave for one week. I requested her that if I can visit her home with my mother for the checkup. First, she refused and said that I don’t practice at home. But I requested her 2-3 times and made her agree. She asked me to bring my mother to her home the next day morning.

So the next day morning, I took my mother to her home. I reached her home and rang the bell. Her maid opened the door and asked us to sit. After 4-5 minutes, she came. Wow, I was stunned, she had just taken a bath. Her hair was wet. She was looking so beautiful.

Although again I couldn’t guess about my favorite part, her bust. She was overall medium built, not too slim, not too fat. But you know without guessing or seeing that thing, we can’t say anything. I guessed in my mind. I thought perhaps she is not that busty. Then I saw a pic in her drawing room, her pic with a man.

She saw me seeing the pic. She herself told that he is her husband. I felt jealous of her husband. Then she asked my mother about her health. My mother told her about some pain in the abdomen area. So she wanted to check my mother, but in the drawing room, nothing was there.

So she asked my mother to come into her bedroom so that she can do a proper checkup. We went to the bedroom. I was again jealous as I went into her bedroom. Her bedroom was beautifully decorated. All I can say is I could feel a lot of romance there in my thoughts. She started checking my mother.

She took around 10-12 minutes. I was so impressed by her way of attending and doing her duty so honestly. In the meantime, I got a nature’s call. I asked about the guest washroom, she told that maid will be cleaning that washroom, you use this room’s washroom. So I went to the washroom which was attached to her bedroom.

As I went there, I saw a pink colored bra –panty hanging there. My little devil started to grow. First I thought not to touch that but then I thought of checking her size as I was thinking her small busted. So I took her bra and searched for the tag. The bra was not that old, so I found the tag.

Then I read the size, I was shocked, size is written was 34c. I was stunned so much. C-cup? Am I reading it right? How this is possible. Does she have this much big bust? How couldn’t I guess then? Then I saw the panty. It was of medium size. My cock was getting hard. Also, it was a padded bra.

So it was feeling very soft in my hands. I thought of jerking but then controlled. I came out. She gave me a smile. She gave some prescription and we started to come back. Then my mother did the thing which I wished. My mother asked her that if we can come here for a regular checkup as it takes a lot of time in the hospital.

She was a little reluctant but agreed. I was overjoyed. We came back home and I rushed to my room to relieve myself. Her bra and panty were in my mind. In the evening, my mother felt little uneasy. She had taken a new medicine prescribed by Dr. Reetika. So I called her for advice. But her number was busy.

I tried a few times but her number was busy for another 30-40 minutes. Then after 45 minutes, I got a call from her. She told me that she was talking to her husband as her husband is out of the country for some project. She told that her husband is a scientist. Then we discussed medicine.

She told me to stop that medicine. We became more friendly. Then again in the night, around 11, I got a call from her. She enquired about my mother, I told her that now my mother is sleeping and thanked her for the concern. Then I asked about her family. She told me that she is married for the last 2 years.

She also has a mother-in-law in her family. But she is also gone for some family function. Then I was sure that bra was hers. We talked for another 5 minutes and then disconnected. In the morning I sent her a good morning message. She also replied. So we started exchanging messages and jokes.

Then again one day, we went to her home for a checkup. Again I asked for the washroom, she gave me a smile and showed me the way. I saw her bra again. Same size but this time it was of cream color. But it was padded bra as well. My cock grew up, I started to jerk with her bra in my hand.

I was pressing soft padded cups of bra feeling as I am pressing her boobs. But after 2-3 minutes I felt I should go. Because I take a long time to cum. I could not stay there for that long. My cock had got little precum on a tip by jerking. I wiped that precum with her bra and came back. We came back.

I was happy but confused about one thing. Is that her bra? if yes, then why she wears a padded bra? C cup is good enough, so why she needs a padded bra to wear. But I was happy. Then one day we had gone for a checkup to her home. She got a call on her phone. It was her driver’s call.

The driver told that he can’t come on duty today as he has some work to do at home. She got upset and said that how I shall go to a seminar in the evening. She cut the phone in an angry mood. I asked her what happened. She told me the situation that she has to attend a seminar in the evening.

I told her that I shall drop you. She said that it will be late in the evening and after that dinner is also there. So it will get late. I shall make some other arrangement. I told her not to worry. I thanked her for her help and told that let me do this. She agreed. I asked her the time. She said, “I have to reach there by 6.30 PM. So I need to start at 6 pm.”

I told her that I shall reach at right time in the evening. In the evening, I reached her home at 5 instead of 6 pm in excitement. She was about to get ready. She was surprised to see me. But then asked me to wait. I sat in the drawing room. After some time, she came with a soft drink and snacks. Then she got ready.

When she came out of the room, I was amazed again. She was wearing a black saree. My god, first time, I could see her bust from her dress. Her boobs were about to come. I could guess her figure fully. I complimented her. Then our conversation was like this.

Me-Wow, mam you are looking beautiful.
She- Thanks but don’t call me madam, call me Reetika. And thanks to you for coming. I am bothering you.
Me- No no, not at all, in fact, I am happy to come.

She- Really? why?
Me- I am getting a chance to have the company of someone beautiful like you
She- Oh, flirting? So you flirt also?
Me-Hehe, not like that. But really you are looking beautiful and gorgeous today.

She – Thanks, but does it mean I don’t look beautiful on other days.
Me- You look but not as gorgeous as today.
She- I know, but I have to wear a dress according to the situation, in the hospital I can’t wear this kind of dress.

Me – Right, you have a very nice dressing sense.
She – Ok ok, no more flirting now. It’s time to go.
Me- Yes. Let’s go.
She – Don’t you want to go to washroom today? (and smiled)

I was embarrassed to answer this but nodded in yes. I was in the drawing room and I had to use guest washroom only. I was not in the mood to go as there will be nothing to see. But just to show her, I went inside. I thought of coming and going out just to show but she said something.

I went to washroom unwanted because I didn’t have any feeling then. But when I entered the washroom, I was surprised. A blue color bra was hanging there. The panty was not there. But bra was enough for me. I took my cock out and started masturbating.

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