Indian Sex Stories Feeding My Devar And His Friend – Pt 4 (Fucking Them)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Feeding My Devar And His Friend – Pt 4 (Fucking Them)

Hi, this is Anitha back with the next part of the story.

After that day I was feeling a bit off beat. I was really having the thought that I was about to cheat my husband. But things rolled on. On Saturday Chandran came to our house. I was wearing an orange saree that day. We had dinner and had our talks. While we were talking my baby started crying.

So I took him to my bedroom and fed him and when I was about to put him to sleep my hubby also came. He too slept along with the baby. I came to the kitchen to clean the utensils. When I came to the hall I was shocked to see Chandran with his eyes closed was stroking his cock sitting on the couch.

I just didn’t say anything and silently went to the kitchen. I started washing the dishes. I was sure that he could have heard the utensils. After some time he came to the kitchen and stood there silently. I too stayed silent.

After a few moments, he broke the silence and asked, “Bhabhi did you see me doing there in the hall?” I didn’t turn back but just nodded my head. He then started crying. “Sorry bhabhi I couldn’t control myself that’s why. Forgive me bhabhi,” he said. I didn’t reply to him.

He then stepped forward and held my waist from behind. I pushed his hands away but didn’t say anything. He then hugged me from behind. I didn’t move at all. He brought his lips to my neck and kissed me there. I just shook off my shoulders.

He then entered his left hand through the free end of my saree and gently massaged my belly. I was liking it. He moved his hands further up and have a gentle squeeze over my left breast. I felt a wave of shock through me and I told him to leave me. But he kept pressing my breast and also was kissing my neck.

Now milk started to leak and a wet spot occurred on my blouse. He was so excited about it. He then brought his right hand and placed over my pussy area above my saree. All this while I was standing motionless. But then he squeezed over my crotch. I wiggled and moved out of his hold and gave him a tight slap.

Then we both stood in complete silence. He then again broke the silence. “Bhabhi I can’t bear to just see you. I need you. At least this once bhabhi please.” I was angered and asked him, “Do you really know what you are telling me?”

He said, “Yes, bhabhi. I respect you a lot but my desires always overtake my respect for you. Please bhabhi if you let me this once I assure you that my desires will definitely quench. I will not disturb you again please bhabhi.” I just firmly said, “No, Chandran this is absolutely wrong.”

He said, “It’s wrong only if it goes out. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please bhabhi.” He was pleading me. But I didn’t give in. Finally, he said, “Bhabhi if you really care for me just let me this once. I’m not able to concentrate on anything. I feel like my career is about to be destroyed. Please help me bhabhi.”

I was left speechless. I said, “Ok just this once. It’s just because I really care for you and nothing else.” He immediately hugged me and said, “Thanks bhabhi.” I then said, “I will do this only if you have a condom.” He was shocked and said, “I don’t have one now bhabhi and it’s also hard to get one now as it is already 11 pm.”

“I don’t about that Chandran I can’t do without a condom. I can’t risk getting pregnant.” He said, “Is it okay tomorrow if I have a condom?” I just shrugged. He said, “Ok bhabhi then it’s tomorrow. I will definitely get it.” Saying this he left. but I was in a deep state of confusion and went to bed.

I hardly got sleep and somehow I slept. Next day morning I woke up and took bath and wore a black color saree. Everyone else was sleeping and I prepared breakfast. Everything went as usual. After lunch, my hubby went to sleep which he usually does on holidays.

Chandran came to me and said, “Bhabhi let’s do this now please.” I said ok and asked about the condom and he said don’t worry about it. I said ok I will feed the baby and put him to sleep and will come. He said ok with a big grin. I went and fed the baby and put him to sleep.

I came to the hall and was shocked to see Ramesh there. Then Chandran came and said, “Don’t worry bhabhi he is here to give the condoms.” Ramesh gave the condom to Chandran and gave a dirty look at me. I said to Chandran that I will wait in his room and went to his room.

After 5 minutes he came in and bolted the door. I was sitting on the bed. He came near me and hugged and said thanks. I didn’t reply to him. He then started kissing my neck and cheek. After some time kissed me on my lips and tried to enter his tongue.

But I didn’t allow him to enter his tongue inside my mouth. He too didn’t complain and again started kissing my neck. He then stood up removed my pallu and started pressing my tits over the blouse. He then removed my black blouse too and told me to stand up.

I stood up and he completely removed my saree and also removed my petticoat. I was standing in my bra and panty with my mangalsutra on in front of my devar. He then unclasped my bra and started to suck my breasts. While sucking he brought his hands and entered my panty and started fingering me.

When his hands first touched my bare pussy a moan escaped from my mouth. Hearing that his intensity of sucking became more. He then stopped fingering and sucking and started to undress. He then removed my panty also. He then wore his condom and told me to bend over.

I did and he entered me from behind and started humping me and was also pressing my breasts. Milk was flowing from it. After a few minutes, he lay on the bed and told me to ride him. I sat in his cock and fucked him for a while. Then he told me to lie down.

In the lying position, he entered me from behind and humped me with great speed. After few minutes he told bhabhi I’m cumming and clutched on to my breasts and squeezed it harder. I shouted in pain. I could feel him ejaculate through the condom. He didn’t remove his cock and laid still for some time.

He then removed his cock and said, “Bhabhi just one more time bhabhi, please.” He was pleading like a small child so I said ok. He said, “You wait here I will go and have water and come.” Saying this he put on his shorts and left the room. I lay there exhausted with my eyes closed.

After some time I heard the door open and being bolted. I didn’t open my eyes. I felt a pair of hands roaming over my body. Then I felt a mouth over my breasts. He was sucking hard at my nipples and took his hand and started fingering me. First, he inserted one finger then two and then three and increased the pace.

I was not able to take it and started moaning. He suddenly stopped I was confused. But before I could come to a conclusion I felt someone licking my cunt. I understood what he was up to. He started eating my pussy and he was doing magic with his tongue and lips down there.

I pressed his head further down between my legs. I was not able to bear this and I came hard on his face. I was too exhausted by now. Then he climbed over me and teased me by rubbing his cock over my pussy lips. He then started penetrating and it went in but it felt small this time.

When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see Ramesh over me. My eyes widened. He said, “This is the deal bhabhi for giving the condoms.” I was not in a state to say anything and turned my head. He started pounding me very hard and pressed my tits at the same time. They were completely drained by now.

He was humping me at a strong speed and he grunted out bhabhi I’m cumming and he came hard. I was further shocked that he was not wearing a condom. To be continued.

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