Indian Sex Stories Innocent Boy To Sex Expert: Transformation – Pt 2 (The First Fuck)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Innocent Boy To Sex Expert: Transformation – Pt 2 (The First Fuck)

Hi, horny buddies. Here I am back with the continuation of my previous part. First of all, thanks for your feedback.

Now let’s get into the story. After the first meeting, I could not stop thinking about her. The first french kiss, the touch of her boobs, and a girl touching my dick, all these thoughts made me go crazy about meeting her again.

After a long wait, the weekend came. Two days back, we both planned to go to Kovai Kuttralam (a tourist place with waterfalls) and spend the weekend over there.

This was the first time I was going to Kovai Kuttralam. The previous time when I was going there with my friends, I had that accident which got me a bed-rest in the hospital. It was the time which created the bond between us. So, it felt like that place was responsible for this connection with Shilpa (name changed).

We actually decided this spot because this place was very near to her college. It was just a 15-minutes walk.

Finally, the weekend came. I went to her college around 8.30 am and then we both walked to the entrance of Kovai Kuttralam. We reached there around 9 am and only after reaching there, we came to know that the entry was allowed only from 10 am.

So we were sitting under a tree and were talking. While doing so, she kissed me on my cheeks. It was totally unexpected and it passed a current inside me. Slowly, I started getting horny. Even I wanted to kiss her back but I was so shy to do that. Minutes passed like that and it was 10 am. So we proceeded to the counter and got the tickets.

From the entrance, you need to walk some distance to reach the waterfalls as it is present inside a forest. So, we were holding hands and walking. While walking on the road, Shilpa pointed to a small path towards the left and said, “Let’s go through this way”.

Since I was new to that place and she knew it much better, I thought it was a shortcut or something. She walked in the front and I followed her. After going some distance inside the forest, she stopped near a tree which was surrounded by a lot of bushes. Then she said, “Let’s stay here”. I was confused. I thought that we were going to the waterfalls but she took me to a lonely place which was covered with some trees and bushes.

Me: Baby, why are we here?

She quickly pulled me to her and started sucking my lips so hard. The moment I realised that she was kissing me, I started responding to her and started sucking her lips too. I started getting very horny and I was getting warm. We both had such an awesome smooch for around 10 minutes. Slowly, our smooches turned into soft kisses.

She: This is why we are here!

I smiled and then hugged her tightly. (By the way, about Shilpa’s looks, she is 34-30-36 and she is quite short – around 5’2″).

As I hugged her tightly, I was able to feel her boobs and it felt so amazing. I started kissing her cheeks, neck and then started sucking her earlobes. Trust me guys, this makes any girl go crazy!

The moment I started doing it, she started moaning. Then she pushed me away and looked into my eyes with a lot of lust. She quickly removed her pants and said, “Come and fuck me, baby”.

I was like, what the fuck! She was standing in front of me showing her wet pussy and she was asking me to fuck her.

This was the first time I was seeing a pussy in real. My body started shivering and was sweating a lot. This was something that I wasn’t really ready for. I thought we would only kiss, hug and may touch private parts and that’s all. But this was totally out of my imagination.

Before I realised what was happening, she pulled down my pants. Quickly, I covered my hard dick with my hands. I was feeling very shy because I haven’t shown my dick to anyone before. She then pulled me closer and removed my hands. And there I was, standing with the hard dick. As she started seeing it directly, my dick started growing even harder.

The moment she saw my dick and she was totally awestruck. She wasn’t doing anything and was just staring at my dick. That silence between us made me a little confused and then I asked her –

Me: Baby, you didn’t like it? (I was about to cover it with my hands again)
She (holding my hands): Babe, it hung like a horse’s and it looks delicious.

Saying so, she put her mouth on my dick and started sucking.

(By the way, my dick size is around 7-7.5 inches guys. It is thick, long and strong. An ideal one to satisfy all girls.)

The moment her lips touched my dick, my body started shaking. My dick was so sensitive at that time because I didn’t even masturbate much.

Now, I was able to feel all her saliva over my dick and it felt like heaven. She kept my dick inside her mouth and was rolling her tongue over the tip. Trust me guys, it felt so good.

As my dick was so sensitive those days, I wasn’t able to control and was about to cum. I took my dick out of her mouth saying that I was going to cum. But she forcefully pulled it back and kept inside her mouth and asked to cum.

I felt it was ewww, but I was not able to control. I jizzed completely in her mouth and she was playing with the cum in her mouth. Then she swallowed it and to my surprise, I liked that scene and it felt good to see my girl taking it all with so much of excitement.

Then, we both sat down under a tree and were talking for a while.

Me: So, you have just showed me your pussy. Won’t your boobs feel like a loser?
She: Aww, here they are, babe (removing her top).
Me: Ohhhhhh myyy goodddd!!

The sight of those boobs was simply amazing.

She had such a beautiful pair of boobs, guys. They were perfectly shaped, 34″ in size, very soft and squishy. Quickly, I grabbed both of them in my hands and started playing with them. While doing so, I was teasing her by not touching the nipples and just circling my fingers around it. She was really getting impatient and quickly pulled my head towards it and made me put one of her boobs in my mouth.

Oh wow! It was tasting so good and the smell of her body made me go crazy. I started sucking her nipples very softly at first and then slowly started giving some pressure. She started enjoying it and was moaning in pleasure. The sound of her moans was actually getting my dick hard.

As she started moaning louder, I was getting crazy and I was licking whole of her boobs. At some point, I was even trying to take one of her boobs totally into my mouth. But no luck! They were huge.

Slowly, I came down kissing on her navel area and started playing with my tongue over there. While I was getting down, I started getting the smell of her pussy and it was making me more horny. Once again, I started teasing her by licking the sides of her thighs and the upper part of her pussy. I always love teasing her and watching her reactions to that.

While licking her thighs and when she was least expecting it, l would brush my tongue on her pussy lips. In that fraction of a second, she gives a big jerk. I liked playing like this and she was getting very impatient.

Slowly, I started licking her pussy and it was really tasting very good. I started liking the taste and was eating it like an ice cream. She was getting very wet and it made me more and more horny. I almost buried my entire face in her pussy area.

Her juices were over my entire face now. I kept licking, licking and licking. You won’t believe me, guys, I was licking her for around 1 hour. I was really an amateur in licking at that time and I guess that was why she didn’t orgasmed from my licking. Then she said,

She: I can’t control it anymore, baby. Please put your dick inside me. I want to feel you inside of me. Come on, fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard!

My dick was already hard and now I kept my dick on her pussy entrance. Just the touch itself made it feel so good. I was loving the wetness on my dick now and was rubbing my dick over her pussy. Slowly, I pushed my dick into her pussy. It was very tight and it was very difficult to push. I was a little hesitant as I thought it was gonna hurt her. But she was very horny and wanted get my dick inside somehow.

Now, I pushed harder and the head of the penis went inside. She shouted, “Hawwwww!” out of pain. I was slowly inserting just the head of my penis and was moving back and forth. The pain in her face faded away and I could see the pleasure in it.

I started pushing a bit more and gradually, I inserted my whole dick into her pussy. She started feeling the pleasure rather than pain now. Gradually, I started increasing the pace too. Right then, we were in the missionary position and I started banging her hard. The expression on her face was making me go more crazy and I started increasing the speed further and further.

With the rhythm of my shots, she was moaning too. (Thinking about all those things is making me hard now!)

Then, we decided to change the position. One of my favourite positions is fucking the girl in the standing position, with one leg up. I wanted to try that and so we came to that position.

She was holding a tree and bending towards it. I was standing on the side, holding one of her legs and putting my dick into her pussy. Just the view of this position was making me crazy and I started banging her hard from the beginning.

Now she was totally out of control and was shouting on top of her voice.

She: Ahh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!! Fuckkk.. Fuckk.. Yeahhh yehhhh.

All these sounds will make any guy crazy and I was no different. I was damn horny and I was banging her so hard and fast now. My pelvic area was hitting her ass and was making a sound like, “Thak Thak Thak.”

I was hitting her like a sledgehammer!

While fucking her so fast like that, I casually turned towards my right for a second and I noticed an aunty standing there and looking at us.

The moment I saw her, I was totally dumbstruck. She seemed like a woman from the village living in that forest. People say that they are a group of tribes.

I was getting scared because I haven’t faced any such situations before and this came totally unexpected. All these changes of emotions happened just in a few seconds. But I dunno why, I didn’t stop banging Shilpa and in fact, I was banging her even harder now. Shilpa didn’t see the aunty because she was facing the other side and was totally immersed in the pleasure of my dick in her pussy.

The aunty was standing still and was staring at my dick moving inside her pussy like a piston. She kept staring at me and it started creating a lot of thoughts inside me like she also wanted to be banged by me and that’s why she was standing there. Then she came a little closer and saw us closely. All of a sudden, she started running in the opposite direction.

This reaction of hers shocked me and I was getting scared about what she was going to do now. I was having a lot of questions in my head.

Why was she staring? Why did she come closer? And why did she run after that?

To be continued!

The next part will say what happened after this and about the mystery aunty and about the way I fucked my Shilpa in a movie theatre.

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