Indian Sex Stories Swinging Couples On Vacation- Part 3

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Swinging Couples On Vacation- Part 3

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I woke up sensing someone with me. I opened my eyes and realized I was naked. Sunita too was in bed with me, still asleep and her naked thighs on mine. We were still covered with the comforter. I felt great and was hard again remembering all the things that happened last night.

I heard a faint knock on the door and after a while, it opened. I kept quiet to see who was it, it was Pammi. She peeped in, saw me awake and smiled at me. It was obvious we were sleeping nude. But she still came in and said, “Bhaiyya, uth jao, breakfast ka time ho gaya.”

She was wearing shorts of Manish, and on top had a green flimsy tying top, and seemed to wear nothing inside. The shorts seemed to have some cum stains both in front and back. She came and sat on our bed near Sunita. Sunita too now woke up and was a bit surprised to find Pammi there.

She looked at me and I winked at her. She must have felt my horny cock too. She wished good morning to Pammi. Pammi tried to hug Sunita. This made her rise a bit and her boobs were exposed. Her nipples were taut, indicating her horny self. I asked, “Where is Manish?”

She said, “Ajit aaya tha, aur woh usko jagaa raha hai, humare bed pe. But you know, Manish bohot aalsi hai!” Sunita said coming out of bed and flashing her pussy and ass to Pammi, “Main fresh ho kar aati hoon.” She went into the bathroom. Pammi giggled staring at her and expectantly looking at me.

I asked Pammi, “Ajit Manish ke saath so gaya kya?” Pammi said, “Manish to thak gaya kal,” winked and giggled suggesting a restless night. I got a bit brave and got out of my bed looking for my shorts. I flashed my erect cock to Pammi. She kept looking at it and I slid my shorts.

But still, it was obviously sticking out. I sat near her on the bed and said, “Pammi you are looking hot today.” She just smiled and held my hand. I started to caress her and kissed her hand. She put her leg over mine. I moved my hand to feel her thighs. I felt her up everywhere down from the waist.

Her shorts were still wet and sticky. I moved my finger over it and daringly let my hand inside her shorts. Now I kept feeling her pussy area and I felt a lot of fluid on the inside of shorts. I scooped it up and found it was more like a man’s cum. I smelled it in front of her and licked it.

I whispered in her ear, “Bhabhi kiska tha yeh?” Pammi said, “Manish ka morning shot tha!” I said, “Hmmm!” And tried to scoop more again. Now Pammi removed her shorts and gave it on my face. She didn’t have her panties on. I started to lick more of Manish’s cum off the shorts.

She just looked at me, in a swift move removed her bra too and sat up. Her nipples were exposed and taut as if seeking attention from me. As I moved towards her, she got up and said, “Jao bhaiyya, humare cottage mein jaake mere panties and shorts le aana, please!”

She leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I once felt her boobs. She giggled and opened the bathroom door and joined Sunita there. I moved out to their cottage and found the door was unlocked. I quietly let myself in. I saw on the bed, Manish and Ajit were kissing each other.

Manish was nude and his penis was all hard while Ajit was wearing a shirt and a funny looking underwear. I sat on their bed and said, “Manish, woh Pammi nahi hai!” Manish and Ajit looked at me and smiled. Manish kept staring at me and guided Ajit’s hand to his cock which he expertly started to shake.

I saw that Ajit was wearing Pammi’s panties and said, “Pammi ko apni panty chahiye.” Manish moved his hand on Ajit, caressing his erect lund on his wife’s panty and said, “Ruk jao thodi der!”

As I watched they both made out wildly and Manish made Ajit suck his cock. Within minutes Manish came in Ajit’s mouth and Ajit too came in Pammi’s panties. I neared his crotch and removed the panty with his hot cum dripping. I took it and licked myself a scoop.

Then I couldn’t hold on and started jacking off into the panty. Ajit saw this and he kissed me on my lips pushing hot cum of Manish which he had taken in his mouth. I shot a big hot load of cum and ran to my cottage to hand that panty to Pammi. By then Sunita was out of the bathroom and getting ready.

Pammi sat wearing only her bra. I handed her wet panties. She smirked at me saying, “Saare kapde me daag laga diya inhone!” Sunita giggled. Then we all got dressed and went for breakfast. That was refreshing after so much cumming.

Sunita kept flirting with Manish and Ajit throughout the day. Ajit took us to a waterfall nearby. The Sunita had a khaki short and a white top while Pammi had put on a red dress. This had a big open back and her bra straps were visible sometimes.

Till now, the open cum eating fetish and open fondling had only happened between me, Pammi, Ajit, and Manish. We had seen each other nude but Sunita had not exposed nor tasted anything or did something crazy with others. She seemed to be charged by the sexual atmosphere.

We had to walk to the spot, it was great, in a private place and had a good view and shade. There were a makeshift table and shaded sitting area. Manish took out his camera and started to click photos. Ajit was busy showing the details of view to the ladies. Pammi had her hand on his shoulder.

Sunita stood showing off her ass in a seductive manner. I walked up to Manish and said, “Photo mein kuch sexy cheez bhi daal, yaar.” Manish was smiling and said, “Aapko lag raha hai kuch karna hai!” Then he called Sunita to pose with Ajit. They both stood together for some poses.

He made them do the Titanic pose. Later he asked me to join them. I stood beside them while he asked Sunita to kneel down in between Ajit and me and hug our hips. This made her face next to our crotches. Then he made her hug me standing while Ajit hugged her from behind. This was getting hot.

Then he asked Sunita to hug Ajit and asked me to hug them from Sunita’s behind. I think Sunita grabbed the sexy tight ass of Ajit. I said, “Ajit aur Sunita ki nikalna photo!” Then Manish made them some intimate poses. Once he grabbed her tummy, while another one with his fingers just entering her shorts above the ass.

I asked Manish to make it sexier. Now he made her pose with her face next to Ajit’s crotch kneeling down suggestively. He even made her open her mouth to look like a double meaning shot. Now Pammi sat next to me holding hands watching all this. Now Manish made Ajit to remove his shirt and asked Sunita to hug him.

He even made her stick out her tongue to look as if she’s licking his nipple. Pammi suggestively pressed my hand. Manish asked Sunita something in her ear and she giggled. The next pose was like she unbuttoned her khaki shorts and showing something to Ajit.

In the next one, he made her insert her hands in Ajit’s pants while her shorts were open. Her hands were surely touching his cock as I could see her blushing. Then he made Ajit remove his pant and stand in undies while he asked Sunita to remove her top.

She walked up to me and kissed me and asked what to do next. I kissed her back and said, “Enjoy baby as much as you want!” Now she went to Pammi and removed her top. Her flimsy bra showcased her taut tits in an erotic way. Now the poses became more explicit and hotter.

They were made to kiss with tongue action by Manish. He even kissed Sunita to ‘show’ how to Ajit. Sunita got naughtier and asked him to kiss Ajit and show her tongue action. Manish did it eagerly and Pammi too stepped in to show. Ajit could not hide his hard-on now and even held Pammi’s boobs while kissing.

Pammi thrust her boobs more while she licked the lips and tongue of Ajit. Now Ajit started to kiss Sunita. As snapping progressed, encouraging words of Manish made Sunita to thrust herself more into hands of Ajit. He felt her ass and thighs and occasionally moved his hands over boobs.

Manish whispered me to encourage them more and I jumped in. I hugged Sunita from the back and guided exploring hands of Ajit to her ass and boobs. In some time Ajit was pressing her boobs and one of them slipped out of her bra. I silently undid her shorts and slipped it out.

As Manish and Pammi cooed and encouraged, I shifted Sunita’s hand on Ajit’s underwear. Now Manish made them lie down on grass. Ajit was whimpering and Sunita was eager for sex. I slipped both their undies to their knees and positioned Ajit’s cock on my wife’s pussy. Manish kept clicking on cam.

Soon they humped each other and Ajit came in spurts over Sunita’s abdomen. Ajit and Sunita lay and kissed for a while. I was looking expectantly at Pammi. She held my hand and took me a bit away and took off my shorts. I undressed her and we too lay on the grass.

I put some of my salivae into her damp pussy and inserted my hard cock now. Her pussy was warm and engulfing as she spasmed again and again. I bit her taut nipples which I had my eyes on for a while. Her boobs were amazing and shook as I sucked them and made slow love into her.

She screamed loudly as I put my sperm shot deep into her. We lay for a while now. As we came back with our clothes in hand, I saw Manish and Sunita in doggy style. I could never insert my cock in Sunita in doggie style. But Manish was an expert fucker and I saw Sunita loved it.

Ajit was furiously clicking photos again. As I and Pammi watched, Manish came in Sunita’s mouth after a strong pussy fuck. Then we all sat nude in cool waterfall stream and relaxed. Even small fishes came and nibbled on our cocks and pussies relaxing it more.

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