Indian Sex Stories Fucking A Horny Corporate Wife After Party – Pt 2

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucking A Horny Corporate Wife After Party – Pt 2

Nikita invited me to come on Friday to their place for a house party. I smiled and said with pleasure. She took my phone and saved her number. She made her way through the crowd. I reached my station after 10 minutes and got home. Friday is 4 days away. Why are there so many days in a week?

Our conversations got naughtier and longer every day. On Thursday it went on till 1 in the night. Friday was finally here, the party was at 7 in the evening. I went out to meet some friends in the morning. I reached home around 7, took a shower and left for Nikita’s place. I reached around 8:15.

There were around 15 people. Some of them were in corporate wear, as they came directly from work. Even Nikita was in a white shirt and pencil skirt, the skirt was shorter today. Everyone was drinking a lot, except for me and Nikita. We played a couple of games.

Abhishek and I were teammates most of the time, looking out for each other. We became good friends. Around 11 in the night everyone started heading out. Soon it was just me, Abhishek and Nikita. Abhishek asked me to stay for a couple more rounds. He already looked pretty drunk.

We started a game of cards. We three were sitting at a small, round table. Nikita was to my left. She drank just one cocktail the whole evening. Abhishek was drinking faster than me. Maybe I should say, I was drinking slowly so that I don’t get fully drunk.

After 10 minutes into the game, I moved my left hand under the table, onto Nikita’s thighs. Nikita looked into my eyes. I moved my hand deeper, towards her inner thighs, pressing them gently. Abhishek was busy deciding his move, while I was making my move on his sexy, horny wife.

I kept rubbing her thighs while we played. I played very slowly so that Abhishek would drink more. We did not finish even one game in 30minutes and Abhishek had two drinks in that time. He is hardly conscious. Nikita asked if he wants to go to bed. He moved his head and we thought it was a nod.

We hardly cared. I helped her move him into the bedroom. We left the bedlamp on and came out and sat near the table. I told her that I am thirsty and going to get some water and asked if she was also thirsty, winking at her. She smiled and nodded. I went into the kitchen, had a glass and came back with one.

She took it from me and drank. I was checking out her boobs while she lifted her head along with the glass. She put the glass on the table and was looking into my eyes. I hugged her tight and started kissing her, my hands were squeezing her ass cheeks.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back hornily. My dick was getting very hard. I was hugging her very tight and her boobs were crushing on my chest. We both were kissing madly. I broke the kiss, went and turned off the light in that room, leaving only the bedlamp in the bedroom turned on.

We can see her hubby sleeping. Everything else was faintly lit with light from the bedlamp. She was standing near the table, with her back towards the bedroom. I came back to her and hugged her, kissing her neck. She played with my hair and started moaning slightly.

I squeezed her ass cheeks in both my hands. I pulled her skirt above her ass cheeks and started pulling her ass cheeks apart and squeezing them really hard. I kept kissing her neck and alternated with her lips. She was also kissing back passionately. We grew hornier every second.

I slid two fingers along the valley between her ass cheeks, rubbing her ass hole on her lacy thong. Her hubby turned to the other side on the bed, facing away from us. The sound he made startled us and we looked towards him, breaking our kiss. Nikita turned around to look at him.

We both looked at him for a few seconds. I slowly hugged her from behind. Whispered in her ears, “I don’t think he will wake up till morning, even if I fuck you in front of him.” She giggled. I ground my bulge into her ass cheeks. I pulled her skirt above her waist and pushed my bulge deeper into her ass cheeks.

I was squeezing both her boobs in my hands, while I kissed her neck. She started moaning again. We both were facing the bedroom where her hubby was sleeping. She was looking at him now and then, closing her eyes most of the time. She bent a little forward and held onto the table in front of her.

I pushed my bulge deeper and squeezed her boobs very hard, making her moan harder. I made her bend more forward on the table, spread her legs a little wider and kneeled down. I buried my head between her ass cheeks, squeezing both her ass cheeks in my strong hands.

Her pussy was already wet and dripping. I kissed her on her pussy, my lips wrapped around her pussy lips and sucked hard. I squeezed her ass cheeks more hard. Her moans got louder and longer. I started licking her cunt with the tip of my tongue, while I keep touching her pussy lips with my lips.

My hands squeezing and spanking her ass cheeks hard. I kept licking her cunt, going faster with my tongue, sucking her cunt now and then. Spreading her ass cheeks wider and squeezing them harder every time. Her moans grew louder, Hearing her moan my name, made me go crazy and wilder.

I sucked her cunt hard and pushed my tongue deep inside. My nose rubbed her asshole while I tongue fucked her cunt. My hands were squeezing and pulling her ass cheeks wide apart. With my left hand, I started rubbing her clit, while my right hand squeezed her right ass cheek. I kept tongue fucking her.

She started begging me to stop teasing her and fuck her, “I can’t take this anymore, please fuck me.” I tongue fucked her for a minute more and got up, spanked her ass cheeks real hard and squeezed them good. I pulled out my dick from my pants and spanked it three times on her wet cunt, holding her waist with one hand.

She tried to push back onto my dick, but I controlled her with my left hand. I rubbed the tip of my dick on her cunt quite fast, making her wriggle and beg me more. I spanked her ass cheeks hard with my right hand, hearing her moaning so hornily. I pushed my dick inside her dripping cunt and pulled it out almost.

Holding her waist, I pushed deeper and deeper, with each hard stroke. Her ass cheeks started to wriggle to my hard thrusts. She opened her mouth wide open and moaned sluttily, watching her hubby in the other room. I increased my pace, fucking her hard, going deep inside her wet cunt with big, thick, hard dick.

She has been careful not to moan too loud to wake up her hubby. Seeing her ass cheeks wriggle to my thrusts made me want to fuck this slut more. I started drilling her cunt like a piston, fucking her with full force. Giving long, hard strokes, holding her waist with my left hand.

My right hand went to her hair and I held it in my right hand, pulling it back, while I drilled her wet cunt. She tilted her head backward, to let me hold her hair comfortably and I increased my pace, fucking her wet pussy like a monster. I fucked her faster and harder and her moans went hornier.

In a few minutes, she had her orgasm. I continued to fuck her while her cum dripped onto her thighs. I spanked her ass cheeks with the left hand and squeezed them hard, while I held her hair in my right hand. I squeezed her ass cheeks harder and harder and fucked her deeper while she had her orgasm.

Her ass cheeks wriggled heavily as she came to the end of her first orgasm. Her moans watered down a little after the orgasm, I pulled out and asked if she would like to ride me. She stood up and turned toward me. I hugged her hard and kissed her. She took my hand, cum soaked dick in her left hand and kept stroking it.

“Yes, let’s go to the couch” is all she wanted to say when signaled me with her head, biting her lower lip. I sat on the couch and she got on top of me, one leg on either side. She lowered herself slowly onto my hard dick. She was facing the bedroom. So she kept an eye on her hubby.

I cupped her left boob with my right hand and squeezed it good, my left hand squeezing her ass cheeks hard, while she started riding my dick slowly, grinding her wet cunt on my thick, hard dick. She tilted her head downwards and kissed my lips while she continued to ride my hard dick, faster and faster.

I squeezed her ass cheeks hard with both hands. She started moaning heavier, as she increased her pace. Riding my dick faster and wilder. She hugged me tightly, wrapping her arms around my neck. I cupped her ass cheeks with both hands and squeezed them hard, as she rode my dick like the horny slut she is.

Her boobs were crushing onto my chest and the feeling of her curvy ass cheeks in my hands were making it hard to hold onto my orgasm. Her cock-hungry riding was adding to it. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard and was almost about to cum when she reached her orgasm.

With my strong hands, I made her ride my dick while she had her orgasm. I was inching more closer to my orgasm. Her orgasm lasted a long time. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard while she came hard on my dick. She got up and slept on the couch. I got up and got on top of her.

I kept my hands on either side of her to balance myself and started rubbing my dick on her wet cunt. I lowered myself onto her and kissed her passionately. “You are a master at riding”, I whispered into her ears. “And you have a good hard dick Arjun”, she whispered into my ears and kissed my lips.

I squeezed her left boob with my right hand, while I balanced my weight on left. I pushed my dick deep inside her slippery wet cunt and started fucking her hard like a beast. Pinching her nipple and squeezing her left boob. I went faster and harder, drilling her slutty cunt hard. She started moaning.

After drilling her cunt for a good 10 minutes, I jizzed deep inside her pussy. She held my ass cheeks and pushed my dick deeper, as I continued to load her cunt with my cum. She closed her eyes and moaned hornily, while my cum dripped from her cunt. I got closer to her ear and whispered, “The score is 2-1.”

I hugged her tight and we slept on the couch for an hour, kissing and playing with each other. We fucked like animals till 4 in the morning – once in the kitchen (locking both the bedroom door and kitchen door), once in the shower. Once again near the same table near the bedroom, while she kept an eye on her hubby.

She went back and slept with her hubby while I slept in the other bedroom. I got up around 7 in the morning and went back home (told my parents that I slept at a friend’s place as it got late). Her hubby got up around 10 in the morning. Man, he sleeps a lot!

She told her hubby that I helped her take him to the bed, so he texted me in the morning thanking me for the help and coming for the party. I hope I will have more fun when I go back to Delhi next time.

Sorry for being so detailed, but I hope you enjoyed it. Do leave me a message at [email protected] Have fun! Life is short!

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