Indian Sex Stories Fucking Girlfriend’s Mom To Satisfy Her – Erotic story

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Fucking Girlfriend’s Mom To Satisfy Her – Erotic story

Hi, guys and girls, this is Jiggy (name changed). I am going to narrate you about how I fucked my ex-girlfriend’s mom. This story is about 6 years back when I was studying in college. I was in a relationship with one girl. Her stats were 38-34-38. She had an awesome figure.

Her boobs were so massive to be handled with one hand. I would just fondle her boobs even in college when no was around us. She was so horny girl that we used to have sex chat each and every night and sex once in a week. She used to finger herself and I used to shag myself during our phone sex.

But this story is not about her but her mom. One night we were having phone sex. She was in her room and was naked fingering herself. Her door was not locked. We were at the peak and both were about to cum. She was moaning like hell. Suddenly she heard her door open.

She was shell-shocked to see her mom at the door who was staring at her naked body with her fingers inside her pussy. Her mother was also shocked to see her in such a situation. She started shouting at her, “What the hell is going on? With whom you are talking?”

And took her phone from her and saw my call on her phone. She also shouted at me, “How dare you have such talks with my daughter?” I was too afraid and immediately cut the call. Next day when I met my girlfriend she told me that her mom took my number and told her to stop talking with me.

But we still continued our late night phone sex when her mom used to sleep. But the change was our sex had reduced as her mom had put a deadline for her of reaching home on time. After a month in one evening, I got WhatsApp message from an unknown number staying, “Hi.”

When I saw the message there was a picture of a lady in dp. So being a teenage guy of 20 I was curious to know who was the lady. I also replied back with ‘Hi’ and our conversation started. That night we talked for 3 hours. I even told my girlfriend that we will not have phone sex as I was not feeling well.

Before we went offline the lady who had messaged me told that she was my girlfriend’s mom. I was damn shocked. I thought she might show my messages to my girlfriend in which I was trying to flirt with her. But nothing of that sort happened.

When I met my girlfriend in the morning in college she was cool. From what I understood her mother has not shared anything to her. I saved her mom’s number in my phone as ‘Fmom’. After that day aunty and I used to chat regularly, mostly when I was in class.

She being housewife used to tell me what she is doing to kill time at home. Within a month we were like good friends. We had agreed that our chats will be not disclosed to her daughter. She was sharing everything happening in her life with me as her husband is working in other state and visits them only occasionally.

Mostly she used to message me when I was having phone sex with her daughter. One day I got frustrated and stopped chatting with her for two days. On the third day, she called me and asked why I am not replying to her messages. So I told her about the situation.

That was the changing point in our relationship she asked me whether I have phone sex with her daughter every night? For which I agreed. Then our conversation started.

She: What do you do while having phone sex?
Me: I shag my dick till I cum.
She: Oh my god I didn’t expect this reply from you.

Me: You have caught your daughter while having phone sex with me. Didn’t you see her naked?
She: Yeah I saw her
Me: Was her fingers in her pussy when you saw her?

She: Hhmmm.
Me: she was about to cum when you saw her if you had reached a minute later you would have seen her coming.
She: How can you talk like this to me? I am your girlfriend’s mom.

Me: Then what’s the big deal? I know you are also not satisfied.
She: OMG, stop this don’t talk nonsense.
Me: Really are you satisfied?
She: I am disconnecting the call.

And she disconnected the call. I thought she might not talk or chat with me after this conversation But I was wrong. I got her call the same night, I received her call.

She: How can you talk like this with me?
Me: Did you like me talking like this?
She: Hmm but I am old for you.
Me: What is your age?

She: 40. Why?
Me: Just, was checking how old is my sex bombs mom
She: Sex bomb?
Me: Ya your daughter. She is my sex bomb.

She: What do you like in her?
Me: Boobs.
She: Don’t you like mine?
Me: Where you have shown me yours?

She: Wanna see?
Me: Hell yeah.
She sent me her boob’s pics on WhatsApp.

Me: Wow send one more pic.

She sent more 5 pics of her boobs even her topless pic with her face.

Me: I wanna see more.
She: What?
Me: Your pussy
She: No way.

Me: Let’s share pics of private parts. I’ll send you my dick pic and you send me your pussy.
She: No no.
Me: I have seen your daughter’s pussy even fucked it. Then what’s the shame in looking at her mom’s pussy?

She: What you had sex with my daughter?
Me: Yeah
She: What’s your dick size?

She: You are lying. You send your dick pic first.
Me: No you first.
She: You send your pic then I’ll send mine.
Me: Do you promise?

She: Yes I do.

I sent her my dick pic on WhatsApp.

She: I want to see you naked with your hard dick.

I sent her my naked pic.

She: You have a nice dick
Me: Send me your naked pic.

She sent me.

Me: You are much hotter than your child.
She: Thanks, I am damn horny. Let’s have phone sex
Me: Really?

She: My pussy is wet.
Me: I am shagging for you.
We had phone sex till 3 am in the morning.

Next day she called me.
She: I want to meet you
Me: Why?
She: Let’s go out somewhere.

Me: What?
She: I want to have sex with you. I have been looking at your dick pics which you have sent me last night. It makes me wet down there.
Me: Really?

She: Hmm I want to feel you inside me.
Me: But when can we meet?
She: Tomorrow don’t go to college.

Me: Are you really serious?
She: you are coming or not?
Me: Ok done.

That night I told my girlfriend that I will be going to attend a family function so won’t be coming to college. I had phone sex. Even while having phone sex with her I was thinking about her mom. Next day I went to her house at 9 am as I knew my girlfriend would leave home by 8 for college.

After reaching home I rang her bell. There she was damn beautiful milf in her see-through saree. She immediately pulled me inside and locked the door behind me. I was dumbstruck to see her boobs. They were trying to tear the blouse and come out.

She saw me staring at those and said, “You’ll just stare only ya will do something.” I just grabbed her and threw her on the sofa. She said, “I just love being handled rough.” I removed her saree. She was in her blouse and skirt. She held my face and started kissing me. We kissed for 5 minutes.

While kissing I started pressing her boobs. I pressed it so hard that she let a loud moan out and broke the kiss. Then we went to her bedroom where she threw me on the bed and sat on my dick. She was grinding her pussy over it. Her eyes were closed and I could see the rise of hormones on her face.

I removed her blouse. She winked at me and said that I have kept them for you. She lowered herself on me to put her nipple in my mouth. Her nipples were hard and pointed. I kept sucking them for 10 minutes and pressing boobs. In between, I was bitting her nipples hard which let moans from her mouth.

She was grinding her pussy roughly against my dick. Then I made her lye in her back and removed her bottoms there was it her clean shaved pussy. She was full wet and so much horny that she was pressing her boobs. I lowered myself and started sucking her pussy.

She let a loud moan once my tongue touched her clitoris. I kept sucking it and she was pressing my head. After sucking for some time she pushed me and removed my jeans and inners and took out my dick. She was amazed to see the size She took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

She gave me a blowjob which was one of the best. I was thinking like the mother is the daughter. Blowjob skills are being inherited. Then I made her lie on back and kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I was rubbing it there but was not entering. She was begging me to fuck her.

She could not take it anymore and pulled me with her legs around me which made my dick enter her pussy. I could feel the warmth inside her and her pussy was tighter than her daughter’s. I fucked her in the missionary position for some time. Then we changed to doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

After 40 minutes of continuous fucking, I was about to cum. She told me to cum on her boobs. so I removed my dick from her pussy shagged and came on her boobs. That site was so hot I even took pictures of her with my cum on her boobs. She came twice during our intercourse.

Then she went to the bathroom to clean herself. I stayed on the bed for some time. Then we had lunch together and had sex two more times that day. She even told me about her friend who was also unsatisfied like her. She promised me to involve her for our threesome.

In the next part, I’ll tell you how we were caught by her daughter. And how we had a threesome with her daughter and her friend based on the feedback I receive. Guys, please don’t ask details of my ex-girlfriend and her mother. I prefer to keep it private and discreet.

I am still in touch with her and still, we have sex. So I prefer to keep it secret. I am from Goa. Any ladies or girls or married women want to have secret fun in Goa can contact me on my email [email protected]

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