Indian Sex Stories Seducing My Shy Indian Aunty Sajitha – Part 2

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Seducing My Shy Indian Aunty Sajitha – Part 2

Sajitha: No need!
Me: Then? Will you remove your clothes by yourself?

Sajitha: No! It is not right. My body isn’t attractive as you think.
Me: Really? That’s for me to decide. Okay?

Saying so, I caught hold of my aunt’s waist and pulled her closer. I knew it was a green signal from her. Then I pulled her tank top and raised it over her arms. She raised her arms and while I was removing her tank top from her body, she was covering her bra coyly.

I moved her arm from her body. She was blushing in front of me and trying to look away from me. I never knew it would be so easy to seduce her. Then I started unzipping her jeans. She suddenly lied down with her legs covering her bra. I knelt down and started taking off her jeans slowly. Aunty was looking at me from the corner of her eyes.

I finally removed her jeans and kept it aside. I stared at her body for some time. She was sitting there with her legs still covering her body and looking at me, trying to guess my next move. Then I took her arms and made her stand up.

While trying to stand up, I bend near her and raised her from her legs. Now she was in my arms with just her undergarments on. Her head was on my left arm and her legs were my right arm.

Me: Shall I take you to my room?

She didn’t say anything. I walked towards my room and bolted it from inside, after leaving her standing in my room. I then moved closer to her and tried reaching out to her waist. I pulled her towards me.

Sajitha: What are you doing?!
Me: Getting you naked in front of me.

Sajitha: What if someone comes to know about this?
Me: You said it is okay for me to see you naked right?

Sajitha: Yeah! But you are grown up now. You are like 27 and I am 46. If someone knows about this, then I am dead.
Me: It is okay. No one will know. We will make it a secret between us.

She didn’t say anything. I was holding and rubbing her waist and stomach all this while.

I moved my hand towards her pussy. I inserted my hand into her underwear (guys, it was so wet) and rubbed her pussy. Aunty just closed her eyes. I then inserted my two fingers into her clit. She bit her lips while still having her eyes closed. I took a chance and kissed her on her lips. She didn’t reciprocate. So I pinched her on her clit and started rubbing it fiercely.

Aunty then started reciprocating to my kiss. I inserted my three fingers into her clit and waited for her reaction. She bent towards me a little and held my hand which was rubbing her clit. I increased my speed and she started moaning slightly now, “Mmm mmm mmm”.

I then dived deep into her clit with my three fingers and kissed her vigorously. With my other arm, I held her ass and started removing her underwear. I then started squeezing her ass. She left my arm and hugged me from above my shoulders. I took my hand from her ass and went down a little bit and raised her with one hand.

Aunty was now on my hips with my one hand on her pussy and my other hand back on her ass. I inserted my finger into her asshole too. She laid back in my arms. I was pretty sure that she couldn’t handle this. She could never contain the passion and energy of a young man.

With my lips exploring her mouth, right hand exploring her clit and left hand exploring her ass hole and finally, her body on my hips, she didn’t know what to do than to just submit to me completely. I knew aunty was mine for today at least.

I continued doing this till her eyes blacked out, her mouth opened and gasped for air and screamed intensively, “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhha ahh hhahhhh.”

This went on until she fainted (figuratively) on top of me. Of course, I was holding her in my arms.

Me: How was it, Sajitha?

I called her by her name, which now I was sure she wouldn’t mind.

Sajitha: Mmmm.
Me: Did you orgasm?
Sajitha: Mmm.

I knew she must have got multiple orgasms by now. I made her stand. She was trying to gain some energy. I went to my table and took a bottle of water to give her. She drank the whole bottle. I smiled at her.

Me: Shall I continue?
Sajitha: Let’s just sleep?
Me: I didn’t have my orgasm yet.

I started shagging my penis and showing it to her. She looked at it for some time.

Sajitha: What do you want me to do?
Me: Do you like to do oral?
Sajitha: I have done that with my husband.
Me: Do it with me today.

She knelt down on her knees and took my penis in her hands and started rubbing it. She then spat on my penis and took it inside her mouth like a pro. She was very good at it.

I started caressing her hair while she was giving me a blowjob. I then held her head and pulled it towards my dick. The whole dick got inside and she suffocated a little. Seeing that, I left her to what she was doing the best and kept my hand on my hips enjoying the feel.

Then I removed her bra from her body. Her breasts and ass weren’t anything out of the world. But they were bloody whitish and in good shape.

I stood there while she was increasing her speed and with her hands. She was rubbing and pressing my balls too. Finally, I ejaculated inside her mouth which she drank without any hesitation. Maybe this was how she thanked me for giving her the ‘out of the world’ orgasm experience.

Then I lied down on the bed and she was about to go to her room. I didn’t want to let her go that night.

Me: Sajitha! (I called her).

* * *

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