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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Village Girl Fucked By Her Brother – Incest Story

Hello Guys, I am Rahul from Theni, Tamil Nadu, now I am working in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have completed my Degree in Art and completed my MBA in Finance. I am now working as an Assistant Manager at a Government Bank. I am 24 years old now.

I am fair and have an average body type. I am 6.2 feet in height and have 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex. Any virgin, non – virgin, married, divorced, widows, aunties, teens mail me for hot and secret sex. Mail ID, [email protected], [email protected].

My family consists of my parents, my elder sister Sreenithi, and me. My sister 26 years old, she is fair like me. She is cute and beautiful. She has completed her 12th standard and didn’t continue her higher studies. She is a typical village girl, she used to wear Dhavani (half saree) or Sarees only.

I never had any bad intention on my sister. When I got a job in Chennai, my parent asked me to rent a house in Chennai and to take my sister with me. As she will take care of me and I don’t need to have any unhealthy food from the shops. So I rented a 2 BHK house in Chennai. I took my sister with me and she was happy as she is coming out of the village for the first time.

She was very much helpful for me. One day I took her shopping, as she was wearing only sarees in the house. I want her to make little modern as we were in Chennai. She took some chudidars for her. I bought a frock and some t-shirts, night pants and a jeans pant for her. We had dinner in a hotel and reached home by 8.00 pm. I asked her to try her new dresses, first, she tried chudidars. She looks good in chudidars and it perfectly fits her.

A white chudidar was transparent. It revealed her black bra and her navel. She told we can exchange this chudidar. I told her to try her frock and night pant t-shirt. She tried her frock and was a bit shy as it was short till her knee. I told her, “You look good Akka.” She told, “We can exchange this also, I won’t wear this.”

I suggested her to wear it in house. She hesitantly said ok. I asked her to try the T-shirts and pants. Her T-shirts packed her boobs in perfect position and she was hot. She told me she doesn’t want to wear these types of dress as she feels shy. I insisted her to wear these types of dress as we were in Chennai.

I convinced her to wear that. Next day, I took her to the shop to exchange her chudidar, but the sales girl suggested me to buy a shamees/slip for her. She thought my sister as my wife. She took us to the inner wear section and showed me some slips and also showed some bras.

Both felt uncomfortable but we were not able to say that we were brother and sister. My sister took 3 bras and pantie set and a pair of slips and we left the shop. A month passed and my sister was now comfortable with her night pant and t-shirt.

One day, while she was sweeping the floor, her cleavage was clearly visible as her t-shirt was below her neck. Her boobs were big and sexy. She noticed me staring at her cleavage and hides it. I felt guilty for staring at her. I asked her sorry on that day evening. But, she didn’t speak to me from that day.

She started to wear her sarees again. After some 15 days I asked her sorry again and asked her to be normal with me. She told me, “I am your sister, You are staring at me in an improper way. Then what will you do with other girls? I am warning you, you should not stare or do anything offensive to girls.”

I apologized to her and surely I won’t repeat it I told her. One day, I took her to my friend’s marriage. We had our dinner there and it was late and my friend suggested to stay back and go in the morning. He told to stay in the room booked for his relatives.

Unfortunately/fortunately there was only one vacant room. So I and my sister have to share the same room and bed. She was in a pattu/silk saree. When we entered the room she went to refresh and came back. I removed my shirt and hung in a nail and went to refresh. When I returned my sister was in my shirt.

She took off her saree as it is a pattu saree and costly one, so don’t like to sleep in that saree. We lay on the bed and were chatting, she asked me why I stared her boobs on that day though she was my sister. I asked her, what should I say. She told, tell me the truth.

I told her your boobs were big and sexy and hold her boobs. She pushed my hand and told I am your sister. I told her my friend is enjoying his first night today. She asked, so what. I pressed her hips now. She didn’t say anything, I asked shall we. She asked will it be a secret.

I was happy as she gave a green signal and told ya it will be a secret. I removed her shirt, she was in her blouse and petticoat/paavadai. She made me nude, I untied her petticoat and pushed it down. I crushed her boobs with my hands, removed her blouse and bra.

She was holding my hard dick in her hands and stroking it. I removed her pantie and it was full of hairs. I found her pussy lips, kissed it, she shivered. I climbed over her and made our first liplock. I sucked and pressed her boobs. I finger fucked her pussy and drank all the juices.

She was moaning all the time. I asked her, “Shall I?” She guided my dick to her pussy. I pushed my dick into her pussy and broke open her hymen. She was bleeding and I pumped her. After about 30 minutes I ejaculated into her pussy and laid on her side.

I asked her, “You were angry with me for staring on your cleavage on that day. Now allowed me to fuck you. What happened in these few days?” She told me, “I got to know you were going to a call girl, I overheard you discussing with the agent in the phone.”

She said, “ I don’t like my little brother going to the prostitutes and get any disease. So I made my mind to make to physically happy. You can enjoy me whenever you want and don’t feel guilty to enjoy me. Even I enjoyed this.”

I felt guilty for this and I asked her sorry. Next morning, went to our house. My sister was behaving normally as nothing happened. I never fucked her again or have any sexual thought from that day. After one and a half month, she told me she missed her period for a month and told she might be pregnant.

She waited till the next month and missed it again. We consulted a doctor and she confirmed my sister is pregnant. I informed this to my parents, they, told us not to return to them. I married my sister secretly and waiting for a transfer to North India. Now my sister is carrying our child in her womb.

Hope you enjoyed!

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